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Armando Acosta

Armando Acosta Biography / Wiki

NameArmando Acosta
Also Know
Known ForActing
Place of BirthMexico City, Mexico
Date of Birth1922-04-05
Age(as in 2022)54

Armando Acosta Acting Movies

Movie NameCharacterRelease DateOverview
Amanecí en tus brazos1967-09-14
La mula de Cullen BakerGordo chismoso (uncredited)1971-10-09
Chabelo y Pepito detectives1974-02-14A commanding friend Pepito and Chabelo ask them to help uncover a gang who kidnaps children. They accept and are out to steal to join the band. Whenth…
El metiche1972-09-21Clownish simpleton can’t resist meddling in his neighbors’ business. Pretty much a remake of El Reveltoso….
Martín Santos el llanero1962-02-15A farmer aspires to marry the daughter of the local aristocrats, but she think he’s beneath her. It take a long time for things to settle into a groov…
Espérame en Siberia, vida mía1971-08-11Debauched playboy has a hypochondriac streak and an unscrupulous doctor that profits from it….
Acorralados1976-06-10Conflicts in town force a guy to escape to a hiding-place in the countryside….
Las chicas malas del padre Mendez1970-07-16A priest is dismissed from his parish, so he decides to open a halfway house to rehabilitate sex workers….
Las cadenas del mal1970-05-29Ambitious young woman thinks she’s on he fast track to fame and fortune, but her manager’s a sleazeball who gets her hooked on IV drugs and pimps her …
Uno y medio contra el mundo1973-11-01Small-time crook teams up with a street urchin for mutual support on the margins of society….
El sargento Perez1973-03-21Two buddies from Pancho Villa’s regiment go on a mission. Light comedy, romance, songs……
Entre monjas anda el Diablo1973-02-15A man called “The Devil” makes a living in cock-fights. He falls for a girl who’s about to enter the monastery….
Capulina vs. the Vampires1971-12-16Delivery boy answers a call to take some food to that huge spooky mansion on the hill behind the cemetery….
La carrera del millón1974-07-24Father and uncle have conflicting ideas about who a young woman should marry, so they set up an elaborate, wacky contest to resolve their disagreement…
Las bravuconas1963-09-27Three big-city wimps have to pass for machos when they go to their home-town….
Aguilas de acero1971-01-07Two Air force pilots are best friends in that competitive, always picking fights with each other way….
Romance sobre ruedas1969-09-10A sporty new car is gifted to two young men who work at an auto factory, and they have to time-share it between them….
Emiliano Zapata1970-11-20An old man remembers Emiliano Zapata, the Mexican revolutionary who defended the rights of the peasants….
La muerte de Pancho Villa1974-05-01After the Revolution, Villa works on defining his legacy… and then he gets assassinated….
La pequeña señora de Perez1972-03-16Teenaged girl isn’t emotionally mature enough for marriage, but she gets hitched anyway….
El hombre inquietoInvitado a boda (uncredited)1954-11-26Adult street urchin passes himself off as rich man’s long-lost son….
Así amaron nuestros padres1964-07-16Elderly roue interferes in the love life of a young woman because she’s secretly his daughter. Remake of En Tiempos De Don Porfirio….
The BraidPascual Mendez1975-03-13A town confused by religion persecutes a woman who stole the braid from the statue of the Virgin….
Guns and Guts1974-05-23Rene Cardona Jr.’s bloody Mexi-Western is the story of a hired gun that wants to complete his last big job so he can retire with his prostitute. The j…
Perverse Doll1969-12-26A troubled woman commits a series of murders that exposes some dark family secrets….
Los cacos1972-12-28A group of Soccer-loving friends devise a plan to make easy money….
Mi padrino1969-06-11Bumbling oaf takes custody of his god-daughter and helps her advance her singing career….
Tres noches de locuraViolador (episodio “Lucía”)1970-05-21Anthology movie, episodes about three women who undergo stressful experiences that cause their minds to snap….
