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Henryk BÄ…k

Henryk BÄ…k Biography / Wiki

Name Henryk BÄ…k
Also Know Хенрик Бак, Хенрик Банк, Хенрик Бонк
Gender Male
Known For Acting
Place of Birth Krasnystaw, Poland
Date of Birth 1923-01-02
Age(as in 2022) 99

Henryk BÄ…k Acting Movies

Movie Name Character Release Date Overview
April Col. Czapran 1961-11-08 Set at the end of the war. A hot-headed colonel tries to force his men on to heroics although the war is almost over. A war-weary lieutenant tries to …
Return Ticket Józef 1979-01-15 Drama directed by Ewa Petelska and Czeslaw Petelski….
Shoot Paragon! 1970-03-20 A funny story about a young soccer player nicknamed Paragon….
Zacne grzechy ojciec Makary 1963-11-22
Nuremberg Epilogue 1971-05-07 Reproduction of the Nuremberg trials using transcripts, made for Polish TV….
Hazardziści Mechanik samochodowy Tadeusz Karasiński, uczestnik napadu 1975-01-01
Kontrybucja 1967-04-07
Far Is the Road 1963-06-10 After WWII a soldier returns to his Polish homeland from Scotland….
Strach 1975-06-24
Time Past 1961-04-11 Fram is in a German POW camp where brutal, cold-hearted Gestapo officers like Weber or Von Steinhagen terrorize and execute their Polish prisoners. On…
Wystrzał 1966-04-18
Kaprysy Łazarza 1973-10-17
Szarada 1977-10-24
Leprosy Sitko 1971-12-02 When Stanislaw Czermien is wrongfully accused of rape and murder, he decides to exonerate himself and track down the real perpetrator. He suspects him…
Doctor Judym WÄ™glichowski 1975-10-20 A young doctor from the lower classes is helped in his career by a rich woman. When he comes back from study in Paris he takes a job at a watering spa…
Obok prawdy mecenas Tokarski, adwokat Łopota 1965-03-19 After a disaster in the mine, Łopot, a technician, protects the perpetrator. He soon faces a moral dilemma….
Cooked Doves Ziarnicki, sekretarz POP w Przedsiębiorstwie Wodociągów Miejskich 1966-05-12
Back to Life Again 1965-03-12 Three idealists – a communist secretary, a former RAF pilot and a female political activist – need to face the hardships and accusations of postwar St…
The Nest Boleslaw I Okrutny, Dubrawa’s father 1974-07-17 Told in flashback as Mieszko lies feverish in his bed just before the Battle of Cedynia, Gniazdo recounts how the revered leader extended Poland’s bor…
Rok pierwszy Tatarczuk 1960-09-22 1944. Communist militiaman take a post in a little town in the east of Poland. He has to stand against his own men that are not happy with new authori…
Golem Magazynier w areszcie Å›ledczym 1980-03-18 The film is set in a terrorizing world of the future, where technology commands the movements of individuals, supervised by the doctors, carrying out …
BolesÅ‚aw ÅšmiaÅ‚y 1972-10-06 Portrays the power struggle between the king of Poland, BolesÅ‚aw the Bold, and the Bishop of Kraków, StanisÅ‚aw Szczepanowski….
Rendes-Vous with a Spy major 1964-07-10 A thriller about Polish Intelligence Service working on detecting a net of foreign spies….
The Neighbours The General 1969-09-03 A day before the beginning of the Second World War, a young resident of Bydgoszcz falls in love with a German teenager….
Orzel bosman Leon Wiktorczyk 1959-02-07 Based on a true story of Polish submarine “Orzel” (The Eagle): September 1939, “Orzel” is coming to Estonian neutral harbor in Tallin. Under pressure …
Barrier lekarz agitujÄ…cy na rzecz krwiodawstwa 1966-11-18 A dream-like meditation on post-industrial life in Communist Poland….
Silent Traces Mjr. Zimny 1961-09-19 Poland in 1946. A gang of ‘Thunder’ is committing violent robberies and murders and terrorizes the population of a large territory, consistently movin…
Bad Luck Dyrektor 1960-04-04 The story is an odyssey of a little man through Poland of 1930 to 1950. It shows his attempts to cope with a changing world which seems to have no pla…
Glass Mountain kelner w restauracji 1960-12-23 A quarry worker falls in love with a practicing doctor….
The End of the Holiday Sekretarz partii w kopalni 1975-03-31 A coming of end story about fourteen years old Yurek, his adventures during the vacations and his first love….
Eroica Lt. Krygier 1958-01-04 Two sketches covering episodes from the World War II. In the first novel, “Scherzo alla polacca”, a shrewd son, trying to preserve his skin, ultimatel…
W te dni przedwiosenne generał 1975-10-10
Podhale w ogniu 1956-01-25
Pierwsze dni Zabrzycki, Plewa’s assistant in the exchange office, member of the gang 1952-03-04
Kazimierz Wielki Nuncjusz papieski, przewodniczÄ…cy sÄ…du 1975-01-01
Jarosław Dąbrowski 1976-01-26
Zamach stanu obrońca w procesie brzeskim 1981-04-06

Credit: TMDB

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