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Ali Åžen

Ali Åžen Biography / Wiki

Name Ali Åžen
Also Know Али Шен
Gender Male
Known For Acting
Place of Birth Adana, Turkey
Date of Birth 1918-01-01
Age(as in 2022) 71
Deathday 1989-12-15

Ali Åžen Acting Movies

Movie Name Character Release Date Overview
Trickster Satılmış AÄŸa 1981-10-01 After his father’s death, Rıfkı (Kemal Sunal) returns from Germany to his village to sell their goods. He is declared a Saint after several incident…
The Wounded Heart 1969-01-01
Kovboy Ali Mehmet AÄŸa 1966-01-01
Road Without End Mazhar 1969-07-24 A hustler hanging around in a luxury hotel steals a bag full of stolen jewelery from a gang, he leave the city but the gang are after him, on the road…
Çarıklı Milyoner Hilmi Tok 1983-01-01 Hilmi Tok is a billionaire businessman. He dies one day while driving his own car. His real estate assets goes his son Bayram….
Tokatçı Hasan AÄŸa 1983-01-01 A tragicomedy dramatizing how an innocent villager is driven into the crime world only to collect enough cash to make his biggest dream come true: Ret…
Shakir the Clumsy Hacı Åžen 1977-01-01 Shakir, who lives in Kayseri, has a great legacy from his uncle who died in Istanbul. His uncle sends a telegram to Kayseri and dies before seeing Sha…
The Bride Haci Ilyas 1973-04-01 The struggles of a migrant Anatolian family to adapt to and survive in the very different conditions of urban Istanbul. A young woman moves with her …
Kara Gözlüm Temel Reis 1970-01-01 Azize, who sells fish with her father, is discovered by a bar owner with her beautiful voice. She becomes a famous singer in a short time with the ano…
Henpecked Müslüm Efendi 1983-06-07 Father of two kids who looks exactly like a rowdy takes advantage of this and go into different and funny events….
Ä°nek Åžaban 1978-01-01 A poor grocery owner becomes a popular goalkeeper….
Deli Yusuf Abbas Bey 1975-01-01
Kalbimdeki Yabancı 1968-12-09
Gökler Kraliçesi 1970-12-04
Güllü 1971-01-01
BaÄŸrıyanık 1980-01-01 The film tells the story of a fishmonger, who is in love with a beatiful young woman. They prepare for the marriage but all the happiness is destroyed…
İki Milyarlık Bilet 1986-04-02
Gönlü Bol 1987-09-05
Yasemin’in Tatlı AÅŸkı 1968-02-14 While the young couple dreams of marriage, their families oppose them to be together. Determined to marry the girl he loves no matter what, Erol plans…
Ä°ki Cambaz abbas 1979-12-30 Two master thieves try to outdo each other to be the sole owner of the loot….
Deli Åžahin Abbas Tapancı 1976-04-01 Two rival companies take it too far when one side attacks Mr. Abbas, the owner of the other company. In a hopeless move, he hires a very famous thug /…
Hacı Bektaş-ı Veli 1967-12-01
Yaralı Ceylan Dayi 1970-01-01 Cemile is a young woman who lost her parents as a child. Raised by a woman who mothered her, Cemile became a seamstress when she became an adult woman…
Meyhanenin Gülü 1966-01-01
Baldız Sükrü Arnamus 1975-01-01 The tragicomic story of a man marrying the wrong girl….
Futboliye 1983-01-01 The story of Hüsnü, a football enthusiast who has dreamed of playing the field for years….
Dertli Pınar Haydar Ağa 1979-04-01
Sosyete Åžakir 1970-05-16
Yedi Bela Hüsnü Malik 1983-06-01
The Stranger in Town Serafettin Toraman 1963-09-23 A young engineer Aydin comes back to his hometown after years of education as a mining engineer in London. Selami, the owner of a local wood company, …
Linç Hapishane Müdürü 1970-01-01 The film tells the story of a convict who fights against the injustice of prison management. Arap Kadir is new to prison. He earns prison leader Fethi…
