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Albrecht Schoenhals

Albrecht Schoenhals Biography / Wiki

Name Albrecht Schoenhals
Also Know
Gender Male
Known For Acting
Place of Birth Mannheim, Germany
Date of Birth 1888-03-07
Age(as in 2022) 90
Deathday 1978-12-04

Albrecht Schoenhals Acting Movies

Movie Name Character Release Date Overview
Die gläserne Kugel Axel von Schack 1937-04-11
Drei Mädchen spinnen Eduard Amberg 1950-10-26
Der Spieler Dr. Tronka 1938-08-31
Prince Woronzeff Fürst Woronzeff & Baron Franz von Naydek 1934-10-01 Baron Franz von Naydek is constantly being mistaken for Prince Woronzeff, since both look identical. One day, Woronzeff decides that this similarity …
Dreyfus Affair Kriegsminister Cavaignac 1959-08-19
Arzt aus Leidenschaft Dr. Felgentreu 1936-04-29
Kopf hoch, Johannes! Vater von Redel 1941-03-11
Herz ohne Heimat Dr. Clemens Diersberg 1940-08-06
Roman eines Arztes Dr. Thomas Ãœding 1939-09-14
Bezaubernde Julia Michel Gosselin 1960-03-19
Eva und der Frauenarzt Dr.Florian 1951-03-29
Hannerl und ihre Liebhaber Van den Born 1936-11-10 Everyday and social drama. In Vienna a girl from the people about social prejudices finds away the esteem and love of an airplane industrialist….
Mazurka Grigorij Michailow 1935-11-14 A woman is put on trial for murdering a dancer who ruined her marriage….
One Too Many on Board Kapitän von Moltmann 1935-10-31 During a journey of the “Ceder”, the Captain, von Moltmann, disappears. It looks like an accident, but it could also have been murder. Attorney Dr. Bu…
Rote Orchideen Alexander Nica, Ingenieur 1938-09-07 In a made-up country somewhere in northern Europe: In the armaments factory F.N.G., an important drawing is copied and passed on to the enemy. Suspi…
Warum lügt Fräulein Käthe? Dr. Herbert Bornemann – Fabrikant 1935-01-29
Das große Abenteuer Bernd Geldern 1938-01-07
The Kreutzer Sonata Gregor Tuchatschewsky 1937-02-11
Angelika Dr. Westphal 1940-02-23
Pillars of Society Johann Tönnessen 1935-12-21 A man comes back from America after years to find his reputation ruined….
Vom Schicksal verweht Dr. Dos Passos 1942-07-24
Maja zwischen zwei Ehen Hans Wieland 1938-08-21
Tango Notturno Jac Gerard, Composer 1937-12-22
Man spielt nicht mit der Liebe Eduard Caroly 1949-11-23
Ich verweigere die Aussage Heinz Ottendorf, Architekt 1939-03-17
Intermezzo Trent 1936-11-03
Der Teufel ist los Baron von Halden 1961-02-06
Die Frau ohne Vergangenheit Dr. Entrupp 1939-07-17
Boccaccio Cesare d’ Este, Herzog von Ferrara 1936-07-30 The residents of the town of Ferrara are swept up in a tide of emotion and physical passion by the writings of a Renaissance author. Before long, the…
Nanette Georg Miller 1940-01-23
Die Schuld des Dr. Homma Justizrat Kersten 1951-10-03
Traummusik Michele Donato, alias Mac Dynar 1940-10-25
Export in Blond Gorla 1950-04-09 The good-looking blond Iris is kidnapped by a gang of traffickers and shipped to Rio De Janeiro. There she is expected to fetch top prize from potenti…
It Was Always So Nice with You Verleger Conrads 1954-03-16 While working as an accountant in his uncle’s factory, talented young pianist Peter dreams of becoming a famous composer. When he shows his work to a …
Portrait of an Unknown Woman Botschafter 1954-08-26 Keller, a painter, while at the ballet is impressed with the beauty of Nicole and sketches her head on the body of a nude model. When it is shown, it …
Talking About Jacqueline Michael Thomas 1937-04-15 Since her father died, rich and carefree Jacqueline Topelius makes magazine covers and causes social gossip with her flirtatious adventures around Eur…
Ritorno Il maestro Hutten 1940-10-10
Verführte Hände Dr. Aslan Trollop 1949-04-08
Das Forsthaus in Tirol Richard Ferner 1955-11-03
Little Lord Fauntleroy Earl of Dorincourt 1962-12-24
Smaragden – Geschichte Duke of Edgestone 1956-02-25
Stradivari Dr. Pietro Rossi 1935-08-25
Minna von Barnhelm Graf von Bruchsall 1957-04-21
April, April! Prinz von Holsten-Böhlau 1935-10-23 Douglas Sirk’s first feature film….
The Damned Baron Joachim Von Essenbeck 1969-10-13 In the early days of Nazi Germany, a powerful noble family must adjust to life under the new dictatorship regime….
Ihr größter Erfolg Graf Wladimir Jaroff 1934-12-20
Dr. Mabuse vs. Scotland Yard Sir Robert Alingham 1963-09-20 The spirit of the evil Dr. Mabuse takes over the body of a famous professor. The professor/Dr. Mabuse then begins a new crime wave that terrorizes the…

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