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Gianni Bonagura

Gianni Bonagura Biography / Wiki

Name Gianni Bonagura
Also Know Джанни Бонагура, Gianfelice Bonagura
Gender Male
Known For Acting
Place of Birth Milano, Lombardia, Italy
Date of Birth 1925-10-27
Age(as in 2022) 91
Deathday 2017-10-08

Gianni Bonagura Acting Movies

Movie Name Character Release Date Overview
I 7 Re di Roma Giano 1989-01-01
The Hotshots Pifarelli 1968-03-01 A story about inventor who invented a cool bike and goes on racing competition but has a lot of problems on his way….
Special Features: Handsome professore 1983-12-22 Forty-something Mattia has every woman in town lusting after him. But every time a woman wants to get hitched, he drags out his ‘daughter’ (actually t…
Mia moglie è una bestia il paleontologo 1988-02-09
A porte chiuse avvocato difensore 1961-03-22 The movie is about the celebrated trial of Olga Duvovich, very beautiful woman accused of killing her husband, a wealthy financier….
I Am an ESP De Angelis 1985-12-24 Roberto Razzi, skeptical and convinced atheist, is the conductor of the Futuro program, in which he unmasks the most common tricks and deceptions that…
La Tosca Sciarrone 1973-03-23 To the St. Andrew’s Church in Rome comes a fugitive – Cesare Angelotti, former consul, who was sentenced to death for taking a part in a conspiracy ag…
My Darling Slave Balzarini 1973-10-04 Demetrio Cultrera, is a young rich car dealership Sicilian bachelor who becomes engaged to the beautiful and rich Rosalba Giordano.
After their weddi…
Carmela is a doll The Prosecutor 1958-01-01 Carmela defies her father who wants her to marry Baron Prospero and sleepwalks every night to Toto’s room….
The Great Kidnapping Zenoni 1973-11-16 In early seventies Italy, plagued by criminality and political terrorism, a fearless police commissioner is sent to restore law and order in a norther…
L’impiegato Pippetto 1960-01-20 Nando is dissatisfied with his repetitive and mortifying work. He manages to escape from daily mediocrity only at night, when he enters his fantasy wo…
Le pillole di Ercole A doctor at the gerontology congress 1960-09-10 A doctor unwittingly drinks an aphrodisiac fluid and thus has relationships with an acquaintance’s wife….
Tutto Totò – Totò Ye Ye Paolo il poeta 1967-05-31
Tre colonne in cronaca Petroni, il presidente del giornale 1990-03-09 A Roman newspaper, directed by Landolfi (Volonte) comes up against the ambitions of Mr Spano and a financier Lombard, this Leporino (Ackland). The ide…
In nome del popolo sovrano Pio IX 1990-12-21 1849 – Ciceruacchio declares the Independent Republic of Rome, but the French and the Austrians try to bring back the Pope to Rome….
Fiasco in Milan Amedeo 1959-12-19 The usual gang of robbers in engaged by a thief from Milan to steal a suitcase full of money, but troubles will menace the success of the operation….
Che notte, ragazzi! 1966-09-30 Lawyer Tony Green has to pay a two-million-dollar check as compensation to the widow of a wealthy businessman who died as a result of an explosion on …
Night Is Made for Stealing Notaio Jacques Gaspard 1967-09-01
Il Figlioccio del padrino RAI-TV General Manager 1973-02-01 A mafioso falls in love with his boss’s daughter. Since the girl has already been widowed four times her father takes good care that this does not hap…
Prestazione straordinaria Mercantoni 1994-11-04 A white-collar worker finds himself in the crosshairs of his attractive female boss….
Pinocchio Omino del carro (voce) 1972-12-20 The film was directed by Giuliano Cenci with assistance from his brother Renzo. During production, Carlo Collodis grandchildren Mario and Antonio Lore…
The Passionate Thief 1960-10-12 On New Year’s Eve, a young woman and an out-of-work actor complicate a pickpocket’s plans to ply his trade….
Money 1965-11-25 Episodic comedy about the corrupting influence of money….
Why Avvocato Sallustio Giordana 1971-10-27 Giuseppe Di Noi, an Italian surveyor living in Switzerland, gets arrested at the border while going back to Italy with his family for a vacation. But …
Female Three Times Cesare, il sindicalista 1957-10-25 The Russian women’s basketball team faces to the American team for the championship of the world, in Rome. Upon arriving at the ‘Eternal City’, the Ru…
The Masseuses Cerrocchi 1962-09-20 Two industry managers from Milan are in Rome to get the contract to build a YMCA hostel. They get in touch with a masseuses ring and one of the masseu…
Damon and Pythias Phylemon 1962-09-05 Damon is a thief who begins to question his beliefs after he meets Pythias, a liberal Athenian who believes all men are brothers….
Department Store ingegner Gruber 1986-06-06 A series of skits involving customers and store personnel from several departments of the big department store….

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