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Alberto Terrones

Alberto Terrones Biography / Wiki

NameAlberto Terrones
Also Know
Known ForActing
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Age(as in 2023 Feb)0

Alberto Terrones Acting Movies

Movie NameCharacterRelease DateOverview
Avivato (El rey de los vivos)1949-09-01Fast-talking con artist type falls in love with a nice young woman and tries to go straight to win her father’s approval….
Una ventana a la vida1953-08-20Passion for a woman leads a mature physician to his destruction…
The Clover SectSubcomisario Rojas1948-07-21A writer gets involved in a police case related to some jewelry belonging to a Chinese sect….
La quinta calumnia1941-04-13A huge store in Buenos Aires is about to close due to restrictions on imports. The owner of the store returns from a vacation in France, and knowing t…
Mary tuvo la culpa1950-08-09A woman separates from her husband when she hears him name a certain Mary in his dreams….
El gran camarada1939-01-11A bohemian protects several people in his house, which is why he gets involved with some swindlers to keep them….
Yo hablo…1940-06-26A mute stagehand dreams that he succeeds in the theater after having recovered his voice….
El hermoso BrummelPrincipe de Gales1951-06-26A valet impersonates his lord and must face the difficulties of this deception in society….
Don Bildigerno en Pago Milagro1948-10-10The inhabitants of a town try to expel from the place a young man whose only sin is having been the seventh son of a family….
SinvergüenzaLuis Castillo1940-10-30A young woman criticized by her family for her dissipated life embarks on a new path….
Mar del Plata ida y vuelta1942-10-28
When My Heart CallsPolice superintendant1942-09-09A singer married to a gambler is accused of murder….
María CelesteCapitán del María Celeste1945-04-05After a storm, the captain of a ship lets it float aimlessly until he reaches an island paradise….
La modelo y la estrellaFiorini1939-03-15Driven by the passion of his girlfriend, a humble young man gets a place as a singer achieving resounding success. When he gets it, he marries a famou…
Al marido hay que seguirlo1948-09-11A doctor must pretend to be single and his wife follows him to the field causing a series of incidents….
Eclipse de solBernabé Requena1943-07-01A vaudeville singer secretly marries a wealthy landowner, who soon returns to his ranch, fearing the rejection of his snobbish family. To teach him a …
Corazón de turcoDuarte1940-05-09The most aristocratic woman of the town is seduced by a Turkish man….
La vida es un tangoEl Tío1939-02-08Romance – with its ruptures and reunions – between a girl and a boy who want to succeed with the tango….
Pasión imposible1943-03-17A girl marries a writer, with whom her older sister is also in love; and when she gets sick, her sister takes care of her family….
Bruma en el Riachuelo1942-05-11A girl leaves her home after the man who left her with a daughter and a young man who falls in love with her protects her from him….
El que recibe las bofetadas1947-01-01
La vida de Carlos GardelMartinez1939-05-24The life, hardships, love affairs, triumphs and failures of the world-renowned tango singer Carlos Gardel….
Persona honrada se necesita1941-08-13A 1941 film….
Los dos rivalesDon Jorge1944-02-04
Vidas marcadasNavarro1942-04-20Two men define the destiny of a woman in a card game….
Retazo1939-05-03Forced by her alcoholic aunt, an orphan practices street vending and begging, until she finally runs away from home….
El viejo doctor1939-01-18Medical father and son in conflict over two conceptions about the practice of medicine as a result of a bad and inopportune medical practice carried o…
La piel de zapa1943-10-28A man in debt obtains a miraculous skin that makes all his wishes come true but at the cost of shortening his life….
Un modelo de ParísCayetano Barroso1946-06-21A series of confusions involve an unfaithful woman and a man on his wedding day….
La carga de los valientes1940-07-12
El escuadrón azul1937-11-24Young officer is tried for espionage when some documents turn up missing….
El gran secreto1942-07-21A meteorologist’s wife hurts her sister so she won’t reveal who the real mother of her child is….
El muerto falta a la citaComisario1944-12-07On the night of his marriage a young man runs over a cyclist. He believes he is dead, he hides the body and a mysterious character appears….
La suerte llama tres veces1943-06-23When a man agrees to join a gang of criminals, his life becomes a complicated labyrinth that he will have to leave in order to be saved….
The Blonde on the RoadEmilio Costa Reina1938-04-05A very coquette millionaire girl runs away before her engagement and is courted by a truck driver….
Elvira Fernández, vendedora de tienda1942-07-01Rich girl with progressive ideas goes undercover as a sales clerk at her father’s department store….
Novio, marido y amante1948-01-02A young woman marries an older man on a whim; the marriage is not consummated. She falls in love with her husband’s son….
Los hijos artificialesCoronel Baltasar Ruíz1943-01-02
Caprichosa y millonaria1940-05-01A millionaire appoints an administrator to control his daughter’s overspending….
Last Refuge1941-01-19Albareda does not doubt to betray her lover running away after denouncing him….
Atorrante (La venganza de la tierra)1939-09-13A misogynistic teacher marries one of his students and then accidentally kills her….
Viaje sin regreso1946-02-01At the core of this enormously bleak melodrama, there is a beautiful, passionate woman (Florence Marly, Chenal’s wife) who capriciously oscillates bet…
Ceniza al viento1942-09-30The story of different episodes that happen in each of the sections of a newspaper….
Kilómetro 1111938-08-31Ceferino is the train station chief o a remote town. A group of planters ask him to legit them the wagons to send the harvest to Buenos Aires, he agre…
La novela de un joven pobre1942-01-01After losing all his fortune, a man assumes his poverty with dignity, confidence and effort. He faces all adversities and his nobility and perseveranc…
Nativa1939-01-01The love triangle of a journalist, a political leader and his wife….
Mercado de abastoInspector de Réditos1955-02-03The action occurs in Abasto Market in Buenos Aires, Argentina. A grown up single woman marries a mafia man who promised her he would change. After the…
El retrato1947-01-02A repressed woman, unable to give love, is possessed by the spirit of her lewd grandmother….
El último payador1950-02-09The film tells the story of the payador José Betinotti, a mythical character in Argentine music. It faithfully reconstructs the scenarios of the earl…
Cuando canta el corazónRoncales1941-08-06A boy’s family wants him to marry a girl of the same position even though he is in love with another girl….
Muchachas que estudianIsabel’s Father1939-09-05A group of young women share an apartment and they put forward their studies to love, but they will end up in love….
Gray neighborhoodDon Córdoba1954-10-27The film refers to the “gray neighborhoods”, called in Argentina “villas miseria”, in which the less qualified workers or those who have recently arri…
Mamá Gloria1941-08-20The romance in a student pension run by a good-natured spinster, between a pensioner and a student gambler….
Una novia en apuros1942-03-10A 1942 film….
Misión en Buenos AiresRíos Parera1954-02-03

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