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Anita Durante Age, Biography, Birthday, Upcoming Movies, Net Worth, Wiki, Filmography

Anita Durante

Anita Durante Biography / Wiki

Name Anita Durante
Also Know Anita Bianchi, Anita Bianchi Durante, Anita Duranti
Gender Female
Known For Acting
Place of Birth Rome, Lazio, Italy
Date of Birth September 26, 1897
Age(as in 2023 Feb) 96
Deathday 1994-05-02

Anita Durante Acting Movies

Movie Name Character Release Date Overview
Fatalità Adele 1947-05-02
An American in Rome Mother of Nando 1954-12-10 Nando Moriconi is a young Italian living in the early ’50s Roma. He is completely crazy for everything that comes from the States. He tries to speak A…
Granada, addio! Beppa 1967-10-06
Carefree Giovanni 1986-03-18 In this entertaining drama, “Carefree Giovanni” (Sergio Castellitto) is the beleaguered last heir to a dukedom closely associated with the great artis…
Hell in the City Assunta 1959-01-29 A young girl comes to prison and experiences the entire prison subculture. The inmates she befriends vary from big tough dangerous dames to smaller su…
Viva il cinema la governante 1952-02-07
Crazy Sea Rosario Lo Russo – la madre 1963-09-13 A pretty woman approaching middle age rents out rooms in a small Italian town. An aging sailor and a handsome younger man are amongst the lodgers….
Courtyard Geltrude 1955-12-27 A teenager escapes from a reformatory and is accused of theft….
Vortice Concierge 1953-11-13 Elena, after a date with his boyfriend Guido, comes home finding his father tried to kill himself with gas because he lost a lot of money due to some …
Story of Fear and a Knife Caterina 1972-08-14 A funk is believed to be a tough guy because of a magic bowler hat which gives him courage and strength….
Il vetturale del Moncenisio 1954-12-30 During the first Napoleonic expedition into Italy, Thibaud is seriously injured before being caught up in a mystery involving his wife, her rightful i…
Il porto della speranza Angelica 1954-12-29 The kindly “Don Luigi” and his pernickety sister “Angelica” welcome a variety of needy folks to their rectory….
Double Cross Anna, padrona della pensione 1951-04-10 A businessman is wrongly accused and convicted for the murder of his associate….
He Thief, She Thief Madre di Cencio 1958-03-12 Cencio, a roman pilferer, periodically is in prison. He meets Cesira that soon become his partner in crime. With Cesira’s help Cencio try the big hit …
Il prezzo della gloria zia Bettina 1956-10-24 A destroyer departs from the port of Taranto with orders to take a load of petrol to Tobruk at all costs….
Policarpo, ufficiale di scrittura madre di Mario 1959-03-18 Policarpo De Tappetti is a calligrapher who works under the orders of Don César Pancarano de Rondò. For many years, Policarpo has been seeking a pro…
The Story of Romance and Knife Teresa, madre di Nino 1971-09-18 The story of fish-monger Nino of Rione Borgo. Nino is in love with Rosa but he always manages to postpone their wedding….
Colpo grosso… grossissimo… anzi probabile Monsignore’s mother 1972-03-31
Scampolo 1941-10-02
Count Tacchia nonna di Fernanda 1982-12-23 In 1900 in Rome, the poor carpenter Francesco, by a twist of fate, is recognized component of a noble family in the process of decay. Francesco knows …
Carmen di Trastevere Landlady of the Bording House 1962-11-22 Carmen, wife of a certain Vincenzo detained for theft, chooses Antonio as a friend. When the husband is released from prison, he accepts the relations…
Saranno uomini 1957-03-23
The Last Wagon Adele, la moglie di Toto 1943-12-01 Toto (Aldo Fabrizi), a Roman coachman with an old fashioned horse-drawn carriage who objects to the competition from motorised taxis, doesn’t want his…
Siamo tutti pomicioni Mario’s Mother (segment “Le gioie della vita”) 1963-09-07
Roman Tales Alvaro’s mother 1955-12-21 Alvaro is been in jail and so he consider himself the most fit to lead his three friends Mario, Otello and Spartaco. The four young men decide to star…
The Bigamist Amalia 1956-02-17 A traveling salesman is sent to prison after being accused of bigamy, while his wife and son are forced to consider leaving him permanently….
Adultero lui, adultera lei portinaia 1963-07-31 Lina, a young woman now tired of the constant betrayals from her husband, decides to cheat on him with a mutual friend, Piero….
Adorable and Lying The concierge’s wife 1958-08-07
The Sign of Venus Madre di Agnese 1955-03-12 Agnese has many men who woo her and live with her cousin Cesira, who has the opposite problem with men and wishes she would also have men woo her….
Noi peccatori seconda suora 1953-03-21
White Voices Agnese, madre di Meo 1964-08-12 In 17th-century Rome, a young man in a choir of castrati falls for the beautiful wife of a powerful aristocrat….
Guardia, guardia scelta, brigadiere e maresciallo Carmela 1956-04-20 This is the (funny) story of four agents of Roma traffic police in the ’50s. Their life are crossed in affairs that often retire from mere job relatio…
Of Life and Love Moglie di Rosario 1954-02-03 A film made up of four episodes: a jar repairer gets trapped in a vat because of his hunch; a young unmarried mother is forced to beg to buy herself a…
Roaring Years madre di Omero 1962-04-21 In this satire inspired by Nikolai Gogol’s The Government Inspector (aka The Inspector General) and transported to fascist era Italy, the (supposed)…
Se vincessi cento milioni Pasqua (segment “Il promesso… sposato”) 1953-12-01
Genitori in blue-jeans The Old Nun (uncredited) 1960-02-10 Some middle-aged Italian men try to have affairs with much-younger girls….
Guai ai vinti Popolana sulla scala 1954-09-15 A young woman, her sister-in-law and her ten year old daughter are violently traumatised by invading Austrian soldiers. Later, in Verona, both woman d…
Made in Italy suocera di Adelina 1965-12-22 A group of Italians take a flight to Sweden: among them there are the tourists, and the immigrants….

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