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Hans Leibelt

Hans Leibelt Biography / Wiki

NameHans Leibelt
Also Know
Known ForActing
Place of BirthVolkmarsdorf, Germany
Date of Birth1885-03-11
Age(as in 2022)89

Hans Leibelt Acting Movies

Movie NameCharacterRelease DateOverview
Männer vor der EheHeinrich Rothe – Fabriksbesitzer1936-08-13
Herzensfreud – HerzensleidKonsul Verhagen1940-12-20Herzensfreud-Herzensleid (literally translates to “Heartfelt Joy – Heartbreak”), the 1940 Hubert Marischka German family relationship romantic comedy …
Zimmermädchen … Dreimal klingelnOtto Ruhland1934-02-02Film by Heuberger….
Besuch im Karzer1934-11-03
Die Werft zum Grauen HechtWerftbesitzer Liebenow1935-08-21
Unter den Sternen von CapriKapitän Hagedorn1953-11-26
Mordsache HolmKriminalkommissar Engel1938-06-17
Dr. KnockDr. Caramelle1960-07-30
Der Himmel kann warten1962-02-17
Vater sein dagegen sehrPastor Miesbach1957-09-12Margot is looking forward to moving into the old defense tower with her fiancé Lutz, a writer. Then the writer receives the news of his sister’s deat…
Peter Voss, der MillionendiebVan Gelder1946-09-27Adaptation of Seeliger’s novel, starting production in 1943, finished by DEFA studios after the war….
Ein fröhliches HausOnkel Paul Hagedorn1944-11-16
Dein Mund verspricht mir LiebeKommerzienrat Röder1954-03-26
Kinderarzt Dr. EngelTierarzt Dr. Baumbusch1936-12-30
IncognitoSeverins Diener Hannibald Williges1936-07-31The bored heir to a soap factory is able through pure chance to work incognito in the 153rd branch of the business. While doing so, he falls in love w…
FräuleinHermann Schilling1939-07-19Miss Annemarie Tessmer is a clerk in the house of the manufacturer Herman Schilling and she is indispensable. She is exploited by all the family membe…
Heute nacht passiert’sProfessor Meerwald1953-05-20
Zwei alte Damen feuernBürgermeister König1960-05-04
Eine Dummheit macht auch der GescheitesteNil Fedossejitsch Mamajew1959-06-29
Looking for His MurdererAdamowski1931-02-04Robert Siodmak’s second solo directorial effort was the breathless comedy-melodrama Der Mann, Der Seinen Moerder Sucht (Looking For His Murderer) In t…
Hauptsache glücklich!Generaldirektor Arndt1941-04-02
Women Are Better DiplomatsGeheimrat Berger1941-10-31A seductive dancer (Marika Rökk) helps her uncle to fight against the closing of his casino. Through her feminine charm she achieves diplomatic succe…
Der GasmannProminenter Verteidiger1941-08-01A man comes into money unexpectatly. That’s when the trouble starts….
Little Man on TopPetersen1957-02-12His grandpa gives the orphan boy Robbie a foal that they call “little brother”. The boy loves the animal and wants to train it as a racing horse – but…
A Man Wants to Get to GermanyMorron, Manuelas Vermögensverwalter1934-07-25On the eve of the Great War, an expatriate German working in Latin America learns that the Fatherland is in peril, and risks various obstacles to get …
EpilogueCheflektor Kurt E. Beckmann1950-09-28The reporter Peter Zabel stumbles upon the sinking of the luxury yacht Orplid in Hamburg on August 14, 1949. The ship went down with a wedding party r…
Meine Freundin JosefineHerr Bauer1942-11-04
Heiraten verbotenPfarrer Franz Bruckner1957-06-12
Land, das meine Sprache sprichtBuschek1959-01-01
The DivorcéePastor1953-09-16
Ihre große PrüfungDirektor1954-12-20
Viel Lärm um NixiBarkas, Generaldirektor1942-02-19
Unerwartet verschied…Paul1961-04-05
Charming ladySchokoladenkönig Braun1953-12-25
Die Warschauer ZitadelleGeneral Horn1937-01-05Considering Germany’s own treatment of Poland in 1939, it is ironic in the extreme that the 1938 German film Um Freiheit und Liebe (For Freedom and Lo…
Das himmelblaue AbendkleidKurt Haberland1941-01-17
Wo war David Preston?Major Watson1956-09-29
Die Frau ohne VergangenheitKonsul Willmann1939-07-17
Herbert EngelmannJustizrat Raumer1959-10-29
Was tun, Sybille?Professor Fromann1938-07-201938 German film….