Doktor Civanım Ruşen Ağa 1983-02-01
Bir Dağ Masalı 1967-01-01
Nebahat The Driver 1970-01-01 Having to bring money to her home after her father’s death, Nebahat starts working as a driver, a completely male-dominated job….
Acı ile Karışık Kasap 1969-10-09
Gönül Hırsızı İzzet 1972-01-01
Zindandan Gelen Mektup Kara Ahmet 1970-12-10
Şoför Nebahat Bizde Kabahat 1965-12-17
Kanun Benim Refik Ertür 1966-12-26
Kavga Var 1964-01-11
Bir Hizmetçi Kızın Hatıra Defteri Şaban Emmi 1963-01-24
Ali ile Veli Åžaban 1970-01-25
Çılgın Arzular Rıza 1984-12-01
Seni Seviyorum 1987-01-01
Canikom Selim 1979-01-01
Öksüzler 1973-01-01
Murad’ın Türküsü 1965-01-01
The Man with Number 100 Åžaban’ın Babası 1978-12-27 A poor young man chosen by a advertising company, and they made him a public hero to make him advertise poor quality products that no one buy….
Ver Allah’ım Ver 1973-02-01
Üç Sevgilim 1979-01-01
Kendini Arayan Adam 1963-04-10
Korkusuz Kaptan Swing 1971-10-01 Captain Swing is a French nobleman who is shipwrecked in America and raised by Indians. Later after his adopted father’s hanging, he leads a group of …
Şaşkın Damat Süleyman Amca 1975-03-01
Avanak Apdi Simsar Cafe 1978-01-01 Apti is a simple minded village man and he believes what is happening around him by chance is actually his doing. He becomes famous by beating a feare…
Delisin 1975-04-04 A shy introvert falls for the photographer who took her pictures during high school. Confused and worried, she doubts that love will elapse and can ne…
Güler misin Ağlar mısın Cemal 1975-11-07
Dokunmayın Şabanıma Temel 1979-03-01
Bitirimsin Hanım Abla 1964-12-30
Ben Milyoner DeÄŸilim 1986-09-07
Aşkın Zaferi 1974-02-01
Merhamet 1970-01-01
Aysecik in the Land of the Magic Dwarfs Korkak Aslan (Cowardly Lion) 1971-02-17 A young girl named Aysecik lives on her parents’ farm, when an animated tornado carries her and her dog Banju in their house to Rüyalar Ulkesinde (Dr…
Tek Başına 1976-04-02
Cici Can 1963-01-01 Based on a comic novel, this Turkish fantasy movie shows some resemblance to Casper….
Mor Defter 1964-01-01
Kırmızı Karanfiller 1962-01-01
Hasan Almaz Basan Alır 1975-05-04
Babama Selam 1976-09-13
Hodri Meydan 1962-01-01
AyÅŸem 1968-02-01
Banker Bilo Ali 1980-01-01 Bilo and his friends made an agreement with Maho to go to Germany….
Petrol Kings 1978-01-01 Zeki and Metin are two close friends who want to get married with the girls they love but they are both broke. One day they find petrol from their gar…
The Cowboy Who Loves His Horse Moruk 1974-01-01 A Turkish version of the French comic book character Lucky Luke is asked for help in rounding up the Daltons….
Şahane Züğürtler 1964-12-09
Buruk Acı 1969-01-01 Escaping from home, Ãœlker meets and marries a blind composer in the hotel where she is staying, but suffering does not leave Ãœlker in her new life….
Saffet Beni Affet 1976-03-24
Paydos Muhtar Hasan 1968-01-11
Bir Damla AteÅŸ 1982-01-01
Once a Year Salih 1965-02-04 A young hapless couple’s devotion for each other is tested through harsh times of war as they are forced to negate patriotism and dependability to the…
Ayşecik ile Ömercik Tilki Selim 1969-01-01
Çaresiz 1978-10-01 The fabricator Rasim forbids his daughter Nevin to make friends with Ahmet, the son of the laundry woman who works for him. When his old mother fails …
Yarabbim 1980-04-10
Kara Åžahin 1964-01-01
Gırgır Hafiye 1986-04-16
