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Dawood Hussein Age, Biography, Birthday, Upcoming Movies, Net Worth, Wiki, Filmography

Dawood Hussein

Dawood Hussein Biography / Wiki

Name Dawood Hussein
Also Know داود حسين, داوود حسين, داؤود حسين
Gender Male
Known For Acting
Place of Birth Kuwait
Date of Birth November 05, 1958
Age(as in 2023 Feb) 64

Dawood Hussein Acting Movies

Movie Name Character Release Date Overview
Swarm of Doves 2017-02-26 During the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait, invading forces sieged a group of Kuwaiti youths, who had only two choices: either to surrender, or to die for th…
Scenario 2013-06-20 The story revolves around a director/producer that directs movies with a low budget, with the help of the same cast. Everything is going smoothly with…
Dinosaur play 1997-06-03 The dinasour Kid’s Play…
The beautiful policewoman 2001-01-01 The Beautiful Plice(Wo)man…
oh ball 2003-01-01 Sporty Kuwaiti play…
أزمة وتعدي 1991-01-17
نبيك تفوز 1997-07-16
سكة سفر 2016-01-01
زواج بالفاكس سعود 1993-01-01
سطو مسلح 2021-01-01
عالباب يا شباب 2000-12-27
طيور الجوارح صقر بن نسر 1995-01-18
عودة ريا و سكينة متولي 2019-07-27
فالتوه 1991-07-10
فالتوة ٢ 1992-12-31
وصية المرحوم 1977-01-01
اوبريت حب و مطب 1984-01-01
شارع الحب مسرحية عاشق 2009-01-01
علاء الدين علاء الدين 1994-07-21
سارة وسعود سعود 1994-06-10
دكوش يغزو وادي القمر الحطاب 1982-01-01
توي ستوري وودي 1998-01-01
باباي و بوتمبة بوتمبة 1988-07-05
النمر المقنع فارس 1995-07-04
فلونة والشناكل العم داوود 1989-06-01
الذيب والعنزات الثلاث الذئب الأول 1993-01-01
بيب بيب والذيب حسون 1994-06-29
داوود شو 1996-07-19
Tartanji 2011-08-30 Al-Tartanji’s comic play “Al-Tartanqi” presented its successful performances in a number of Gulf cities, and presented three shows during the Dubai Sh…
Questioning حمد 1996-03-01 Corruption in administrations dealt with by comedia…
Fifty Year Old Teenager بيرق 1996-01-01 The life of a married 50-year-old doctor turns topsy-turvy when he falls in love with a younger woman and begins to act like a teenager….
سمردحه 1994-01-01
وبعدين 2012-01-01
مسرحية بالغلط 2018-06-15
الشياطين الثلاثة 1988-07-12
نصب واحتيال 1989-03-05
سهرة إمرأة مختلفة صالح 1989-01-01
الانحدار 1985-01-01 A very impatient role play about a man addicted to alcohol and alcohol and the destruction it causes to the family, money, and home of children. Abu A…
شمس الشموس بدر 1987-03-28
Bye Bye London صافي – العربي الصديقي 1982-01-22 A comedy about an old married man that travels to London with his nephew who does his to save him from exposure to fraud, and being mugged in London, …
Elect Mother of Ali أبو حمد 1993-11-03 A Kuwaiti comedy play that talks about the period that followed the liberation of Kuwait from the Iraqi invasion. The play cynically dealt with the is…
Bye Bye Arab مرجان 1986-04-29 Kuwaiti social theatrics speaks about the life of the Arab citizen and his quest for Arab unity through the personality of (Arabs) who helps (genie Mo…
صبوحة خطبها نصيب 1983-12-16
Our Love kangaroo 2016-04-21 A young man who works for a freight forwarding agency finds himself responsible for a shipment of real live Kangaroos instead of small statues of Kang…
Bo Mteh 1999-07-06
أرض وقرض السباك / البناي 1987-01-01
Al-Manakh Knights صخي الديج / زهير 1983-02-23 The first Gulf economic play centered on an issue that affected members of Kuwaiti society, which sparked widespread controversy between Kuwaiti socie…
رحلة الى المجهول 1982-01-01
The Joy of a Nation صالح 1984-02-25 A Kuwaiti social comedy play presented to the leaders of the Gulf states at the Gulf Summit in 1985, which was written by Abdul-Hussein Abdul-Ridha, a…
قاصد خير عواد 1993-01-01


Movie Name Job Release Date Overview
داوود شو Writer 1996-07-19

Credit: TMDB

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