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Considered to be one of the great Russian playwrights of the 19th century.

Aleksandr Ostrovsky

Aleksandr Ostrovsky Biography / Wiki

Name Aleksandr Ostrovsky
Also Know Александр Островский, Aleksandr Ostrovskiy, Alexander Ostrovsky, Alexandr Nikolajevič Ostrovskij, Alexander Nikolajevič Ostrovskij
Gender Male
Known For Writing
Place of Birth Moscow, Russian Empire [now Russia]
Date of Birth 1823-04-12
Age(as in 2022) 63
Deathday 1886-06-14


Movie Name Job Release Date Overview
The Marriage of Balzaminov Theatre Play 1964-12-24 Based on the trilogy of Aleksandr Ostrovsky.
Moscow, XIX century. A small official Misha Balzaminov lives in a small house. He, like his mother, sees…
After the Rain, on Thursday Writer 1985-09-17 A palace steward conspires with bandits to kidnap an infant czar’s son and an orphan adopted by the czar, replacing the prince with the steward’s son….
The Snow Maiden Theatre Play 1968-10-12 A fairytale based on the play by Aleksandr Ostrovskiy….
A Cruel Romance Theatre Play 1984-06-06 In the town of Bryakhimov, noble but poor widow Harita Ignatyevna Ogudalova seeks to arrange marriages for her three daughters. She maintains an “op…
A Savage Theatre Play 2002-06-06 A new screen version of the play of the same name, written by Aleksandar Ostrovski. After a long time spent traveling abroad, the aging landowner Alek…
The Last Sacrifice Theatre Play 1976-10-11 Based on the play of the same name by Aleksandr Nikolayevich Ostrovsky.
The rich merchant widow Yuliya Tugina is practically ruined by her lover, imp…
Hot Heart Theatre Play 1953-02-20 A love story based on a classic play by Aleksandr Ostrovskiy….
The Snow Maiden Theatre Play 1952-02-02 The tale about a girl with a cold heart who is dying in agony because of joy and love….
The Pretty Man Theatre Play 1978-01-01 A story about a married man who suddenly decides to leave his wife and marry rich woman….
Guilty Without Guilt Theatre Play 1945-09-21 A story based on a classic play by Alexander Ostrovsky,…
На всякого мудреца довольно простоты Writer 1952-05-22
Enough Stupidity in Every Wise Man Writer 1971-07-01 TV version of the Vakhtangov’s Theater play. The plot makes fun of secular society and shows what can turn cynical attempts to deceive people if they …
Thunderstorm Writer 1934-03-25 The cinematic adaptation of “The Storm” play by Aleksandr Ostrovsky. In a provincial town on the Volga River, the young and sensitive Katerina marrie…
Without Dowry Writer 1937-04-01 Ogudolova, unlike her sisters, refuses to obey her mother’s wish that she marry a wealthy old man in order to collect a dowry…
Сердце не камень Writer 1989-01-02
Spring Tale Theatre Play 1971-08-30 A fairytale based on the play by Aleksandr Ostrovskiy….
Volki i ovtsy Theatre Play 1953-01-04
Late love Scenario Writer 1983-04-18 According to the play of the same name A. N. Ostrovsky. About fidelity and cunning, about purity of human feelings and belief in true happiness……
Na boykom meste Theatre Play 1911-01-01 Based on the 1865 play of the same name by Alexander Ostrovsky….
The Forest Writer 1975-10-05 Mrs. Gurmyzhskaya, meets old age in his estate, in a remote province. Her estate comes nephew, half-educated pupil and mistress, boredom, decides to h…
The Vacancy Writer 1981-06-07 An eccentric musical about what awaits a young honest man who does not want to enjoy the benefits of a “profitable place”, despite the fact that he ha…
Girl without dowry Writer 1974-11-19 Larisa Ogudolova (Nina Alisova), unlike her sisters, refuses to obey her mother’s wish that she marry a wealthy old man in order to collect a dowry. S…
The Storm Novel 2019-06-15 The action unfolds in our days, in the small Volga town of Kalinov, where nothing has changed since the days of Alexander Ostrovsky’s classical play…
Bankrupt Writer 2009-10-01
На бойком месте Writer 1955-09-16
Правда – хорошо, а счастье лучше Writer 1952-01-14
The Forest Theatre Play 1953-05-04 Based on the play of the same name by Aleksandr Ostrovsky.
Two poor actors, Neschastlivtsev and Schastlivtsev, — no money, no work, no tobacco and …
Crazy Money Theatre Play 1981-11-19 Moscow mid-XIX century. Middle-aged provincial businessman Savva Gennadievich Vasilkov falls in love with local beauty Lidiya Yuryevna Cheboksarova. W…
Лес Author 1980-12-31
Výkřik do sibiřské noci Theatre Play 1936-01-21
Talents and Admirers Theatre Play 1973-04-20 Negina, a popular but poor actress, receives lessons from her fiancé Meluzov. Prince Dulebov, intending to take advantage of the girl’s dire circumst…
Pozdní láska Theatre Play 1954-01-07
Провинциальный бенефис Writer 1993-01-01 Life in art based on the plays of A. Ostrovsky: “Talents and Admirers”, “Forest”, etc….
Pozdní láska Theatre Play 1956-12-09
Пучина Story 1958-10-19
Der Wald Novel 1979-01-01
Женитьба Бальзаминова Story 1989-01-01
Pozdní láska Theatre Play 1962-01-01
Talenty a ctitelé Theatre Play 1960-11-23
Les Theatre Play 1967-04-24
Forest Story 2004-05-01 Alexander Ostrovsky’s textbook comedy in the modern interpretation of Kirill Serebrennikov: about the price of freedom and love in the same ruble equi…
На бойком месте Theatre Play 1999-01-09
Zhenitba Belugina Screenplay 1978-08-07 This play is one of the repertory plays of Russian theater – in the first year of production (1878) it was on the stage of seventy provincial theate…
Výnosné místo Theatre Play 1973-12-20
Schovanka Theatre Play 1973-01-01

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