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Anton Pointner

Anton Pointner Biography / Wiki

Name Anton Pointner
Also Know Al Pointer
Gender Male
Known For Acting
Place of Birth Salzburg, Austria-Hungary [now Austria]
Date of Birth 1894-12-08
Age(as in 2022) 54
Deathday 1949-09-08

Anton Pointner Acting Movies

Movie Name Character Release Date Overview
Heads Up, Charley Frank Ditmar 1927-03-18 Heads Up, Charley is a 1927 German silent comedy film directed by Willi Wolff and starring Ellen Richter, Anton Pointner, and Michael Bohnen. Marlene …
The Empress’s Favourite Fürst Ivan Potozky 1936-03-12 Comedy about the love life of the Russian emperor….
Das Karussell des Todes 1928-04-03 a silent movie by Heinz Paul…
Die Maske fällt 1931-02-05 This is the German-language version of 1930’s “The Way of All Men”, shot by Warner Bros. in Hollywood with a German-speaking cast….
Die drei Mannequins Fred 1926-08-06
The Second Shot 1923-04-19
Die Hotelratte Gerd von Langen 1928-03-08
Die Abenteuerin von Monte Carlo Edward Stanley 1921-11-25
Pension Elise Nottebohm 1937-12-22 Short by Phil Jutzi….
Liebeskommando Der General 1931-11-10
Sprung in den Abgrund Baron Moll 1933-03-29
Sensations-Prozess Colonel Sullivan 1928-03-23
Die Halbwüchsigen Ingenieur Maxwell 1929-09-24
Die Frau ohne Nerven Vanderstraat 1930-01-17
Demon of the Sea 1931-03-12 Ahab pursues a whale that chewed off a leg when his brother, vying with him for the hand of a minister’s daughter, pushed him overboard. When he has c…
Der Mann aus dem Jenseits 1926-02-26 Film by Manfred Noa….
Der Frechdachs Henri Latour 1932-04-28
Gefährliches Spiel Harry Caspari 1937-04-02 The formerly wealthy Baron Carl Erich von Wenden is desperate. His debts are out of control and he is forced to give up everything he owns. Since he…
Frauenliebe – Frauenleid Kriminalkommissar Düring 1937-02-19
Das Veilchen vom Potsdamer Platz Seidewind 1936-11-16
Zigeuner der Nacht Oliver 1932-10-31
Aufforderung zum Tanz Baron Durian 1934-12-04
Kismet 1931-07-23 Hajj, a rascally beggar on the periphery of the court of Baghdad, schemes to marry his daughter to royalty and to win the heart of the queen of the ca…
Der Märtyrer seines Herzens Baron Trautenfels 1918-02-08 The film traces the individual stages in the life of Ludwig van Beethoven….
Radio Magic Herr Haßdorf 1927-09-29
The Woman Worth Millions Stuart Hardington 1923-03-08 Here Richter plays an Armenian princess whose father is being held prisoner by a despotic and corrupt pasha. A confrontation at the New Year’s Eve B…
Der Frauendiplomat Von Rüstenberg 1932-03-18
Stjenka Rasin Fürst Prosorowsky 1936-05-01
Gauner im Frack Graf Lennoy 1927-02-04
Flight Around the World Henry Turner 1925-03-06 A spectacular action-adventure travelogue with stages in Genoa, Suez, Colombo, Singapore, Canton, Yokohama, Honolulu, San Francisco, New York and Bres…
Thamar, das Kind der Berge 1924-04-07
Der Todesritt auf dem Riesenrad 1915-03-05
Charlott etwas verrückt 1928-03-29
Fräulein Frau Belmonte, Filmschauspieler 1934-02-23
The Tempest Ralph Kruschewski 1932-01-22 Two inspiration sources appear clearly: contemporary American gangster movies and Alfred Döblin’s novel Berlin Alexanderplatz (1929)….
Freut Euch des Lebens Igo von Lindstedt 1934-05-14 A Bavarian comedy centered around Gusti, the lovely waitress of the restaurant „Bratwurstglockl“, who is adored by all the men. When the spoiled …
Lumpacivagabundus Graf von Monte Cristo 1936-12-22
Millionenerbschaft Dr. Bastides 1937-03-03
Zwei im Sonnenschein Baron Ravensburg 1933-11-02
Zwei Welten Hauptmann Ballentin 1930-09-15 German language version of Two Worlds….
Das Geheimnis der alten Mamsell Adrian 1925-11-27
Der Trödler von Amsterdam Gilbert 1925-11-09
Die Sonne von St. Moritz 1923-01-01
Frau Sorge Fritz Erdmannn 1928-02-07
