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Angelo Ferrari

Angelo Ferrari Biography / Wiki

Name Angelo Ferrari
Also Know
Gender Male
Known For Acting
Place of Birth Rome, Lazio, Italy
Date of Birth 1897-08-14
Age(as in 2022) 47
Deathday 1945-06-15

Angelo Ferrari Acting Movies

Movie Name Character Release Date Overview
Savitri Satyavan 1923-01-02 India’s first international co-production. The love-is-stronger-than-death story sees Savitri, the daughter of King Ashwapati and a goddess, fall for …
The Green Manuela Count Henri d’Amirón 1923-10-10 A gypsy dancer becomes involved with some smugglers in Spain….
Drei Tage auf Leben und Tod – aus dem Logbuch der U.C.1 Der Erste Offizier 1929-01-01 a silent war movie by Heinz Paul…
Stolzenfels am Rhein Balthasar 1927-03-30
Die Pflicht zu schweigen Robert Harp 1928-03-02
Meine Tante – deine Tante Edgar von Bocksdorf 1927-02-25
Rosen aus dem Süden Dr. Hans Adam 1926-03-11
Prater Marquis de Monroir 1924-12-18
General Babka 1930-05-23
Pražský flamendr 1926-07-02
The Flight in the Night Graf di Nolli 1926-12-13 Based on the play Henry IV by Luigi Pirandello. Conrad Veidt plays Count di Nolli, a nobleman who, after a head injury, imagines he is the medieval em…
La donna nuda Pietro Bernier 1922-04-01
Die glühende Gasse 1927-01-01
Eight Days of Happiness Conte Orsino 1931-05-04
Unfug der Liebe Martinez 1928-10-13
Höhere Töchter Rechtsanwalt Dr. Falla 1927-10-26
Junges Blut Schlagertexter 1926-03-23
Die Motorbraut Frank Bruhn 1925-01-22 Eva, an inventor, nearly runs over Frank, a fugitive, with her car. She decides to give him work instead of turning him in, and together they complete…
Orientexpress Vicomte Antoine d’Arcier 1927-12-01
Vacation from Marriage Rudi Becker 1927-12-13
Frauen und Banknoten 1926-01-01
Das Karussell des Todes 1928-04-03 a silent movie by Heinz Paul…
Frühere Verhältnisse Tanzlehrer 1927-06-15
Wehe wenn sie losgelassen Filmstar 1926-02-20
Das goldene Kalb Nikolaus 1925-04-16
Die Zirkusprinzessin 1925-12-22
Heads Up, Charley Marquis d’Ormesson 1927-03-18 Heads Up, Charley is a 1927 German silent comedy film directed by Willi Wolff and starring Ellen Richter, Anton Pointner, and Michael Bohnen. Marlene …
Vertauschte Gesichter de Coster 1931-04-18
Eifersucht 1925-09-17
Das Erlebnis einer Nacht 1930-02-26
Das graue Haus 1926-10-22 A non-access 35 mm print is held by Filmarchiv Austria….
Cyrano de Bergerac Baron Christian de Neuvillette 1923-11-30 Cyrano de Begerac is joyous, witty, a poet, a leader and filled with plenty of charisma and bravado in 17th Century France. He has only one flaw: an u…
Cairo Season 1. Gigolo 1933-07-19 Comedy with an Egyptian backdrop: Businessman Tobby and the Countess Stafanie wish to take all the fun away from their single parents and make them m…
Abenteuer im Südexpress 1934-03-24 Film by Waschneck….
Die Sünderin Der Bankier 1928-05-20
Die Dame und ihr Chauffeur Baron Hektor Suedar 1928-07-02
Die Halbwüchsigen Ralph van Alst 1929-09-24
Die Hochstaplerin Berufsspieler 1944-01-07 A fake countess falls in love with an honest man….
In Treue stark Fernando 1926-10-01
Der Meister der Welt 1927-03-22
Fracht von Baltimore Französischer Offizier 1938-10-13
Dr. Bessels Verwandlung Pedro de Ferrante 1927-12-08
Der krasse Fuchs 1926-03-04
Die unheimliche Wandlung des Axel Roscher Ryan 1943-09-23
Aufruhr im Junggesellenheim 1929-06-30
Wenn ein Mädel Hochzeit macht Ansager 1935-02-12 Film by Boese….
The impossible Mr. Pitt Schnellrichter 1938-04-15
Königstiger 1935-11-22 Film by Randolf….
Liebeserwachen 1936-04-23
Barcarole Gast bei Lopuchin 1935-03-03 A young reckless womaniser is trapped one night at his club into a bet with a Mexican that he will win his wife before morning. There will be a duel i…
Meine Freundin Barbara Geschäftsführer 1937-12-17
Die gelbe Flagge 1937-10-11
Flucht nach Nizza 1933-06-13
Ein Mann auf Abwegen Chauffeur 1940-03-04
Der kleine Grenzverkehr Kellner 1943-04-22
Verlobte Leute 1950-07-27
Die schwedische Nachtigall Italienischer Gastwirt 1941-04-09
Kongo-Express Farmer 1939-12-15
Karneval der Liebe Schlafwagenschaffner 1943-04-01
