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Hans Mierendorff was born on June 30, 1882 in Rostock, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany. He was an actor and producer, known for Der goldene Pol (1918), Der Gast aus der vierten Dimension (1918) and Die Einsame Insel (1920). He was previously married to Antonie Katsch, Hertha Katsch and Gertrud Schmidt. He died on December 26, 1955 in Eutin, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany.

Hans Mierendorff

Hans Mierendorff Biography / Wiki

NameHans Mierendorff
Also Know
Known ForActing
Place of BirthRostock, Germany
Date of BirthJune 30, 1882
Age(as in 2023 Feb)73

Hans Mierendorff Acting Movies

Movie NameCharacterRelease DateOverview
The Devil’s ChurchPfarrer1919-01-01In a prologue and four acts (the prologue and the first act are lost so is necessary to describe what happens with title cards) the film depicts the t…
LiebesreigenPräsident Hessenberg1927-10-03
Staatsanwalt JordanStaatsanwalt Jordan1926-12-02
Aus des Rheinlands SchicksalstagenFranz Großmann – Großindustrieller1926-03-01
Die zweite MutterErnst v. Schönwald1925-12-10
Kinder der Finsternis – 2. Kämpfende WeltenEnrico Flori1922-01-01
Die MotorbrautJohann Amberg1925-01-22Eva, an inventor, nearly runs over Frank, a fugitive, with her car. She decides to give him work instead of turning him in, and together they complete…
Notschrei hinter Gittern1928-06-07
Der Mann, der sich verkauftGroßindustrieller Jan Bracca1925-10-22
Kinder der Finsternis – 1. Der Mann aus NeapelEnrico Fiori1921-12-30
Train Without Eyes1929-02-01
Der Ring des Schicksals1916-01-01
Der gelbe UlsterHarry Higgs1916-10-20
John RoolHarry Higgs1916-09-15
Das Mysterium des Schlosses ClaudenHarry Higgs1917-01-12
Die sterbenden PerlenHarry Higgs1918-01-11
Armored carSam Hamilton1930-01-31An unknown gang has again broken into a van containing money from the European bank. Banker Sam Hamilton decides to use an armoured car for the next m…
The Strange BirdSir Arthur Wolton1911-11-03Vacationing in Germany, May falls for boatman Max. Her father disapproves and during a night of romance between the young couple Max drowns….
Jahrmarkt des Lebens1928-02-16
Der größte Gauner des JahrhundertsAlberto Dorna1928-03-16
Der gute Ruf1926-10-20
O alte Burschenherrlichkeit1925-09-28
Mädchen, die man nicht heiratetEr1924-10-09
Die Nacht ohne MorgenRechtsanwalt Coborn1921-08-18
Hearts Are TrumpsDühringer jr.1920-12-03
Madame Lu, die Frau für diskrete Beratung1929-09-26A pregnant teenage couple consider their options….
The Mistress of the World, Part VIII: The Revenge of Maud FergussonBaron Murphy1920-01-30After the death of Alan Stanley, Maud Fergusson seeks revenge. On her behalf, the detective Hunt begins to investigate and proves that Murphy is respo…
Jugend und TollheitPeter von Prangen1913-01-03Comedy about the lieutenant who marries poor Jesta. As a wealthy neighbor wants his own daughter to wed the officer, Jesta has to disguise herself as …
Hilde Warren and DeathIntendant Hans von Wengraf1917-08-31Hilde Warren, a famous actress, is impregnated by a convicted murderer and becomes plagued by visions of Death. Upon discovering her child is the imag…
The Sea CallsPeters, Kapitän der ‘Carola’1933-02-23The Baltic captain Terje Wiggen works as a pilot on the island of Muhu. When the mate of the ship “Carola” calls in sick, he jumps at the chance o…
Benno Stehkragen1927-01-01
Der Anwalt des HerzensSenator Jensen1927-11-07
HotelrattenMister Bellmann1927-04-13
Der Liebe Lust und Leid1926-01-01
Unser täglich BrotTagger1926-03-29
Das Geheimnis der alten MamsellKonsul van Dekker1925-11-27
The Enchantress1924-12-29
Mensch gegen Mensch1924-12-02
Die SünderinOdettes Vater1928-05-20
The Mistress of the World, Part VII: The Benefactress of MankindBaron Murphy1920-01-23Billionaire Maud Fergusson lives happily with engineer Allan Stanley. Nothing stands in the way of their love wedding – except Maud’s dark past. She h…
Die Eisbraut1913-11-03
A Night of Horror1917-02-09An extremely jealous artist slips into a monkey costume and kills all those men who come too close to his wife, another artist….
Der springende HirschGraf Iwan A. Udaschkow, russ. General1915-09-03a silent movie by Robert Wiene…
Der Demütige und die TänzerinLiesegang1925-04-01Toni wants to become an opera-singer. Her mother was once simple chanteuse. Toni marries the brutal industrialist Liesegang. An Italian doctor falls i…
If I Were KingTorrington1934-01-09
Dich hab’ ich geliebtDirektor Sommer1929-11-30
Mary LouGroßfürst Dimitri1928-09-23
Der fesche Erzherzog1927-01-14