Arme kleine Sif 1927-08-31
Drei von der Kavallerie General von Büttinghausen 1932-08-31
Frau Lehmanns Töchter Bankier 1932-06-10
Die Sporck’schen Jäger Oberleutnant von Valenberg 1927-01-10
Der dumme August des Zirkus Romanelli Robert 1926-05-12
Das Geheimnis des Renngrafen 1923-01-01
Lady Hamilton Greville 1921-10-19 The married Lady Emma Hamilton has an ill fated romance with Admiral Horatio Nelson….
Freies Volk Adjutant 1925-01-02 Directed by Martin Berger….
Schatten der Vergangenheit Brillanten-Emil, Verbrecher 1936-07-16
Trara um Liebe Erzherzog Max 1931-09-03
Der Fluch 1925-02-28 A young Jewish woman in an Eastern European shtetl struggles to reconcile her aspirations with her duty to her family. As her lifestyle grows wilder, …
Der lustige Witwer 1929-05-01
Impossible Love Leonard von Möllenhof 1932-12-23
I don’t know you and I love you Henri Coquard 1934-02-01
The Old Fritz II Friedrich Wilhelm 1928-01-28 Silent epic on the final years of Frederick II….
Regimentsmusik Heinrich von Stammer 1950-08-31
Maresi Der Oberst 1950-06-01
Anushka Leopold 1942-03-24 Vienna during the fin de siecle. Farmer’s daughter Anuschka has to sell the farm after her father’s death to the rich but mean farmer’s wife Nowarek a…
Das Mädchen mit dem guten Ruf Pandolfo 1938-02-25
Renate im Quartett 1939-08-23
Aufruhr der Herzen Fandler 1944-09-08
The Burning Heart Direktor des Odeon 1929-02-16
Wochenend im Paradies 1931-10-13
Einmal der liebe Herrgott sein Hoteldirektor Seiffert 1942-11-08
I by Day, You by Night Meyer 1932-11-29 A nightclub waiter and a manicurist share the same room, he sleeps there by night and she by day. They’ve never meet , but they can’t stand each other…
Cairo Season Giacomo Ottaviani 1933-07-19 Comedy with an Egyptian backdrop: Businessman Tobby and the Countess Stafanie wish to take all the fun away from their single parents and make them m…
Trenck – Der Roman einer großen Liebe Trenck, der Pandur 1932-10-27
The Love of the Maharaja Trenchman 1936-04-14
Das Jüngste Gericht Maximilian von Schnackenberg 1940-02-09 The greengrocer Ferdinand Strubel wants his daughter Marianne to marry the son of the brewery owner Baron von Schnackenberg. Since Strubel is an impo…
Ich bin gleich wieder da Pik 1939-04-20
Die heilige Flamme 1931-05-02 This is the German-language version of 1929’s “The Sacred Flame”, from the W. Somerset Maugham play, shot by Warner Bros. in Hollywood with a German-s…
Johann Strauss, k. u. k. Hofkapellmeister Graf Domsky 1932-08-11
When I Came Back 1926-12-17
Der liebe Augustin Graf Sinzendorf, Oberhofmeister 1940-12-17 Vienna, sometime around 1680: Augustin makes fun of Leopold I mistress and in doing so, stirs up the passions of the people against the luxury-enjoyi…
Liebesbriefe aus dem Engadin Amtsrichter Rung 1938-12-05
A Song, A Kiss, A Girl Fritz Sturm 1932-04-13 Peter Franke owns Supraphon record company, which has one main competitor in Lyraphon. As a commercial strategy Peter gets engaged to her counter part…
Hannerl und ihre Liebhaber Robulja 1936-11-10 Everyday and social drama. In Vienna a girl from the people about social prejudices finds away the esteem and love of an airplane industrialist….
My Life Is at Stake Karl Niemeyer 1936-12-05 The Berlin lawyer Dr. Lessner (Karl Ludwig Diehl) is involved in a murder case. His wife, movie star Christa (Kitty Jantzen), allegedly had an affair …
Black Fighter Johanna Feldmarschall 1934-09-05 Germany under Napoleon. Johanna is travelling by stagecoach when one of its occupants, Major Korfes, is arrested by the French militia. Before capture…
Der Detektiv des Kaisers Hallström 1930-04-22
Ihr Leibhusar Oberst Stromm 1938-03-14
Five Millions Seek an Heir Hotelportier 1938-03-31 According to his last will, the rich American uncle of vacuum cleaner salesman Peter Pett only leaves his 5 million dollars to Peter if he is married …