Das leichte Mädchen 1941-05-27 Dietz’ relatives are horrified to discover that Dietz, the son of a wealthy merchant, is planning to marry an actress, who is known to appear in rathe…
Frauen sind keine Engel 1943-03-23 Frauen sind keine Engel” was made on a moderate budget and has generally found not as much attention as that which has been rightfully accorded to his…
Right to Happiness Ein Freund Lillis 1932-04-24 Herr Hoffmann is a famous widowed singer with a young daughter to raise, aided by his faithful manager. They meet a girl and Hoffmann falls for her, …
I don’t know you and I love you Graf Palmieri 1934-02-01
Manege 1937-10-07
Der Mann, der nicht nein sagen kann 1938-02-01
Brillanten Tänzer 1937-10-21
Stradivari Italienischer Offizier 1935-08-25
Ein Mann wie Maximilian Regisseur 1945-03-13
Ehe in Dosen 2. Kavalier 1939-08-17 Nora and Peter constantly fight and wish to divorce. Nora’s uncle Eberhard, however, believes the two belong together and comes up with a plan to brin…
Unter heißem Himmel Kommissar 1936-12-23
Eskapade 1936-09-01
August der Starke 1936-01-17
Rote Orchideen Gilbert 1938-09-07 In a made-up country somewhere in northern Europe: In the armaments factory F.N.G., an important drawing is copied and passed on to the enemy. Suspi…
Melody of a Great City 1943-10-04 A young woman moves to Berlin to work as a press photographer….
Das Gesetz der Liebe von Roussillion 1949-12-30
Black Fighter Johanna Leutnant Péaulier 1934-09-05 Germany under Napoleon. Johanna is travelling by stagecoach when one of its occupants, Major Korfes, is arrested by the French militia. Before capture…
Wie einst im Mai Hotelgast 1938-02-11
….reitet für Deutschland Italienischer Offizier 1941-08-18
Comrades at Sea Legationsrat Matassi 1938-03-12 1936: Fahnrich Peter serves on a torpedo boat. Peter loves Carmita, the pretty sister of a fellow seaman. But then his superior officer falls in lo…
I pagliacci Silvio 1943-01-23
Aufruhr in Damaskus Offizier 1939-02-24
So Ended a Great Love 1934-10-17 The political advisor to the French emperor Napoleon, and the Austrian emperor Franz I, arrange a marriage between Napoleon and the Austrian archduche…
Der Kleinstadtpoet Ein Doktor der Universität 1940-12-20
Akrobat schö-ö-ö-n Restaurant patron 1943-12-01 Charlie, a very gifted, young acrobat, cannot find employment. A dancer and colleague, whom he trained, has gotten him a job as a stagehand at a vaud…
Frech und verliebt Italienischer Reisender 1950-03-30
Philharmoniker 1944-12-04
Falschmünzer Ein Mitglied der Fälscherbande 1940-11-19
Sechs Tage Heimaturlaub 1941-10-03
My Son the Minister Ein Hauptmann 1937-07-06 Sylvia has succeeded in making her son Robert a minister in the French Republic. His old servent, Gabriel, interrupts the young man during an “erotic…
Maria Ilona Ungarischer Offizier 1939-12-14
Rembrandt 1942-06-17 Already a famous painter, Rembrandt van Rijn is commissioned to paint the Amsterdam Archers’ Guild. But upon completion of the picture, the men of th…
Jonny, haute-couture 1935-04-12
The Theft of the Mona Lisa Italienischer Polizeikommissar 1931-08-24 This German crime drama was based on a true story. Willy Forst stars as a poverty-stricken Italian glazier who falls in love with French hotel maid Ro…
The Great Love Löwenbändiger 1942-06-12 The attractive Oberleutnant Paul Wendlandt is stationed in North Africa as a fighter pilot. While in Berlin to deliver a report he is given a day’s le…
Tonelli Francesco 1943-07-12
Nanon 1938-11-15 An operetta directed by Herbert Maisch….
The Dream of Butterfly 1939-01-10 Italian filmmaker Carmine Gallone was still in his “operetta” mode when he helmed 1938’s Il Sogno di Butterfly (Dream of the Butterfly) Maria Cebotari…
The Man Who Was Sherlock Holmes Gangster Fred im Expresszug 1937-07-14 Two out-of-work private detectives disguise themselves as Holmes and Watson to gain attention and end up chasing counterfeiters and stolen stamps….
Fridericus Französischer Colonel in Wien 1937-02-08 In 18th century Europe, King Friedrich II of Prussia leads his army through the seven-years-war with neighboring states, and after numerous near defea…
Sensationsprozess Casilla Verkäufer der Imbißstube 1939-09-21

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