Vater werden ist nicht schwer…Thomas A. Unterberry1926-12-31
Der Trödler von Amsterdam1925-11-09
The Mistress of the World, Part I: The Girlfriend of the Yellow ManDr. Frohner1919-12-05Maud Gregaards travels to China in search of a fabled treasure said to have belonged to the Queen of Sheba. Once there, she is taken captive by an evi…
The Mistress of the World, Part II: The Race for LifeBaron Murphy/Dr. Frohner1919-12-12Maud Gregaards tells her rescuer, the Chinese Dr. Kien-Lung, her life: Her father was an archivist in the Foreign Office who was run by the unscrupulo…
Der weisse Pfau1920-08-12
Das Opfer1918-05-10Maria, an accountant at a factory, falls for Rudolph, who has his eyes set on the factory owner’s daughter….
Ein Gruß aus der Tiefe1915-12-01
Der falsche PrinzWolfs Vater1927-12-01a silent movie by Heinz Paul…
The Virgin of ParisFinanzmagnat1929-12-26
Wrath of the SeasKapitän des “Großherzog”1926-12-01The film portrays the Imperial German Navy during the First World War, particularly the Battle of Jutland and is based on a novel by Helmut Lorenz….
Die Flucht in den Zirkus1926-11-12
Die Verschwörung zu GenuaFiesco1921-02-25
Kinder der Finsternis – 2. Kämpfende Welten1922-01-01
Die Taifunhexe1923-06-05
Rote Mühle1940-01-11
Der mutige SeefahrerJan1935-09-26
Der Hahn im KorbRomberg, Bankier1925-11-12
Soll und HabenT. O. Schröter1924-10-09
U 9 WeddigenFritzs Onkel1927-05-05a silent war movie by Heinz Paul…
Barbarina, the King’s Dancer1932-09-07
The Adventure of Thea Roland1932-12-17
Adventures Inc.Marglin – Chef des Geheimdienstes1929-02-15Based on Agatha Christie’s “The Secret Adversary,” a young couple looking for adventure become involved in the mystery of a missing woman and an espio…
KautschukDer Lordkanzler1938-11-01About how the British broke the Brazilian monopoly on natural rubber. The storyline suggests a complex relation between adventure, military conquest a…
The Fox of GlenarvonVater O’Morrow1940-01-02An English peace judge in an Irish district is married to an Irishwoman. She is a caring patriot. He is heavily indebted by a life of luxury, and does…
Water for CanitogaShatterhand1939-03-10In the spring of 1905, the water conduit project in the Canadian city of Canitoga is set to be completed. For years, the completion had been marred by…
Marriage in Name OnlyGen.-Dir. Niedergesäß1930-11-26a movie by Heinz Paul…
Der große SchattenHieronymus Mildner1942-09-25
Weiße WäscheGastwirt1942-09-22
Jakko1941-11-12In this Nazi propaganda film, a troubled young boy joins the Hitler Naval Youth, where he finds meaning and purpose in his life….
The Mistress of the World, Part IV: King MakombeBaron Murphy/Dr. Frohner1919-12-26Through the plan hidden in Astarte’s jewelry, Maud Gregaards, Kien-Lung and Consul Madsen get on the trail of the Queen of Sheba’s treasure. Their sea…
Das Mädchen JuanitaWetterkopp, Rechtsanwalt1945-03-02
Floh im OhrGastwirt Gustav1943-03-02
U-Boat, Course West!Vater Griesbach1941-05-09This Nazi propaganda film follows the exploits of a German submarine as it prowls the North Atlantic….
Eva and the Grasshopper1927-06-10Mary and Eva are best friends, although they couldn’t be more different. Armand, Mary’s fiancee, falls in love with the seductive Eva, who is busy bec…
The Alley Cat1929-03-21“The Alley Cat” – A man who thinks he killed a millionaire is cared for by a Cockney girl and becomes a composer….
Napoleon Is to Blame for EverythingRevue-Dichter1938-11-29English Lord Arthur Cavershoot is a passionate Napoleon scholar who badly neglects his wife Josephine for his obsession with the French emperor. When …
Queen LouiseKönig Friedrich Wilhelm II.1927-12-22
Zweimal zwei im Himmelbett1937-12-02
Sensationsprozess CasillaRichter Corbett1939-09-21
Rembrandt1942-06-17Already a famous painter, Rembrandt van Rijn is commissioned to paint the Amsterdam Archers’ Guild. But upon completion of the picture, the men of th…
Fridericusvon Treskow – Kammerherr1937-02-08In 18th century Europe, King Friedrich II of Prussia leads his army through the seven-years-war with neighboring states, and after numerous near defea…
The Heart of a Queen1940-11-01As the title “The Queen’s Heart” suggests, this early German black and white version of Mary Queen of Scott’s eventful reign and death focuses on her …

Hans Mierendorff Directing Movies

Movie NameJobRelease DateOverview
The Devil’s ChurchDirector1919-01-01In a prologue and four acts (the prologue and the first act are lost so is necessary to describe what happens with title cards) the film depicts the t…

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