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Edwin Max Eduard Jürgensen (24 May 1898 – 1 April 1947) was a German actor. He appeared in more than forty films from 1930 to 1944.

Edwin Jürgensen

Edwin Jürgensen Biography / Wiki

Name Edwin Jürgensen
Also Know Edwin Jürgenssen, Edwin Max Eduard Jürgensen
Gender Male
Known For Acting
Place of Birth Cologne, Germany
Date of Birth 1898-05-24
Age(as in 2022) 48
Deathday 1947-04-01

Edwin Jürgensen Acting Movies

Movie Name Character Release Date Overview
To New Shores Gouveneur Jones 1937-08-30 London 1846. Singer Gloria Vane has a resounding success at the Adelphi Theater. While she throws a brilliant party…
The Unknown Ministerialrat van Altendorf 1936-11-12 The body of an unknown beautiful woman is fished out of the river and leaves the policemen wondering what drove the girl to such a grisly fate. The fi…
Sherlock Holmes: The Grey Lady J.V. Barnov 1937-02-26 Jimmy Ward infiltrates a criminal gang, only to reveal at the last moment that he is, in fact, none other than an undercover Sherlock Holmes….
So Ended a Great Love Talleyrand 1934-10-17 The political advisor to the French emperor Napoleon, and the Austrian emperor Franz I, arrange a marriage between Napoleon and the Austrian archduche…
The Gypsy Baron Homonay 1935-04-16
Prince Woronzeff Der Untersuchungsrichter 1934-10-01 Baron Franz von Naydek is constantly being mistaken for Prince Woronzeff, since both look identical. One day, Woronzeff decides that this similarity …
Liebe geht seltsame Wege Polizeipräfekt Montefranca 1937-03-10
Andalusische Nächte Major 1938-07-04
Das Hochzeitshotel Berendt, Juwelier 1944-12-12
La Habanera 1937-12-18 Astrée and her aunt from Sweden are vacationing in Puerto Rico. Astrée is enchanted by the local habanera musicas well as by Don Pedro de Avila, a …
Ride to Freedom Fürst Tschernikoff 1937-01-14
Dreizehn Mann und eine Kanone 1938-12-22
A Girl You Don’t Forget Sekretär Ewald 1933-01-20 A GIRL YOU DON’T FORGET can be thought of as a backstage musical that treats the whole world as backstage. Melodies seem to be buzzing through the air…
Hahn im Korb Direktor Flügel 1937-12-21 a movie by Heinz Paul…
The Burning Secret 1933-03-20 One autumn, Edgar, a 12 year old boy, spends a holiday with his mother at a plush hotel in Switzerland. His father, a busy lawyer, remains at the fami…
Marriage with Limited Liability Kabarettdirektor 1931-12-31 Though “blessed” with a complex title, which translates as Marriage with Limited Liability, this German comedy was adapted from the more simply titled…
Das Schloß in Flandern Sir Ramsey 1936-08-13
The Court Concert Theaterintendant 1936-12-18 Before he became cult director Douglas Sirk, Detlef Sierck cut his teeth on such lavish European star vehicles as Das Hofkonzert (The Court Concert). …
Mazurka 1935-11-14 A woman is put on trial for murdering a dancer who ruined her marriage….
The Man Who Was Sherlock Holmes Staatsanwalt 1937-07-14 Two out-of-work private detectives disguise themselves as Holmes and Watson to gain attention and end up chasing counterfeiters and stolen stamps….
The Postmaster 1940-04-23 When two Russian captains of cavalry came to a German post station one of them recalls what happened long time ago. He begins to tell the story: Ten y…

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