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Henryk Talar

Henryk Talar Biography / Wiki

Name Henryk Talar
Also Know
Gender Male
Known For Acting
Place of Birth Kozy, Slaskie, Poland
Date of Birth 1945-06-25
Age(as in 2022) 77

Henryk Talar Acting Movies

Movie Name Character Release Date Overview
Who Is That Man? Captain Adam Iwinski 1985-09-04 The story is set in 1939. A military officer is stripped of his rank for his apparent collaboration with a counter-espionage agent while on a mission …
Far from the Other Police Investigator 1995-01-01
Umarli rzucajÄ… cieÅ„ “MaÅ‚y” 1979-09-06 Sensational psychological drama, concerning the activities of the People’s Guard in Silesia, presents from the human characters and attitudes perspect…
Kameleon Nadkomisarz Adam Szponder 2001-11-30
DÅ‚użnicy Åšmierci KoÅ‚dak 1986-01-20 Poland 1946. Militia looks for commander of anticommunist partisans called Grom (Thunder). It quickly comes out that militiamen have to discover a rat…
Kraj Å›wiata kandydat – organizator Å‚aÅ„cucha 1994-03-24 TV movie directed by Maria Zmarz-Koczanowicz….
Yyyreek!!! Kosmiczna nominacja “Szef” 2002-06-07
State of Fear Henryk MaÅ‚ecki, brat Jana, major SB 1989-08-25 Realistic depiction of the Polish martial law in 1981. John Malecki is a young actor with good career prospects in a Warsaw theater, preparing to play…
Powrót po Å›mierć Jan RumieÅ„ 1987-12-02 The 1930s. An investigetion after founding a dead body on the street of Cracow….
Why? 1996-04-18 A film based on a Tolstoy novel about naïveté, idealism and love facing harsh reality….
Humble Servants Proboszcz Witecki 2016-09-16 A young German girl jumps off a Wroclaw church tower. She is a member of a Women’s Gregorian Choir….
Co dzieÅ„ bliżej nieba Teacher 1984-02-27 After the death of his mother, fifteen-year-old Piotr goes to boarding school. He makes friends with Mirek there….
Little Jacob SÄ…siad babci 2017-04-21 When a troubled boy gets caught hiding in a drab man’s house, he must finally confront the tumultuous experiences that led him to run away….
Palimpsest Komendant 2006-08-18 Marek, the main character of “Palimpsest,” is a police inspector, a man on the verge of psychological disintegration trying to solve an intricate case…
Hel Weiss, szef Piotra 2009-07-30 Piotr (Paweł Królikowski) jest psychiatrą. Siedzi na nocnym dyżurze, gdy na jego oddział przywożą chłopaka. To Kamil (Lesław Żurek), syn ktÅ
Close-Ups profesor 2014-10-24 37-year-old Marta gets married and wants to have a baby. But her toxic relationship with overbearing mother complicates her life in many ways….
Okolice spokojnego morza 1983-02-07 Captain Roman Markowski is a sailor. One day, after returning from the sea, his ex-wife calls him. It turns out that their son has disappeared. It als…
Bołdyn Zybert 1981-01-01
Prymas – trzy lata z tysiÄ…ca BolesÅ‚aw Bierut 2000-09-22 No overview found….
The Loop Father Daniela Åšnieżka 2020-09-04 Based on a true story about a 2nd generation cop who has designs on becoming a detective but his goals descend into bribery, corruption and addiction….
Po wÅ‚asnym pogrzebie obersturmbannfuhrer Knothe 1992-05-13 The film is a continuation of the 1984 film I died to live. Leopold Wójcik, faking his own death, returns to the underground. Unlike the previous par…
Szwedzi w Warszawie Agent szwedzki 1991-01-01
Po upadku dziennikarz Henio 1990-12-07 A story of high-ranking party members from the 1970s embroiled in political deception….
Piggate dziennikarz Art Schummann 1990-03-29 The esteemed transplantologist is the victim of a conspiracy of his colleagues, as a result of which his brain is transplanted into a pig….
Torowisko Lazarek 1999-01-01 Using the backdrop of the banality and ordinariness of everyday life in a small provincial town, the film analyses the relationship between two women …
Wielki wóz Komendant oflagu 1987-01-01
Big Deal KsiÄ…dz 1977-06-13 Pawlak and Kargul – neighbors, frenemies, and grandfathers to Ania- both receive invitation to America from Pawlak’s brother- John. All three of them …
Vera – The Hard Way to Enlightenment 1989-01-29
I Died So I Could Live Knothe 1984-09-08 Warsaw 1941. Gestapo captures a Home Army soldier who knows the code needed to read the list of agents working in Reich. Tortured Wójcik asks the doc…
On the Silver Globe 1988-10-09 A small group of cosmic explorers, including a woman, leaves Earth to start a new civilization. They do not realize that within themselves they carry …
Zátah 1986-01-01
Trick poseÅ‚ Jan Szewczyk 2010-02-12 Kidnappers demand six million in ransom, but the United Nations does not negotiate with terrorist. One of the best counterfeiters is serving a lengthy…
Kill Me, Cop 1987-06-06 A Polish thriller. Central story is a duel between criminal-on- the-run (Linda) and the cop (Machalica) who put him behind the bars the first time aro…
Bezkresne Å‚Ä…ki psychiatra 1976-01-01
Virtuti kapitan 1989-09-20
Clergy KuraÅ› 2018-09-28 A few years back tragic events tied the fate of three Catholic priests. From then on they meet on every anniversary of the disaster to celebrate their…

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