El principioEl Cura1973-12-03Mexico is in the midst of Revolution when the protagonist returns after studying in Paris to find his native town in Chihuahua occupied by Francisco V…
Mujeres de medianocheRaul1969-11-13Crime melodrama involving blackmail, murder, mystery and the obligatory police investigation….
School for TrampsMartín (uncredited)1955-01-27Alberto Medina is a very famous composer and is on a field trip when his car runs out of gas and goes downhill. While looking for help, he finds the V…
Dios los críaTranseúnte (uncredited)1953-09-15Mrs. Nínive Cánovas Cannesi (Marshall) comes back from a long tour visiting Europe and not even realizes that her house is being inhabited by two jo…
Pilotos de la muerte(uncredited)1962-05-02A couple of provincial gas station employees travel to the capital seeking fortune of vehicle mechanics accidental career passing drivers….
The White Horse1962-02-15Claimed by his grandmother, who lives in a Mexican village, Joselito begins the journey from Spain. Once there, while traveling in a stagecoach, is as…
La mafia amarillaEl cantinero1975-05-28Blue Demon must stop an evil chinese gang and their reign of terror….
Fever Mounts at El PaoManuel1959-12-05Aroused citizens assassinate an unpopular Caribbean despot, then two men vie for his gorgeous widow Ines. Ojeda is a steamy, isolated island, the pena…
El seductorFotografo1955-09-29A young artist’s affair with a married woman destroys her family. Twenty-odd years later, her two daughters fall into his orbit….
Unethical BehaviourPoliceman1970-01-01A family in extreme poverty is forced to make a series of sacrifices in order to survive….
The Wrestling Women vs. the Aztec MummyDetective (uncredited)1964-11-27If you’ve ever longed for a movie about wrestling women who take on various monsters, this is it! Xochitl, the mummy, can turn into a snake or a bat, …
Romeo contra Julieta1968-11-14
The Moderate DoctorPolicía1971-08-12Underqualified doofus tries to run a medical clinic….
School for BuglarsInvitado a fiesta (uncredited)1958-05-09The police plan to capture a killer by using a double that looks exactly as one of his victims….
Dr. Satan vs. Black MagicSecurity Guard1968-03-29Plutarco Satan returns, this time he’s pitted against a rival evil organization intent on owning the very formula rumored to turn any metal into gold!…
Los canallas1968-04-05The leader and villain of the movie is called Kadena, a buxom girl, who is the real deal of the gang “Hell’s Angels” and whose goal is to kill the Mil…
Daughter of DeceitMesero (uncredited)1951-08-28In the drama, a father, firmly believing that the baby daughter in his arms is not his own, abandons her upon the doorstep of the town drunk. Many yea…
The Phantom of the OperettaEspectador (uncredited)1960-12-22Aldo and his girlfriend Lucy reopen an abandoned opera house, but find out that the place is inhabited by a group of Phantoms wearing the Claude Rains…
¡Yo sabia demasiado!Paco (cantinero)1960-10-27
Letters from MarusiaSergeant1975-12-26Chronicle of the repression that a foreign company exerts on the miners of a small nitrate town in Chile, whose workers decide to claim their most ess…
Before the Corpse of a Leader1974-09-04A union leader dies in a sleazy hotel room, then the wife, mistress, police, co workers, reporters, colleagues, and political figures arrive to the ho…
Who Killed Grandpa?Postman1972-08-16A man dies of a heart attack and his wife hides the body in order to continue collecting pension….
The Criminal Life of Archibaldo de la CruzMan at Gordo’s (uncredited)1955-01-01A bizarre black comedy about a man whose overwhelming ambition in life is to be a renowned serial killer of women, and will stop at nothing to achieve…
Mi campeónEspectador del boxeo (uncredited)1952-06-20Catita is a simple and poor woman who dreams of that her son stands out on something important to help her out of his humble. But she opposes to him b…
