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Velecký was a very particular figure of Slovak acting, being antipode to venerated mainstream showbiz celebrities. Although he had never received any formal training in acting, he managed to earn great respect of both filmmakers and audience members.

He performed in some 50 Slovak, Czech, German, Hungarian and UK/US movies, but he will be most remembered for portraying the lead character of Mikoláš in the Czech movie Marketa Lazarová.

Velecký was born 8 March 1934 in Zvolen. He originally studied civil engineering and worked as a designer for few years. However, since his early age he was attracted by the world of cinema and finally in his 30s managed to get his first major roles.

Practically at the beginning of his acting career, after a few minor films including Každý týždeň sedem dní (1964) and Nylonový mesiac (1965), he received the role of his lifetime in Marketa Lazarová (1966). This experience deeply influenced the rest of his life.

In interviews, he described with gratitude how the director František Vláčil completely changed his way of seeing the world during the long production of this movie.

Despite the impact the role had on the film (widely considered the best Czech cinema) and on his life, Velecký would probably be more recognized by Western audiences for his appearances in The Brothers Grimm (released 2005) and the Academy Award-nominated Želary (2003).

For most of his career, Velecký was free of any theatre company ties except being briefly associated with the Theatre of Spišká Nová Ves in the 1980s.

During his professional career, Velecký was not limited to acting. He was assistant director to Juraj Jakubisko on the film Zbehovia a pútnici (1968) and he applied his talent in fine arts during the 1990s.

Velecký died of cancer 5 October 2003 in Bratislava.

František Velecký

František Velecký Biography / Wiki

Name František Velecký
Also Know Fero Velecký, Fero Velecky
Gender Male
Known For Acting
Place of Birth Zvolen, Slovakia
Date of Birth 1934-03-08
Age(as in 2022) 69
Deathday 2003-10-05

František Velecký Acting Movies

Movie Name Character Release Date Overview
Marketa Lazarová Mikoláš 1967-11-24 Mikolás and his brother Adam end up with a young German hostage of noble blood during a robbery. While their clan prepares for the wrath of the Germa…
Palm Sunday Simon 1969-12-11 Epic recalling the early days of the Republic of the councils….
Sweet Games of Late Summer Rotschild 1970-07-21 Impressionistic film based on a Maupassant story about five friends who fall in love with the same beautiful girl one summer….
Stopy na Sitne Jožo Truska 1969-01-30
Nylon Moon Andrej Bardoň 1966-02-11
Noc s mačkou 1970-09-04
Prince Bajaja Black Prince 1971-12-17 The hero of this popular fairy tale is a young prince who, after the death of his parents, goes out into the world. During his travels he meets a magi…
Love Petr Brukner 1973-09-21 Sixteen-year-old students of a grammar school are supposed to write essays on “Love”. The class best student Andrea (Jaroslava Schallerová) writes ab…
Every Week Seven Days Andrej 1964-08-28 The film could have been a lyrical evocation of the ÄŒSSR’s first generation: the youngsters born during the war, who grew up in a state violently at …
Sentiment 2003-11-06 Sentiment is Tomáš Hejtmánek’s intimate documentary portrait of the great Czech director FrantiÅ¡ek Vláčil. The film was inspired by encounters w…
Na konci diaľnice 1982-01-01
Noc labutí 1972-01-06
Unruly Heyducks 1974-12-21 This film, set at the beginning of the 17th century, is the first East-European “Eastern”. Bocskai István orders the free Heyducks to shepherd a huge…
The Water of Life ÄŒiernobradý 1987-09-30 A king was dying. An old man told his sons that only the water of life would save him….
Sons of Fire 1973-01-01 This poetic film presents the ballad of the boys who turned into stags, by the associative means of music, painting and folk art. At the same time it …
Slečna Dušehojivá 2000-01-01
Prípad pre obhajcu 1964-12-25
Die gestohlene Schlacht de la Motte 1972-07-01
Zločin v Modré hvězdě 1974-02-22
Smrť chodí po horách 1979-01-01
Another Love Gambler 1985-01-01 A story of a young student of medicine, who arrives in a small mountain village after being accused for carrying out illegal abortion. The film reflec…
Å aty 1972-01-01
Zlý žart 1993-01-01
The Brothers Grimm Old Crone 2005-08-26 Folklore collectors and con artists, Jake and Will Grimm, travel from village to village pretending to protect townsfolk from enchanted creatures and …
Prague Nights (segment “Otrávená travička”) 1969-06-06 Prague – mystical city. It was here in the Middle Ages, alchemists and magicians gathered. Rumor has it that the house of Prague hide secret obtain th…
Niet inej cesty 1968-09-20

František Velecký Directing Movies

Movie Name Job Release Date Overview
The Deserter and the Nomads First Assistant Director 1968-12-06 An apocalyptic story of three wars in three film tales encompassing the end of the WWI,WWII, as well as a vision of the world destroyed by nuclear wea…

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