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Hayato Tani

Hayato Tani Biography / Wiki

NameHayato Tani
Also Know谷隼人
Known ForActing
Place of BirthKirishima, Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan
Date of BirthSeptember 09, 1946
Age(as in 2023 Feb)76

Hayato Tani Acting Movies

Movie NameCharacterRelease DateOverview
The Experience1970-10-06Two boys and two girls become acquainted and fall in love….
Reformatory Buddies1974-03-30Third film in the series….
The Incident at Takanodai1973-07-29
The School Deviate Waru1973-03-31
The Bad Boss1968-05-06The first in what would become Toei’s most successful, longest-running bosozoku film series. It lasted from 1968 till 1972 through sixteen films….
Wolves of the City, Operation “Rat”1969-10-15Tokyo hoodlums travel to Osaka and enter into rivalry with the local gangsters….
Wolf Escort1969-07-31Rivalry between a hoodlum group and gangster organization….
Wolves of the City: Checkmate1970-01-09This is the sixth film in the series. There were seventeen Wolves of the City films between 1968 & 1974, in the main aimed at shock-value & “pinku 
Wolves of the City, Money Hunters1970-04-18The hoodlum group tries to help a little printing factory against gangsters….
Wolves of the City, Take Your Chance1970-08-01The hoodlum group goes to a hot-spring resort town to earn money….
Hooligans on Buggies1970-10-29Rivalry between a hoodlum group and a gangster organization….
A Young Female Instructor1978-04-15A junior high school teacher is raped by several students inside the school….
The Bad Boss 31969-05-06A story of rivalry between two gambling clans….
New Prison Walls of Abashiri: Stray Wolf in Snow1970-12-30
Pretty Devil YokoJiro1966-03-19Easily bored, but still innocent and naive countryside girl (Mako Midori) discovers partying in Tokyo is a ton of fun. Yakuza-to-be (Ichiro Araki) is …
Delinquent Street1972-02-22
Takeshi’s Castle Vol. 12009-11-20Various attacking forces unique to Takeshi’s Castle were organized, aiming for “Defeat! Takeshi’s Castle” There were many battles. This set gathers th…
Nocturnal Lights1966-06-19
Wandering Himeshiro1982-02-12Himeshiro is a wandering yakuza, his father was the best doctor in the eight provinces of the Kanto region, and Himeshiro took over the knowledge of m…
Kekkon Annai Mystery1985-06-15A 19-year-old girl Hiroko Terasawa working in a matching agency promises her client Masakazu Sekine that she’ll pose as his fiancée for a remarkable …
Nagasaki Blues1969-04-19Japanese “kayo” film based on the song by Mina Aoe….
A Story from Abashiri Prison—Duel in Snow StormTany1967-12-23Convict son revenges innocent father’s death….
New Prison Walls of Abashiri: The Vagrant Comes to a Port Town1969-12-27Katsuji takes revenge on evil Tamaru who forcefully took control of the fishery business run by Katsuji’s friend….
Call Girl1982-09-18A High Class Call Girl is revisited by her ex lover who she thought died 5 years prior….
Organized Violence IISugii1967-06-29
Rampaging Dragon of the North1966-10-22The son of a prominent member of a fishing community returns home after a stint with the yakuza to find his father has died under orders of a local ga…
New Prison Walls of Abashiri: Snowbound Deserter1971-12-29
Once and For All1967-05-20Film concerning warring yakuza families….
Delinquent Boss: Wolves of the City1969-01-18Kosaka Hiroshi is a small time swindler and the boss of a motorcycle gang in Shinjuku. Living only to make money, he never made the big time until he…
Port City Blues1969-07-08
The Bad Guy Blues1969-08-27A story about club hostesses in Osaka….
New Prison Walls of Abashiri: Stormy Cape1971-08-13Former inmate Katsuji gets involved in the horse gambling business while lending a helping hand to a ranch operator….
Delinquent Girl Boss: Ballad of Yokohama Hoods1971-03-09The local yakuza gangs dominating the port of Yokohama do not take well the invasion of their territory by a daring biker gang, led by a girl in black…
Abashiri Prison: Duel in the South1966-08-13
Dai san no jôji1965-11-01Pinku from 1965….
Hikari Sentai Maskman: The MovieCommander Sanjuurou Sugata1987-07-18Takeru fights to rescue a mermaid living in an underground pool being used by Igam to cause massive earthquakes to the surface….
Delinquent Girl Boss: Blossoming Night Dreams1970-09-22Rika is released from girls detention school and then winds up at a lounge bar where she finds her other classmates working. This lounge bar is run by…
Empress1983-04-29Nikkatsu Roman Porno….
The Japan Derby Race1970-05-13A story about a man who stakes his life on horse racing….
The Final Gamble1970-01-01
The Young Eagles of the Kamikaze1968-06-01The film is dedicated to the souls of flight school graduates killed in World War II. Young boys dream about becoming pilots and apply to flight schoo…
The Bullet and the Horse1966-04-23A number of recently released prisoners become involved in a racket with a rancher who is a rival to a neighboring landowner and wants to use the conv…
Once and For All Pt.ï¼’1968-03-30Continuation of the film Once and For All about two yakuza brothers Joji and Goro….
Wild SpiritSeijurô1967-01-14It has been 5 years since Eijiro Kikukawa of the Asakusa Kaminarimon family killed the head of the Suzaki family. Finally he gets out of prison and co…
Only on Mondays1964-03-04Yuka is a “good-time girl” from Yokohama who is persuaded by her papa to sleep with a foreign business executive so that he can close an important…
The School of Chaos1976-09-15Based on the comic by Tetsu Kariya….
Love Lost in Tears1973-08-11Japanese “kayo” film based on the song by “Namida koi” by Aki Yashiro….
The TransgressorKenta Aoki1974-02-1618 years after the mysterious death of her mother, Maya takes religious vows to find out what terrible things happened to her mother inside the Sacred…
Black Sun1964-04-24Akira, a young, jazz-obsessed drifter, returns to his squat, a ruined church, and finds Gill, a wounded African-American GI, on the run after the deat…

Hayato Tani Directing Movies

Movie NameJobRelease DateOverview
Takeshi’s Castle Vol. 1Director2009-11-20Various attacking forces unique to Takeshi’s Castle were organized, aiming for “Defeat! Takeshi’s Castle” There were many battles. This set gathers th…

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