Laß die Sonne wieder scheinenDr. Retlinger1955-08-24
Wie werde ich energisch?1933-07-25
Donner, Blitz und SonnenscheinGutsbesitzer Greizinger1936-12-21Relations between Huckebein, a humble tailor, and Greizinger, a wealthy farmer, become strained after Greizinger breaks off the romance between his so…
Love in Stunt FlyingNeville1937-08-09Mabel is a successful pilot who hates sensational media, but falls in love with Jack, a womanizer journalist with conservative views on gender. When t…
RaidHugo Lembke, Kriminalrat1947-05-02Shortages in postwar Berlin have created a blooming black market, and the goods rounded up during a major police raid all seem to come from the same s…
Die schwedische NachtigallTheaterdirektor1941-04-09
Die ZaubergeigeProfessor Becker1944-05-09
Die LügeMartin Altenberger1950-08-10
Marriage in the ShadowsFehrenbach1947-10-03Set during the rise of the Nazi regime, Elisabeth Maurer and Hans Wieland enjoy successful careers as actors in Berlin. Confident in her career, Elisa…
Der höhere BefehlBürgermeister Stappenbeck1935-12-30
Die Sache mit StyxKonsul Sander1942-04-30
Die Nacht mit dem KaiserBürgermeister von Erfurt1936-12-22
Ein HochzeitstraumGraf Morotschin1936-10-07
Der Stammbaum des Dr. PistoriusSchuhbrink, Sanitätsrat1939-12-05
Der kleine GrenzverkehrHerr Dirksen1943-04-22
Ich werde dich auf Händen tragenHans Wiegand1943-10-18
Die AffäreGay1965-10-23
Eine alltägliche GeschichteAnnelieses Vater1948-11-26
Kora TerryBartos – Direktor des Odeon1940-11-27
Der KleinstadtpoetVon Lindau, Landrat1940-12-20
Mädchen im VorzimmerKarl Hartmann1940-05-31
Heidelberger RomanzeWilliam Edwards (1952)1951-12-23The rich and jung American Susanne falls in love with the Student Hans-Joachim. Set in the romantic Heidelberg….
Zwischen den ElternDr. Feldern, Rechtsanwalt1938-03-02
Ein Mädchen aus Paris1954-11-23
They Call It LoveCarlos Schmidt1953-06-08
Miracles Still HappenProf. Nibius1951-09-17
Die Brücke von EstabanPater José1964-10-31
Ich mach Dich glücklichMr. Meinert1949-12-02
The Punch BowlGymnasialdirektor Knauer, genannt Zeus1944-01-28Die Feuerzangenbowle from Director Helmut Weiss is based on the novel by the same name from Heinrich Spoerl and Hans Reimann that has turned into a cu…
The Mysteries of a Hairdresser’s ShopBesitzer1923-12-31The Mysteries of a Hairdresser’s Shop describes the absurd goings-on of a by no means ordinary hair salon, where men with great beards wait in vain …
Der PaukerDirektor Wiesbacher1958-10-03
Goldblondes Mädchen, ich schenk Dir mein HerzOberregisseur1932-08-18
GroßalarmKriminalkommissar Klagemann1938-04-15The newspaper delivery driver Paul falls in love with Lotte, who works in her mother’s kiosk. One day, Paul helps a man in a black Mercedes, who’…
Tanz mit dem KaiserBaron Teuffenbach1941-12-19The young emperor Joseph II of Austria and Hungary is not interested in romance and marriage, and every time his mother makes arrangements for him to …
Carl PetersProf. Karl Engel1941-03-21National-Socialist propaganda film that serves to memorialize one of the early representatives of colonialism: the German philologist Carl Peters. He …
Gewitterflug zu ClaudiaInspector Baeuerle1937-11-25
Das Mädchen von gestern NachtMr. Barrow1938-04-01
Ein Walzer mit DirDirektor Wolter1943-02-12
Geliebter LügnerDirektor Berger1950-01-13
Casanova heiratetHans Brinkmann1940-02-29The actor Ralph Gregor plays “Casanova” on the stage and everyone expects, that he also lives out the role in real life. Johanna Brinkmann, known as “…
Gefährliche GästeDirektor Schleinitz1949-12-25