The Gardener 1963-11-01 The film revolves around the story of a man named Ali who makes a living selling home-grown vegetables and his family. Ali’s parents have passed awa…
Sevimli Hırsız 1988-01-01
The Wedding Night 1966-01-15 A woman trying to take revenge on her husband who left her….
Strike the Whore 1964-10-01 In Romania, the idealistic Istanbul teacher, Aliye, communicate activities to a town in Anatolia supporting the idea of National Struggle in the regio…
Şehvet Uçurumları 1962-01-01
Beyaz Güvercin 1963-01-01
Asiye Nasıl Kurtulur? Sami 1974-02-01
Köşeyi Dönen Adam Hacı Ömer 1978-01-01
Revenge of the Snakes Muhtar 1962-01-24 Based on a novel by Fakir Baykurt, the film covered issues of an unwanted pregnancy in a small farming village and addressed numerous moral and social…
3 Supermen Against Godfather 1979-01-01 The German professor tries out his time machine in Turkey. Everybody is after this new invention – Superman Detective Murat, his cheating colleagues A…
Buzlar Çözülmeden 1965-01-08
Bitirimler Sosyetede Hayrullah 1973-10-01 Two brothers with distinctive characteristics are separated at birth. They find each other while both are trying to get into high society for differen…
KocaoÄŸlan (AÅŸk Budalası) Åžekerci Abdi Efendi 1964-01-01 Belma is a beautiful and charming woman who makes everyone’s head spin. All the men in the village are in love with her….
Zübük Alucan’lı Sabri AÄŸa 1980-09-11 This is the story of the politician named Zübük. He gets expelled from the political party that he is a member of, due to corruption. The journalist…
Erkekçe 1983-04-07
Farewell Kisses 1965-01-03 The wedding day of Ekrem, a young man, becomes the worst day of his life. Ekrem loses his wife in a traffic accident. Ekrem, who suffers a great traum…
Kanıma Kan İsterim 1970-01-01
Utanç Kapıları 1967-01-01
İyi Aile Çocuğu Gerçek Baba 1978-02-01
Kızın Varmı Derdin Var 1973-04-03
Ne Åžeker Åžey Zeynel Abidin 1962-11-02
Acı Aşk 1963-01-01
İbo ile Güllüşah 1977-01-01
Salak Milyoner Behçet 1974-01-01 The funny treasure hunt of 4 rural brothers in Istanbul, after the recent death of their father who left them a treasure map as heritage….
Kahreden Kursun Halil 1983-01-01
Halil the Bandit 1968-01-02 Directed by Alp Zeki Heper….
Istanbul Give Me Your Hand 1962-11-04 Kemal and Cebbar, who dream of going to Istanbul, sell their shops in Adana. Kemal comes to Istanbul to get the shop money. Here she meets A Decel and…
YaÅŸamak Haram Oldu 1968-01-01
VahÅŸi Gelin 1965-11-17
Hizmetçi Dediğin Böyle Olur 1964-10-19
The Foster Brothers Kerami 1976-02-01 Saban, Ramazan and Bayram are sailors in an Ottoman Navy and Hüsamettin is their commander. Hüsamettin’s aide Ramazan, Saban who is foster son of HÃ…
Malın Gözü Kadınlar 1975-01-01 No description…
Hürmüz with Seven Husbands 1971-01-02 Directed by Atif Yilmaz….
Zorbanın Aşkı 1972-04-09
Cevriyem 1978-01-01
Fakir Gencin Romanı 1965-01-01 Turgut who is poor and hardworking student of technical university falls in love with rich – spoiled Filiz. Filiz does not carry the same feelings at …
Banus, the Horse Thief 1967-01-01
Gırgır Ali 1982-04-01 The sick old uncle wants to leave his inheritance to Girgir Ali, but Ali refuses. Meanwhile, an old friend accused of murder asks for help from Ali….
Bacım 1974-05-01
If Only Life Would Be Like A Feast 1973-02-01 Traditional Romeo and Juliet re-telling with a funny twist. Lovers from two families at loggerheads thrive to find peace between them by bring them in…
Dertli Pınar 1968-05-01
Mezarımı Taştan Oyun 1969-01-01
Eşrefpaşalı 1966-04-03

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