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Alita Román Age, Biography, Birthday, Upcoming Movies, Net Worth, Wiki, Filmography

Alita Román

Alita Román Biography / Wiki

Name Alita Román
Also Know
Gender Female
Known For Acting
Place of Birth
Date of Birth
Age(as in 2023 Feb) 0

Alita Román Acting Movies

Movie Name Character Release Date Overview
La modelo y la estrella Gloria 1939-03-15 Driven by the passion of his girlfriend, a humble young man gets a place as a singer achieving resounding success. When he gets it, he marries a famou…
Con el dedo en el gatillo Rosa 1940-06-19
El loco serenata 1939-08-09
La culpa la tuvo el otro Alicia Negrete 1950-12-05 The adventures of a movie stuntman when the actor he was supposed to replace is murdered….
Encadenado 1940-03-28
Fragata Sarmiento 1940-05-22 It narrates the history of the Argentine ship that served for many generations like school for the formation of sailors….
The Islanders Novia de Germán 1951-03-20 Leandro and Carancha inhabit the islands located in the Parana delta. When their son brings home a girlfriend, her presence makes Carancha jealous and…
Confesión Elena Reyes 1940-01-25 Group of tango musicians picks up an aspiring young chanteuse at one of their whistle stop engagements; film focuses on their collective path to stard…
La muerte está mintiendo 1950-07-26 The protagonist commits a crime and abandons his brother, on whom the shadow of suspicion falls, to avoid punishment. In his escape he meets for the f…
Cuando florezca el naranjo 1943-04-01 A new teacher arrives at a girls’ boarding school; his arrival upsets the discipline of the beautiful students….
Mi suegra es una fiera 1939-02-23 A woman tries to annul her daughter’s marriage by making her boyfriend believe that he is the real father of her daughter….
Besos perdidos Teresa 1945-08-30 A man thinks he is not the father of his presumed daughter….
Mateo 1937-07-22 Cars and progress made an old carriage-driver jobless and so desperate that he becomes a gangster. When his own son starts a life of crime, he repents…
El diablo andaba en los choclos Secretaria 1946-05-17 Country boy moves to Buenos Aires, falls upward into a prestigious career. Meanwhile two idle-class playboys are running practical jokes on him that i…
Oro bajo Hortensia 1956-08-02 The life of the tenants of a Buenos Aires tenement during the interwar period….
Primavera de la vida Doña Elena 1958-02-06 A student and his love for a young woman, misunderstood by her father….
Los acusados 1960-03-10 The murder of a man is investigated by a judge but the documentation that the dead man possessed makes the investigation hampered by politicians….
Centauros del pasado 1944-09-13 Film about the life of Francisco Ramírez, leader of Entre Ríos….
Ponchos azules 1942-12-02
Eclipse de sol Esther Olmos 1943-07-01 A vaudeville singer secretly marries a wealthy landowner, who soon returns to his ranch, fearing the rejection of his snobbish family. To teach him a …
Casa de muñecas Cristina Linde 1943-09-21 The conflict of a woman with her husband when she starts defending her individuality….
Ceniza al viento 1942-09-30 The story of different episodes that happen in each of the sections of a newspaper….
Cinco gallinas y el cielo 1957-08-21 Five random people accidentally get dosed with an experimental psych-drug that suppresses fear and risk-avoidance….
Days of Delusion 1980-07-03 A woman and her daughter live in the unreality of a fantasy life, but soon this magic is interrupted by the disappearance of the mother….
Camino del infierno Silvina Martins 1945-03-15 A melodramatic, psychological thriller, the film tells the story of a young wealthy widow, who is unhappy. She meets a Bohemian artist who marries her…
Graciela Alicia Salgado 1956-05-10 A small town girl arrives in the city to study literature and philosophy, she stays in a house inhabited by a family in decline….
Jettatore 1938-08-10 A rumor spreads about a man being bad luck. His superstitious friends believe it, but it’s all part of an evil scheme to ruin the man’s upcoming weddi…
Sombras en la frontera Marga 1951-08-28 Episodes of the action of the gendarmerie against smuggling….
The Hippie Teacher Ofelia 1969-07-31 Luis Sandrini plays a college professor who, because of his freethinking attitudes and concerns for moral questions over matters of business, has more…
Margarita, Armando y su padre Cristina 1939-01-10 A laid back woman, a romantic man and a father who allows his son to choose his partner freely, produce a revival of the famous novel treating its cha…
La calle del pecado 1954-04-08
Mujeres que trabajan Anita 1938-07-05 A rich lady is suddenly in the street after her father’s suicide and moves to a pension with many working women from different origins whom she had pr…
El bote, el río y la gente 1960-06-01
Barcos de papel 1963-02-28
Concierto de almas Isabel Valdez 1942-05-25 A medical student helps an amnesic patient to remember his life but they end up falling in love, and she’ll must sacrifice her love….
My Girlfriend the… María Isabel’s Mother 1975-03-13 Laucha, a normal middle-aged guy who lives with his elderly mother and works in a factory, attends a show by the transvestite artist Dominique, for wh…
La barra mendocina 1935-08-02 Two boys from Mendoza leave their land attracted by Buenos Aires and fall into crime….
Napoleón 1941-10-05 Upon learning that he has two months to live, a man distributes his fortune among his pensioners, over time he is still alive and has been left withou…
¡Al diablo con este cura! 1967-03-30 Quirky but lovable priest is transferred to a new parish, and discovers that his flock all need stern talkings-to….

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