Somewhere in BerlinHerr Eckmann, artist1946-12-18After WWII, Berlin lies in ruins. For Gustav, Willi and their friends the rubble provides an adventurous, dangerous playground. Especially for Gustav,…
Die törichte JungfrauHerr Leibel1935-02-28
Der Mann, der sich selber suchtMr. Miller1950-08-17
Unter heißem HimmelPolice Inspector1936-12-23
Signal in der NachtSchneblinger1937-09-30
Liebe auf den ersten TonGraf Prillwitz1932-11-17
Ein Fremder kam ins HausDr. Gribble1957-06-26
StradivariProfessor Hoefer1935-08-25
My Niece SuzanneGratin1950-05-04
So ist es – ist es so?Prefetto1960-08-11
Die BeklagteJudge Addison1958-10-11
Du mein stilles TalPriest1955-09-23
The Captain from KöpenickLitfaßsäulen-Mann1931-12-22Based on the true story of a cobbler who bought a second-hand captain’s uniform, assumed command of a troop of guardsmen, declared the town of Köpen…
Heinz im MondProf. Ass1934-09-04
Mädchen mit schwachem GedächtnisMr. Turner1956-06-12Anny arrives in Munich to start a career as an actress, but soon ends up without money and job, sleeping on a park bench. When the police picks her up…
San SalvatoreProf. Weber1956-03-09
The RothschildsKönig Ludwig XVIII.1940-07-17Biopic about the Rothschilds, a Jewish family whose members rose to the top of the European banking community during the Napoleonic era….
Die Herrin vom SölderhofProfessor Hilgen1955-12-30
Fritz und FriederikePräsident Meinhard1952-09-24
DawnBürgermeister von Meerskirchen1933-02-02Released three days after Adolf Hitler became Reichskanzler, it was the first film to have its screening in Nazi Germany. It became a symbol of the ne…
Reise in die VergangenheitDr.Werner Birkner1943-11-05
Die vertagte HochzeitsnachtEmil Dobermann1953-07-01
A Glass of WaterThompson, Butler1960-07-05Intrigue and scheming at the court of Queen Anne of England between liberal Lord Bolingbroke and Lady Churchill, Duchess of Marlborough. German comedy…
Eine Frau ohne BedeutungLord Illingworth sen.1936-10-26Sylvia, the daughter of the pastor Kelvil, is lectrice to Lady Patricia and gets to know the young Lord Harford. They love one another, but their cla…
Die fromme LügeSam Milbrey1938-03-25The stand-alone opera singer Carmen Casini dare not admit to her adult son, the spoiled race car driver Cecil, that she ruined her voice on a stormy d…
Immer nur DuPolizeikommissar1941-08-22The two stars of an upcoming operetta performance quarrel constantly. but they also fall in love with each other….
Der grüne KaiserPicard1939-02-13
The Black SheepJames Conelly1960-12-19Father Brown starts solving crimes, much to the annoyance of his housekeeper, the police and especially his bishop, who is not amused by a priest play…
Meine Freundin BarbaraAndermann sen.1937-12-17
Die Wirtin zum weißen Röss’lDirektor Hartmann1943-04-29
Wie der Hase läuftPastor Piepenbrink1937-05-24
Küssen ist keine Sünd1950-10-26
Die Affäre RoedernHofmarschall1944-07-14
Dahinten in der HeideFreimut1936-11-22
Waltz KingMinister Dönniges1955-10-06
Mein SchulfreundProfessor Strohbach1960-07-21
Die spanische FliegeBreilmann1955-03-01
ArtistenblutSchröder – Portier im ‘Continental’1949-08-26
Der Schritt vom WegeMinisterialrat Wüllersdorf1939-02-09Theodor Fontane’s novel about a young girl who as a teenager marries a stiff bureaucrat, has a love affair out of boredom and loneliness and has to su…
City in the FogDr. Lassens1950-03-03
Tanz auf dem VulkanPrinz Louis Philippe1938-11-30Paris, 1830: Jean-Gaspard Debureau performs on the stage and delights his audience with song, wit and charm. He is, however, very unpopular with Kin…
Rätsel um BeateAugust Deinhard1938-02-04
Das kleine Hofkonzert1949-04-15Shot in 1944, finished and released in 1949….