Nanette 2. Schauspieler 1940-01-23
Am Abend nach der Oper Wilhelmy 1945-08-31 A wealthy man murders his wife, then marries a young woman who becomes suspicious of him….
Drei tolle Mädels 1943-12-23
Die seltsame Geschichte des Brandner Kaspar Baron Schrumpf 1949-02-01
Men Before Marriage 1927-06-22
Dornenweg einer Fürstin 1928-11-12
Spring Parade Hauptmann Weber 1934-09-20 This Hungarian musical comedy (English title: Spring Parade) was produced by Joseph Pasternak, who later remade the picture in Hollywood as a Deanna D…
The Brandenburg Arch Orje Bollmann 1929-05-22 In the year 1914: The assistants of cobbler Lehmann compete for the affections of his daughter Frieda. Actually she’s in love with her ambitious cou…
Earth Spirit 1923-02-22 Dr. Schön marries a lower class girl, Lulu. Young and voluptuous she attracts the attention of the all the male gender, but the doctor will not let h…
The Theft of the Mona Lisa Reisender 1931-08-24 This German crime drama was based on a true story. Willy Forst stars as a poverty-stricken Italian glazier who falls in love with French hotel maid Ro…
The Three Codonas Mustacho 1940-08-01 Biography of the life of the circus performer Alfredo Codona….
Der Bankkrach unter den Linden Baron Dorn 1926-01-08
Das große Abenteuer George Derbrock 1938-01-07
Das Geheimnis um Johann Orth Graf Neuborn 1932-11-29
Peter Steffani 1934-12-19 Starring Francisca Gaál in a breeches role. Dressed as a boy, a street musician gets a job pumping gas. When s/he starts to have feelings for her pat…
Csibi, der Fratz Herr im Frack 1934-03-07
Suburban Cabaret Oberleutnant Höfelmeyer 1935-01-17 In Vienna of 1913 a young woman coming from vaudeville theatre circles stands before the wedding with a construction draftsman; this must move to the …
Der Unwiderstehliche Gaston 1937-10-13
Höllentempo Zaroff 1933-10-24
Racoczy-Marsch Merlin, Jobs Gutsnachtbar 1933-12-15
Der Läufer von Marathon olympischer Reporter 1933-02-21
In geheimer Mission Zaroff 1938-12-16
Liebeslied 1935-12-16
Sein Sohn Rennicke 1942-12-13
Meine Tochter lebt in Wien Juwelier Ludwig Probst 1940-07-16
Wer bist Du, den ich liebe? Malibran 1950-11-15
Zwölf Minuten nach zwölf Hock 1939-09-26
Verspieltes Leben 1949-02-27 Germany, 1914: The bourgeois austerity of the small, northern German town in which Ulyssa lives conflicts sharply with her desire to flirt with and b…
The Anthem of Leuthen Pandurenoberst Rawitsch 1933-02-02 The story of the rise to power of King Frederick II (aka “Frederick the Great”) of Prussia of his military campaigns to make Prussia a major power in …
Die Töchter ihrer Exzellenz Portier 1934-05-17
Dreizehn Mann und eine Kanone 1938-12-22
The Grouch Albert Hartung 1939-08-04 No overview found….
Opera Ball 1939-12-22 After the operetta of the same name of Richard Heuberger in 1890-1914 all kinds of situation comic from happy-go-lucky Vienna of the turn of the centu…
Marschall Vorwärts Schwarzenberg 1932-11-23
….reitet für Deutschland Reporter 1941-08-18
Maria Ilona Brühwasser 1939-12-14
Rote Orchideen Bob 1938-09-07 In a made-up country somewhere in northern Europe: In the armaments factory F.N.G., an important drawing is copied and passed on to the enemy. Suspi…
Die dritte Eskadron 1926-08-13
The Postmaster Der Kavalier des Rittmeisters 1940-04-23 When two Russian captains of cavalry came to a German post station one of them recalls what happened long time ago. He begins to tell the story: Ten y…
Castles in the Air 1939-03-19 Coming soon…
Fridericus Kaiser Franz von Österreich 1937-02-08 In 18th century Europe, King Friedrich II of Prussia leads his army through the seven-years-war with neighboring states, and after numerous near defea…

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