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Chiquito Biography / Wiki

Name Chiquito
Also Know
Gender N/A
Known For Acting
Place of Birth
Date of Birth
Age(as in 2023 Feb) 0

Chiquito Acting Movies

Movie Name Character Release Date Overview
Prinsipe Abante Prinsipe Abante 1973-02-11 Adventures of Prinsipe Abante….
Double Terrible Francisco ‘Frankie’ Agila 1975-01-01 Maritess asked for help from Frankie a private investigator to investigate her father, who’s foolishly in love with a young lady….
Kape’t Gatas 1980-12-25
The Arizona Kid Ambo, the Arizona Kid 1970-09-05 A Filipino immigrant travels the American west searching for his relatives. Although he doesn’t speak much English, he winds up getting involved with …
Goriong Butete Gorio 1980-05-09 Chiquito as Goriong Butete……
Boljak 1981-09-11 a comedy by funny man, Chiquito….
Mang Kepweng Mang Kepweng 1979-09-14 a film by F.H. Constantino….
Boss, Basta Ikaw, Wa Na Ko Sey 1976-04-09 a film by Nilo Saez….
My Parents are Strict 1997-01-02 Amanda page stars as the tightly guarded daughter of a zany but loving couple. Played by Chiquito and Elizabeth Ramsey in this comedy of errors. She …
E.T. is Estong Tutong Estong Tutong 1983-01-01 A horror-comedy film that brought Chiquito a.k.a. Estong Tutong to fame. Estong was living a simple life when Teresa (Pia Moran) came. Teresa under hi…
Estong Tutong: Ikalawang Yugto Estong Tutong 1983-01-01 Filipino ET spoof….
Mr. Thunderball 1965-04-09 James Bond spoof starring Chiquito….
Ang Darling ko’y Aswang 1975-07-25
The Buelta Force 1986-01-01 Buelta Force is a hilarious but fearless group of men doing their duty for the greater good of humanity and peace….
Balandra Crossing Kiko 1987-05-28 Kiko (Chiquito) and Tisoy (Redford White) are top notch government agents. An important break comes along when gang members paid Aling Kuala with fake…
Praybet Depektib Akademi 1986-02-14 A 1986 Filipino action comedy….
Rocky Four-Ma 1986-01-16
Pete Matipid Pete Matipid 1978-11-03
Mister Wong Mr. Wong 1963-11-10 Popular comic strip character comes to life….
3 Desperados 1962-04-02
Lorelei Paeng 1975-04-25 A story about Lorelei a mermaid and Paing a fisherman….
Barok Barok 1976-12-25
Enter Garote 1974-10-04 A story about an assistant of an attorney who goes to the province to help with a land title problem and encounters a gang looking for a hidden treasu…
Herkulas Herkulas 1977-09-02
Atorni Agaton: Agent Law-Ko Atorni Agaton 1969-11-14
Takbo… Peter… Takbo! Peter Maknat 1981-03-06
Nagalit Ang Patay sa Haba ng Lamay 1985-04-19 Two families are rivals in the funeral business….
Six Million Centavo Man 1980-06-06
Dalawa sa Ilalim ng Panganib The Sayang-Mese Twins 1965-11-03 A story about siamese twin brothers….
Vontes V 1979-01-02 A Filipino spoof movie of Voltes V….
Si Gorio at ang Damong Ligaw 1979-07-26
Code Name: Black & White 1988-02-03 A 1988 Filipino action comedy film starring Chiquito and Redford White….
Ang Mabait, ang Masungit at ang Pangit 1978-03-10
Pinagbiyak Na Bunga: Lookalayk Berto 1994-02-10 The resemblance between Urot (Andrew E) and Berto (Chiquito) is undeniable that people cannot help but think that they are related to each other. Out …
Ang Pagbabalik ni Pedro Penduko Abraham 1994-01-01 Third adaptation of the tale of Pedro Penduko…
Tinimbang Ka, Bakit Husto? Badong 1977-04-02 A love story set in the blissful serenity of a small barrio laced with comical situations as Badong, a poor farmer, goes about trying to win the hand …
Laugh Story 1971-08-15 A comedy film starring Nida Blanca, Chiquito, Nova Villa, and Rod Navarro…
Lo’ Waist Gang Joins the Army 1960-03-30