Las chivas rayadas1964-04-02The comical misadventures of two brothers who are part of the local soccer team and their family….
De color morenoEmpleado teatro1963-12-27
Los leones del ring contra la Cosa NostraBarbero1974-07-25Twin brother of murdered pro-wrestler goes after the killerses….
Padre nuestro que estas en la tierraNotario1972-09-28Single father with a disability struggles to raise his son….
El hijo de Gabino Barrera1965-12-23Gabino’s son tries to find out why his father was murdered….
La adúlteraPasajero avión1956-11-22Jilted lover takes revenge on her ex’s new wife….
Tres mil kilómetros de amorPadre de hija rebelde (uncredited)1967-12-07Romance, stolen jewels and sitcom humor on a bus-trip from Tijuana to Guadalajara….
Frente al destino1964-06-17
TlayucanPueblerino (uncredited)1962-12-27Desperate because of his son’s illness, the peasant Eufemio steals a pearl from the image of Santa Lucía in the village church….
Refifí entre las mujeresEspectador cine (uncredited)1958-05-10
Mil máscarasPapá de Raco1969-06-06Wrestling superhero Mil Máscaras battles bad guys….
Cinco mil dolares de recompensa1974-04-18A gunfighter is appointed sheriff of a town that is terrorized by a gang of criminals….
Si, Mi vidaHombre en restaurante (uncredited)1953-05-14Dr. Castellanos is saved from bankruptcy….
There are not Crosses in the Sea1968-01-01A mute fisherman helps another whose boat capsizes, he dies and leaves behind a girl whom he raises as his own daughter….
La faraonaParty guest (uncredited)1956-12-10Pastora Heredia is a beautiful gypsy with great character who always tries to help the needy. One day she gots the notice of the death of his grandfat…
NapoleoncitoPolicía (uncredited)1964-12-03
El águila descalzaTrabajador factoria1971-12-08Shmuck makes a superhero costume, rides his bike to crime scenes. He gets involved with something big involving US capitalists taking over local Mexic…
El analfabetoCarpintero (uncredited)1961-09-07Inocencio Prieto y Calvo receives a letter telling him he is the heir to his uncle’s fortune of two million pesos. Not being able to read he has no id…
She-Wolves of the Ring‘I Want to See Blood’ Spectator (uncredited)1965-05-21Intimate problems and the wickedness of friends is resolved in the ring….
The Door and The Butcher’s WifeTololo, Cantinero (segment “La mujer del carnicero”)1969-09-25A movie divided in two segments, the first “La puerta” (The Door) is about a high society gathering in which a door inside the mansion leads to a biza…
Bring Me the Head of Alfredo GarciaWaiter (uncredited)1974-08-01An American bartender and his prostitute girlfriend go on a road trip through the Mexican underworld to collect a $1 million bounty on the head of a d…
The Paper ManHombre asaltado (uncredited)1963-10-05A deaf and mute vagabond finds a large denomination bill in a Mexico City dump, and while he tries to buy something with it, others try to con him int…
El ExtraEmpleado estudio (uncredited)1962-10-04Cantinflas is a man who hangs around the studios and helps anyone who needs his advice while at the same time envisioning his own versions of how cert…
SonatasJugador de cartas (uncredited)1959-10-12In the fall of 1824 Javier Montenegro, Bradomin Marquis is spared death hanging by Captain Casares, and in return, the Marquis agrees to help him esc…
El vals sin finDon Marcos F. Galván1972-11-30

Armando Acosta Directing Movies

Movie NameJobRelease DateOverview
Romeo.JulietDirector1990-01-01The tale centers on an eccentric bag lady who rescues the stray cats of Venice and puts them on a boat to set sail for the new world. It has not been …


Movie NameJobRelease DateOverview
Romeo.JulietWriter1990-01-01The tale centers on an eccentric bag lady who rescues the stray cats of Venice and puts them on a boat to set sail for the new world. It has not been …

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