Ehe für eine NachtHans Hoppe1953-02-18
Der Mann, der sich Abel nannteRichter Byers1966-06-03
Lauter LiebeHerr Haeberling1940-02-16
A Girl You Don’t ForgetHahnen sen.1933-01-20A GIRL YOU DON’T FORGET can be thought of as a backstage musical that treats the whole world as backstage. Melodies seem to be buzzing through the air…
Es wird alles wieder gutRegierungsrat Milbe1957-10-23
Peter Voss, der MillionendiebHans Rottmann1958-10-15
The AmbassadressStaatspräsident1960-09-15
Das Fräulein von BarnhelmGraf Bruchsall1940-10-22
Eine Frau kommt in die TropenKonsul Carsten1938-07-27
Die erste LegionMonsignore Michael Carey1964-08-27
Eine Frau wie DuWachtmeister1939-10-18
Der wahre JakobEduard Struwe1960-08-10
Charley’s AuntNiels Bergström1956-01-19Otto Dernburg is forced by circumstances to dress up as a middle-aged woman….
Max der Taschendieb1962-03-01Max, a small time pick-pocket, has nothing to do with the ‘big’ crimes. But then he must find the murderer of Fred, his wife’s brother….
Gruß und Kuss vom TegernseeMr. Hoover1957-12-19A 1957 German musical comedy heimatfilm….
Everyday’s not SundayDr.Börger1959-08-12While Eva is in the hospital after an accident, her son, Peter, goes in search of his long-missing father. Learning he has died, Peter then prepares h…
Ein Mann geht durch die WandHoltzheimer – der freundliche Bürochef1959-10-14Mr. Buchsbaum, third class taxes employee, lives a peaceful life until the new chief immediately criticizes his work. His only confort is his stamps c…
Und der Himmel lacht dazuGeneral1954-11-23
The 42nd HeavenGerichtspräsident1962-06-05Musical comedy about a marriage registrar….
Schwarzfahrt ins Glück1938-08-07
Der Hauptmann von KöpenickKriminaldirektor1960-12-15
LabyrinthPadre Jeannot1959-09-02Georgia Gale was a great poet, but then she stopped writing and started drinking heavily. Now, as a desperate last resort, she has traveled to Switzer…
Der HaustyrannLandgerichtsrat1959-01-29Cafe owner Paul Perlacher is a real pig: not only are his daughter and sister Trude embarrassed constantly by his disgusting behavior, but his tenants…
Once a Greek1966-09-16An extravagant comedy with Heinz Rühmann….
Der grüne DominoJustizrat Lorenz1935-10-03
The Man Who Sold HimselfBürgermeister1959-03-12Meant to be a diatribe against yellow journalism and current social ills, this weakly limned drama by Josef von Baky features a reporter who works for…
Gassenhauer1931-04-02Film by Lupu Pick….
Aren’t We WonderfulLüttenjens1958-10-28Kurt Hoffmann′s satire concerning Germany′s development during the first half of the 20th century tells the story of two schoolmates – Hans and Br…
Friedrich Schiller – Der Triumph eines GeniesProf. Abel1940-11-13The young Schiller, whose heart and soul are writing and poetry, is forced into the military academy (the pride and joy of the Duke of Württemberg). …
Haus des LebensPortier Kögl1952-09-11
Es geht nicht ohne GiselaBankier Werner1951-09-06
Der Fall DerugaJustizrat Dr. Klemm1938-09-21The physician Dr. Deruga is suspected of having poisoned his wife out of greed. She died after naming Deruga, poor and in debt, the sole heir in her…
Buddenbrooks – 2. TeilDr. Friedrich Grabow1959-11-19Second part of two of the saga of the troubled Buddenbrook family and their business in 19th century Germany….
1-2-3 CoronaZirkusdirektor Barlay1948-09-17Post-war Germany 1945: Two rival gangs of uprooted boys fight each other in the ruins of Berlin, whose business is the black market out of necessity i…
BuddenbrooksDr. Friedrich Grabow1959-11-10First part of two of the saga of the troubled Buddenbrook family and their business in mid 19th century Germany….
Black-White-Red Four PosterPfarrer1962-11-22
Der tolle BombergProf. von Wetzelstien1957-08-20No overview found….
Der falsche Prinz1927-12-01a silent movie by Heinz Paul…
Der alte und der junge KönigKnobelsdorf1935-01-02The story of the stormy relationship between King Friedrich Wilhelm and his son, who later became known as King Frederick the Great of Prussia….

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