Dalawang Kumander sa WAC 1966-07-11
Bamboo Gods and Iron Men Charley 1974-02-13 The Jefferson’s honeymoon night in Hong Kong will be troubled by a number of people wishing to get hold of a Bouddha statuette that the husband offe…
Mabilis… Paa at Kamay 1964-10-16 You name it this picture’s got it thrilling action, hilarious comedy, suspenseful horror, musical entertainment, heartwarming romance….
Bangers 1995-05-25 A comedy about Hibangers…
Adiong Sikat ng Tondo 1962-03-02 A True-To-Life Story of “Adiong” The Terror of Tondo…A Story of Bravery in Action….
Matandang Pa-Charming 1960-02-10 A story about a gang with a gay leader who were notorious for their illegal work in some popular parks and clubs in Manila. Carding and Tomas were tas…
The Flash Elorde Story 1961-02-18 Gabriel “Flash” Elorde was born to a poor farmer’s family in the town of Bogo, Cebu on March 25, 1935, the youngest of the 16 children. Renowned for h…
Talking Skeleton 1961-07-24 Serialized in Aliwan Komiks….
Tough Guy Toti 1959-09-30 Donato Navales, a juvenile delinquent, seeks justice when he is wrongly accused of the death of his father, an honest policeman Sgt. Mariano Navales….
Be My Love 1958-02-22
TNT Jackson Dynamite Wong 1974-06-08 A woman encounters thugs and drug dealers after traveling to Hong Kong to search for her missing brother….
Angelita… Ako Ang Iyong Ina Gorio 1979-05-08 Angelita continues her journey in finding her real parents….
Habagat Sa Tag-araw 1961-07-11 A man seeks justice for the death of his spouse’s entire family when an armed group came….
Konsiyerto ng Kamatayan (segment “Sumpa ng Kaluluwa”) 1961-03-13
Night of Terror 1960-02-29 Stories tell of a beautiful woman who mysteriously walks out of a cemetery at night, boards a carretela for parts unknown. An old witch who tormented …
Lutong Makaw 1958-01-06
Lo’Waist Gang at si Og sa Mindoro 1958-08-27
Ang Syota Kong Balikbayan 1996-09-25 Jeepney driver, Nanding, gets into an accident with the rich and spoiled balikbayan Cathy, the sole heiress of the vast land on which his small commun…
Patayin Si… Mediavillo 1978-10-12
Pepeng Agimat 1973-01-01 An everyman farmer gifted special powers must save his community from demons….
Fe, Esperanza, Caridad Self (segment “Fe”) 1974-05-10 A trilogy featuring Nora Aunor giving life to the stories of 3 women: Fe – an emerging movie Superstar who has an invalid husband, Esperanza – a young…
Black Magic 1987-11-26 A story about a good-natured common man, one day the devil tempts him to give powers of sinister origin. However, the price is the former’s soul….
Lovingly Yours, Helen: The Movie Batibot / Caloy 1984-07-19 This dramatic anthology of true-to-life stories of love and domestic problems based on letters sent by to the TV drama program hosted by Helen Vela wh…
Happy Days Are Here Again Himself 1974-11-15 A compilation of film clips featuring dance and song performances culled from various films of the so-called big three – Sampaguita, LVN, Premiere….

Chiquito Directing Movies

Movie Name Job Release Date Overview
Pete Matipid Director 1978-11-03
Takbo… Peter… Takbo! Director 1981-03-06
Atorni Agaton: Agent Law-Ko Director 1969-11-14
Six Million Centavo Man Director 1980-06-06

Chiquito Production Movies

Movie Name Job Release Date Overview
Ang Mabait, ang Masungit at ang Pangit Producer 1978-03-10


Movie Name Job Release Date Overview
Pete Matipid Writer 1978-11-03
Takbo… Peter… Takbo! Writer 1981-03-06
Six Million Centavo Man Writer 1980-06-06
Ang Mabait, ang Masungit at ang Pangit Story 1978-03-10

Credit: TMDB

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