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Ernst Stahl-Nachbaur

Ernst Stahl-Nachbaur Biography / Wiki

NameErnst Stahl-Nachbaur
Also Know
Known ForActing
Place of BirthMünchen, Germany
Date of Birth1886-03-06
Age(as in 2022)74

Ernst Stahl-Nachbaur Acting Movies

Movie NameCharacterRelease DateOverview
Kolibri – Eine MagazingeschichteJonathan Hyde1956-04-23
König NicoloKing Nicolo1919-10-01King Nicolo through hit egoism and slackness has lost his fame and power is now deposed, completely alone and walks through his former empire, unrecog…
Zwangsliebe im Freistaat1919-01-01
BoycottGeneraldirektor Haller1930-12-14A film about the pupils of a posh Berlin gymnasium in their final term, and their class teacher teaching them about humanism and tolerance, a lesson t…
The Shot in the Talker StudioHolzknecht, Kriminalrat1930-07-24During the shooting of a jealousy scene on a soundstage, one actress is murdered. Due to the fact that the male star of the movie had a relation with …
Abenteuer eines jungen Herrn in PolenOberst von Keller1934-10-03
Der Anwalt des HerzensJames Rigdon1927-11-07
Die Republik der BackfischeJohn Enders1928-10-14
Stud. chem. Helene WillfüerProfesssor Ambrosius1931-04-12
Skandal in Baden-BadenJohn Leeds1929-01-18
Kolonne XKriminalkommissar Weigert1929-08-07
Eugen OneginPrince Gremin1919-04-01
Woman in the Jungle1931-01-08
Ein Burschenlied aus HeidelbergRobert Dahlberg1930-08-27
Der DraufgängerGeorge Brown alias McBorn, Gangster1931-11-26
GefährtinProf. Werkmann1954-07-05
Dangers of the EngagementMcClure1930-02-21A man unknowingly falls madly in love with the fiancé of a close friend who has twice saved his life….
Maria Pawlowna1919-08-14
A Man’s Girlhood1919-10-03A Man’s Girlhood examines in comic form the conundrums of hermaphrodism. Depicts the memories of the author, published in 1907 as an anonymous biograp…
Der Bund der Drei1929-12-12
Moderne Ehen1924-12-10
Old HeidelbergFürst von Sachsen-Karlsburg1959-12-21
SchinderhannesKaspar Bückler1957-01-13
GlückspilzeDr. Kahn1935-01-04The holidays are over and the students of the Schiller high school in Baldenburg. The new term will wake up with the chorale , my heart, and sing befo…
Encounter in SingaporeSir Charles Elsworthy1958-11-16
Der verführte Heilige1919-01-01a slient movie by Robert Wiene…
Panic in the House of ArdonWelteroberer1920-10-04A silent movie by Rober Wiene….
MutterliebeErich Vogt1929-08-19
White MajestyDer Verteidiger1933-12-27Directed by August Kern & Anton Kutter…
Vom Täter fehlt jede SpurKriminalkommissar Dr. Bernburg1929-02-28
PogromKrassowsky, chief of the Kiev secret police1919-08-02
Die Amazone1921-04-08
Der Treubruch1918-01-04
Hasenklein kann nichts dafürJänicke – Generaldirektor1932-05-08
The Great SacrificeSanitätsrat Terboven1944-12-08Äls, a young woman from Sweden living in Hamburg in the summer months attracts a newly married explorer, Albrecht Froben who has just returned to his…
Der Teufelsbruder (Fra Diavolo)1931-03-17A sympathetic bandit chief supports the cause of freedom in Naples against the Bourbon King Ferdinand….
Das Geschlecht der Schelme. 1. Teil1917-01-01
DantonMalesherbes, Verteidiger von König Ludwig XVI.1931-01-21This pre-WW II German costume drama chronicles the French Revolution with a particular focus upon Danton, Robespierre, and Marat. It depicts the drama…
Der Prozeß Mary DuganRichter Nash1956-05-12
Johannes Goth1920-05-07
Die Männer um LuciePrunier1931-11-06
Flucht vor BlondKriminalkommissar1928-11-22
Mylord weiß sich zu helfenSir Henry1958-01-01
Und das am MontagmorgenClinton1957-02-15
Wäsche – Waschen – WohlergehenKaufmann1932-01-24
The Heart of a Queen1940-11-01As the title “The Queen’s Heart” suggests, this early German black and white version of Mary Queen of Scott’s eventful reign and death focuses on her …
Ave MariaJustizrat Dr. Rieser1953-09-07Karin Twerdy used to be an opera singer but now, in order to pay for her daughter Daniela’s education in a religious school, she performs in a shady n…
Dreaming LipsPolizist1932-09-12The young Gaby is happily married to the musician Peter but cannot ignore the impression that his friend Michael, a violin virtuoso, makes on her. Eve…
Nackt, wie Gott sie schuf1958-11-27
Streit um den Knaben JoFrauenarzt Prof. Desmartin1939-09-22
Der OchsenkriegHeinrich von Burghausen1943-01-16
Eine Frau genügt nicht?Dr. Dickreiter1955-08-07
Alles für GeldDirektor der Goliath-Werke1923-11-04Rupp (Jannings) is a former butcher, made rich in the meat packing industry as a result of the reversal of fortunes brought on by WWI. He is crude, un…
Rittmeister Wronskideutscher Abwehrgeneral1954-10-11A Polish officer works undercover in 1930s Berlin to discover Nazi Germany’s plans against his homeland….
StresemannStresemann’s Doctor1957-01-11
The Plot to Assassinate HitlerFeldmarschall, Oberbefehlshaber einer Heeresgruppe1955-06-21A disillusioned Wehrmacht officer named Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg and his co-conspirators attempt to assassinate Adolf Hitler on 20 July 1944….
Chased by the Devil1950-10-23A doctor discovers a new medical cure with dangerous side effects, and takes the drug himself to test its limitations….
The Confession of Ina Kahr1954-11-12Told in flashback, the film recounts the events leading up to the killing of good-for-nothing Curt Jurgens. Warned by her friends and relatives that J…
The Murderers Are Among UsArzt1946-10-15After returning from a concentration camp, Susanne finds an ex-soldier living in her apartment. Together the two try to move past their experiences du…
The Alley Cat1929-03-21“The Alley Cat” – A man who thinks he killed a millionaire is cared for by a Cockney girl and becomes a composer….
MPolice Chief1931-05-11In this classic German thriller, Hans Beckert, a serial killer who preys on children, becomes the focus of a massive Berlin police manhunt. Beckert’s …
The Congress DancesNapoleon1931-09-29Vienna glove-sales-lady Christel falls in love with Russian Czar Alexander. Austrian Prince Metternich tries to use this and other pleasant diversion…
Spy for GermanyAtomprofessor1956-12-04The true story of a German agent sent to the USA in 1944 in order to stop the development of the atomic bomb….
Rittmeister WronskiEin deutscher Abwehrgeneral1954-10-11A Polish officer works undercover in 1930s Berlin to discover Nazi Germany’s plans against his homeland….
Der Schinderhannes1958-12-17

Ernst Stahl-Nachbaur Directing Movies

Movie NameJobRelease DateOverview
Der siebente TagDirector1920-10-08

Credit: TMDB

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