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Hayat Al-Fahad is a Kuwaiti actress, broadcaster, writer and producer best known for her Kuwaiti plays and the pop culture TV shows Khalti Qumasha, Ruqiya wa Sabika, Jarh Al Zaman, ‘ndama Tu’Gany Al Zuhor.

Hayat Al-Fahad

Hayat Al-Fahad Biography / Wiki

NameHayat Al-Fahad
Also Knowحياة الفهد, Hayat Alfahad, Hayat Al Fahad
Known ForActing
Place of BirthKuwait
Date of BirthApril 15, 1948
Age(as in 2023 Feb)75

Hayat Al-Fahad Acting Movies

Movie NameCharacterRelease DateOverview
Najd2019-03-24Najd is in Kuwait telling her daughter what happened to her during her childhood in Saudi Arabia….
The Minister’s wifeحرم سعادة الوزير1979-12-26Her Excellency the Minister wife , a black comedy that reflects aspects of our bitter reality. There is no doubt that the theatrical drama since the f…
Al-Awans1987-06-01Awaniess Play…
Sidra1976-10-20Alsidra Kuwaiti play…
Al-Qarqor1984-06-06The Fish Trap Kuiwit Play…
O people of the East2005-01-01
Enlisted Obaid1992-11-04
شيكات بدون رصيدام فتحي1989-01-01
أرض وقرضقسيمة1987-01-01
سهرة أوراق الخريفامل1987-01-01
1 2 3 4 بمالام العائدة للحياة1973-01-01
The Sword of the Arabsأم عبدالله – سمر الكرخي1992-02-16The play deals in a social comic framework, the period of the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait in 1990, and what was experienced by Kuwaitis and Iraqis alike …
The Cruel SeaMother1972-01-01The first feature film to be made by the state of Kuwait. It is a period piece about Kuwait before the discovery of oil when fishing was the predomina…
Bye Bye Arabأم كلثوم1986-04-29Kuwaiti social theatrics speaks about the life of the Arab citizen and his quest for Arab unity through the personality of (Arabs) who helps (genie Mo…
Khaitan’s Sniper2002-12-17Khaitan Sniper, a comedy play that talks about the bullying of renters and what is happening in the Khaitan area. The play expresses the return of th…
Bachelors Houseأم جاسم1989-10-02
The Rooster is Lostالام1971-01-01
قناص خيطانلجمه2002-01-01
قاصد خيرأم ردح1993-01-01
Tomorrow My Mom Told Me1982-07-09
Silent Sonsأم سعد1975-11-26A Kuwaiti play talks about the life of Kuwaitis in the years of poverty experienced by Kuwaitis before the economic boom in the seventies, and discuss…

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