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Guillermo Rivas Rowlatt (December 25, 1927 – March 19, 2004) was a Mexican character actor known for portraying “El Borras” in the Telesistema Mexicano sitcom Los Beverly de Peralvillo.

Guillermo Rivas

Guillermo Rivas Biography / Wiki

Name Guillermo Rivas
Also Know Guillermo Rivas Rowlatt, El Borras, Guillermo Rivas ‘El Boras’, Guillermo Rivas ‘El Borras’, Guillermo Rivas ‘El Chavo’, Guillermo ‘El Borras’ Rivas
Gender Male
Known For Acting
Place of Birth Ciudad de México, México
Date of Birth 1927-12-25
Age(as in 2022) 76
Deathday 2004-03-19

Guillermo Rivas Acting Movies

Movie Name Character Release Date Overview
Serenata en noche de luna 1967-02-25
Agapito se mete en todo 1988-01-05 Adult daughter has to pose as a man to protect her father’s business concerns….
Fútbol de Alcoba 1988-01-01 A female soccer team has an orgy with a coach and his team….
¡Qué familia tan cotorra! El Borras 1973-02-22
De super macho a super hembra 1989-01-01 Mexican feature film…
El asalto 1965-12-03 Series western: decent guy with young son takes the rap for a bank robbery; justice-dude and sidekick smoke out his accomplices and the mastermind to …
Más vale pájaro en mano Guillermo Rivas ‘El Borras” 1985-01-01
Las caguamas ninja 1991-01-01 A group of workers at a beer factory fight crime together….
Alla en la plaza Garibaldi 1981-11-14 Orphaned child hitchhikes to Mexico City to look for a family member, falls in with gang of juvenile pickpockets….
Para que dure no se apure 1988-01-01 In a bachelor´s department, anything can happen. Have fun getting to know the intimacies of a single frisky. Here the pleasant and exciting surprises…
La criada bien criada 1972-02-02 Saucy-but-naive country girl moves to the big city to look for work….
Amigo 1980-01-31
Emanuelo 1984-09-06
Cinco nacos asaltan Las Vegas El Borras 1987-08-06
Las fabulosas del Reventón 2 1983-05-26 Mexican feature film…
De todas… todas! 1985-11-14
El siete vidas 1980-05-14 Roving gambler teams up with a small-town priest to break the bank at a local casino that’s sucking the townspeople dry….
Hard Breed to Kill Jose 1967-02-23 A band of outlaws appear out of nowhere on a ranchers property and viciously shoot him down. They steal what they can from his ranch and kidnap his wi…
Los gavilanes negros 1966-06-09 Three masked horsemen vs. crooked saloon-owner and his henchdudes….
Los novios 1971-04-29 Near the end of a very long engagement, two lovers break away from each other to cut loose and have one crazy weekend before their wedding….
Persiguelas y… alcanzalas 1969-10-02 After a millionaire playboy is murdered, police enlist a look-alike of the victim to impersonate him in a sting operation….
Motín en la cárcel 1986-01-01
La maldición del oro 1965-11-28 Local rowdies roll a drunk and get away with his life savings. Felipe Reyes El Justiciero rides into town on his faithful sidekick Macario and sets th…
El ojo de vidrio Jerónimo Buenavista (as Guillermo Rivas ‘El Chavo’) 1969-10-23
Vuelve el ojo de vidrio 1970-01-08 Upon hearing the news of Madero’s death, Porfirio Alcalá and his four cousins interrupt their peaceful lives as farmers to again join the Mexican Rev…
Caballo prieto azabache Daniel 1968-02-08 Standing before Pancho Villa’s tomb, horse breeder Jesus harkens back to his youth, when he provided bed and board to a nondescript laborer named Doro…
La mujer de a seis litros 1967-08-30 Anthology movie, three cynical “contes cruels.”…
Las fabulosas del Reventón 1982-01-14
Agente 00 Sexy Roberto Movidas 1968-07-02 The beautiful Agent 00 is sent by the girlfriend of a mafia boss to catch his band of miscreants….
Los mantenidos 1980-10-21 Dying man calls in the three illegitimate sons who never met him to take over the ownership of his nightclub and brothel. Wacky hijinks and boobies….
El Mil Usos II 1984-11-14 Transit must deal with his impulse to leave the country to go to the United States in search of the famous American dream….
El muerto al hoyo… y el vivo también 1990-05-17 Wacky hijinks in a brothel. Union officials misappropriating funds, a customer dying in bed, some foxy grandpas cutting up on a visit to the big city….
Dos camioneros con suerte 1990-01-09 Two truckers find love with the little help of a special cologne!…
A Woman Possessed Inspector 1968-06-20 An evil princess who kills her lovers is condemned by the Inquisition. Four centuries later she returns with the help of a vampire and tries to live f…
Una lección de amor 1956-10-25 An older gentleman takes responsibility for molding a young showgirl’s career; there seems to be a romantic link between them, but she has lots of sid…
Gutierritos Señor director de periódico 1959-09-09 Timid, browbeaten salaryman becomes famous author overnight….
Los hermanos Diablo 1959-11-17 The three Diablo brothers are effete dandies who love chamber music and afternoon tea… but they also love brawling and whoring and all that wild wes…
El alburero 1979-05-28 Triumphs and cock-block episodes in the social life of an obsessive horndog….
La corneta de mi general 1989-12-07
Neutron Traps the Invisible Killers 1965-02-12 Masked hero El enmascarado de oro faces a criminal that turns invisible….
Veinticuatro horas de vida Comandante López 1969-02-13 Two cabdrivers accidentally get caught up in criminal/gang activity….
The Specter’s Road Police Captain 1967-12-28 A group of people, including Capulina and Viruta, head towards the city by train. A heavy storm interrupts their journey and now they must take a haun…
El alazán y el rosillo (as Guillermo Rivas ‘El Borras’) 1966-05-12 Two rival landowners: one is exploiting the local peasantry and dispossessing them of their land, and the other believes in fair play and justice for …
Entrega Inmediata Espía 1963-12-25 Immediate delivery recounts the misadventures of Feliciano Callosum (Cantinflas), a postman who is recruited by the secret counterintelligence service…
Sexo contra sexo 1983-11-24 The engineer José Luis, husband of the fichera and dancer Estrella Raleigh, dies in a plane crash. During the burial, Estrella discovers that her hus…
El Extra Actor, villano escena revolución francesa 1962-10-04 Cantinflas is a man who hangs around the studios and helps anyone who needs his advice while at the same time envisioning his own versions of how cert…
El día del Compadre Don Vicente 1983-03-10
El hijo de Gabino Barrera 1965-12-23 Gabino’s son tries to find out why his father was murdered….
El amor llegó a Jalisco 1963-09-26 A couple of modern city women find love in Jalisco….
Vuelve el Norteño 1964-01-03 Two rival gangs of outlaws are terrorizing a small town; el Comandante and his sidekicks pit them against each other and pick up the pieces….
Lauro Puñales 1969-03-12 One of Zapata’s field marshals runs afoul of dictator Huerta’s stooges in his home town….
The Glories of the Great Púas 1984-03-01 Journalist becomes a member of a boxing champion’s entourage to write a book about the boxer’s career….
¿Dónde quedó la bolita? 1993-04-07 The singing group “Garibaldi” go to Ixtapa….
¡Maten al fugitivo! 1986-01-01
El vergonzoso 1988-11-16 Softcore sex-farce about a guy with a really big lump in his underpants…and all the women who flock to him….

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