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Dina Trianti

Dina Trianti Biography / Wiki

Name Dina Trianti
Also Know Ντίνα Τριάντη, Ntina Trianti
Gender Female
Known For Acting
Place of Birth Nea Ionia, Attiki, Greece
Date of Birth 1940-01-01
Age(as in 2022) 82

Dina Trianti Acting Movies

Movie Name Character Release Date Overview
Αμαρτωλά χέρια Αλίκη 1963-01-01
Μας κλέψανε τη Γκόλφω Golfo 1961-01-01
Διαμάντω Diamanto 1961-01-01
A Bouzouki Different from the Others Asimo 1970-01-01 Kostas Karavedouras is the conductor of the municipal orchestra in a small town in the country, when he decides to leave for Athens to become a great …
Ο Τρελλάρας Marina 1963-01-01 An avid fan of football and fan of Panathinaikos falls for the daughter a fan of Olympiakos. The effort to reconcile with the father of the girl, and …
Ο Μαχαραγιάς 1968-01-01
Η Στοργή Liza 1965-01-01
Ο ναύτης του Αιγαίου Rea 1968-01-01
Τύφλα να ‘χει ο Μάρλον Μπράντο Elli Papakostopoulou 1963-11-28 An ordinary clerk decides to spend a few days vacationing in a hotel, but when he goes there, his life takes an unexpected turn. Everyone mistakes him…
Cruise to Rhodes Vivi 1960-01-01 Peter has lost all his property without getting frustrated now. Along with Takis installed in a large hotel of Rhodes and represents the great entrepr…
Σχολή για Σωφερίνες Mirka Pavlidou 1964-01-01 Babis and Dinos have a driving school in partnership with several customers. And while fetching Dinos manages to combine a joy of life with his conque…
Ο Τσαχπίνης Xrisa 1968-11-17 Although a gas station employee, a young man has a great idea about himself and chases brides with a great dowry, ignoring his neighbor who loves him….
Τι Κάνει Ο Άνθρωπος Για Να Ζήση Sofia Perperi 1970-01-01 Leandros is a night club owner who is trying to avoid imprisonment by searching for money to pay the insurance contributions. Along with his debts, he…
Γιατί μ’ εγκατέλειψες 1965-01-01
Οι εκδικηταί Krinio 1966-01-01
Ο μόδιστρος 1967-01-01 An anthology series…
Γαβριέλα η αμαρτωλή της Αθήνας 1966-01-01
Τρεις Κούκλες κι εγώ Marina 1960-10-10
Ο Αδελφός μου… ο Τροχονόμος 1963-05-04
Αιχμάλωτοι του πεπρωμένου 1966-04-15
Mr. Wing Commander Dimitroula Striggari 1963-02-20 Sotiris, the president of Ano Latini, goes to Athens to get information about the project of expropriation for the construction of a military airport …
Ο διάβολος και η ουρά του Aliki 1962-07-11
Λύγκος ο λεβέντης Mario 1959-01-01
Καρδιά που λύγισε από τον πόνο 1968-01-01
Casanova Julia 1963-01-01 George Chatzigeorgoulas, sentenced to ten months in prison, the jailer tells of how he was in close. Reading Farsala a book about Casanova decided to …
The River 1960-06-24 This films tells four different stories, all connected by the banks of a river….
Πράκτορες 005 Εναντίον Χρυσοπόδαρου Fofo 1965-01-01
Το συρτάκι της αμαρτίας Sofia 1966-01-01 Greek melodrama about a woman shunned by her family….
Ο Χρυσός και ο Τενεκές Pitsa 1962-01-01
Αλλού τα κακαρίσματα… Nelli 1960-01-01
Ο χαζομπαμπάς Maria 1967-12-01 A married couple is having a son and they do everything to raise it right….
World Gone Mad Litsa 1963-06-18 This classic Greek comedy revolves around the constant fights between Zikos who works as a clerk at a small grocer’s shop and the shop’s owner. Zikos …
Πονηρός πράκτωρ Καραγκιόζης Zahre 1966-01-01
Stournara 288 Fofi Asimomyti 1959-01-19 Through the narration of a tenant of a block of flats on 288 Stournara street, we watch the everyday stories of people living in the city, their probl…
A Pitiful Don Juan Laoura 1960-01-01 A wealthy man is responsible for his friend’s daughter, who has come to Athens to study. The girl messes up his life and soon falls in love with him…
Τον βρήκαμε τον Παναή 1963-01-01
Ανθισμένη Αμυγδαλιά Anna 1959-01-01
Αγάπη γραμμένη με αίμα 1962-01-01
Τα μαναβάκια 1957-01-01
Ο διαιτητής 1963-01-01

Credit: TMDB

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