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Hilde Körber

Hilde Körber Biography / Wiki

Name Hilde Körber
Also Know
Gender Female
Known For Acting
Place of Birth Wien, Austria
Date of Birth 1906-07-03
Age(as in 2022) 62
Deathday 1969-05-31

Hilde Körber Acting Movies

Movie Name Character Release Date Overview
Maria, die Magd Maria Klimank, Magd bei Dr. Winter 1936-10-01
Die Treppe Frau Weide 1950-09-14
Gäste im Haus Mary Harries 1957-09-16
Ein Blick zurück Betty Weller 1944-12-10
Fridericus Wilhelmine von Bayreuth 1937-02-08 In 18th century Europe, King Friedrich II of Prussia leads his army through the seven-years-war with neighboring states, and after numerous near defea…
Via Mala Hanna Lauretz, seine Tochter 1945-04-07 In a mountain village a deranged alcoholic who routinely beats his wife and kids goes missing. Though everyone in the village is glad to see him gone,…
Eine Frau kommt in die Tropen Helene 1938-07-27
Berliner Blockade Louise Schröder 1968-06-20
Fasching Erika, Wendlands Frau 1939-09-13
Michael Kramer Frau Kramer 1955-11-17
Patrioten Suzanne 1937-08-23
The Sovereign Bettina Clausen 1937-03-17 Der Herrscher (The Sovereign) was based on Before Sunset, a play by Gerhart Hauptmann. The great Emil Jannings stars as Mathias Clausen, a self-made b…
Heiratsschwindler Melitta Dolechal 1938-02-15
The Kreutzer Sonata Gruschenka 1937-02-11
Der singende Tor Peggy Kennedy 1939-12-22
Wie sagen wir’s unsern Kindern Adele 1949-12-21
Der fünfzigste Geburtstag Frau Mahnke 1962-08-29
Leidenschaft Leni 1940-02-20
Herbert Engelmann Frau Kurnick 1959-10-29
Brillanten Tine 1937-10-21
Das Tempelchen Oma 1966-10-15
Ave Maria Schwester Benedikta 1953-09-07 Karin Twerdy used to be an opera singer but now, in order to pay for her daughter Daniela’s education in a religious school, she performs in a shady n…
Damals Frau Gaspard, Mutter des operierten Kindes 1943-04-23 The doctor, Vera Meiners, lives with her small daughter, Brigitte. Her former husband, Jan, left her after she met a former lover in a harmless meeti…
Heiße Ernte Mutter Stammer 1956-11-23
I’ll Carry You on My Hands Anne 1958-11-06
Robert Koch, der Bekämpfer des Todes Frau Göhrke 1939-12-30 Country Dr. Robert Koch is desperate: a tuberculosis epidemic is decimating the children in his district and no one is able to do anything about it. …
The Life of Surgeon Sauerbruch Oberschwester der Psychiatrie 1954-07-12 Young Olga Ahrendt almost succeeded in attempting suicide. She had thrown herself in front of a tram out of desperation about her miserable life, a de…
Salonwagen E 417 Kuhlemanns Freundin Mieze 1939-05-04 In a transport museum, the items on display begin to tell their stories. Most interesting is the history of the Pullman car. In the beginning, it se…
Jakko Tante Klinkhard 1941-11-12
Die ewige Flamme Mrs. Tabret 1961-07-03
The Great King Elisabeth 1942-03-02 King Frederick II (aka “Frederick the Great”) of Prussia is engaged in a major battle against the Austrian army at Kunersdorf, and things aren’t going…
Der Spieler Comtesse Blanche du Placet 1938-08-31
Hotel Iphigenie Mrs. Babcock 1964-11-12
Großalarm Sekretärin Rita 1938-04-15 The newspaper delivery driver Paul falls in love with Lotte, who works in her mother’s kiosk. One day, Paul helps a man in a black Mercedes, who’…
Roses Bloom on the Moorland Friederike Aden 1952-12-25 In a small German village in the middle of large moors, there is an old legend of a young woman having sunk in the wetland after being raped by a Swed…
Maja zwischen zwei Ehen Chanson-Sängerin 1938-08-21
Mein Vater, der Schauspieler Souffleuse 1956-09-01 Because Diva Christine believes that her husband is cheating on her, she hurtles away and dies. Only the little son prevents the widower from committi…
Desires Fanny 1952-03-14 Desires (German: Das Letzte Rezept) is a 1952 German drama film directed by Rolf Hansen. It was entered into the 1952 Cannes Film Festival….
Der Sündenbock Ernestine Pfeiffer 1940-05-24
Morituri die Irre 1948-09-24 As the end of the Second World War approaches and the Soviet Red Army is advancing, a group of concentration camp inmates is helped to escape by a Pol…
Devil in Silk Sophie 1956-01-05 After leaving his overbearing wife for another woman, a composer is suspected of her murder when she is found dead….
When the Evening Bells Ring Kindermädchen 1951-12-21 A woman marries a rich landowner, by request of her parents, instead of her lover who’s Child she’s expecting. After a couple of years, the Father of …
The Pursuit of Happiness Wells 1930-05-26
My Son the Minister Betty Joinville 1937-07-06 Sylvia has succeeded in making her son Robert a minister in the French Republic. His old servent, Gabriel, interrupts the young man during an “erotic…
Jakko Tante Klinkhardt 1941-11-12
Die Toteninsel Frau Hürti 1955-08-22
Mit siebzehn beginnt das Leben Lehrerin 1953-11-12
The Confession of Ina Kahr Wärterin Stuckmann 1954-11-12 Told in flashback, the film recounts the events leading up to the killing of good-for-nothing Curt Jurgens. Warned by her friends and relatives that J…
The Third Sex Frau Glatz 1957-08-29 Klaus is a young man in post-war Berlin. He is drawn to his friend Manfred and, under the encouragement of their acquaintance, Dr. Winkler, explore th…
Don’t Ask My Heart Frau Bethke 1952-08-27
Das Leben geht weiter 1945-01-01
The Fox of Glenarvon Gouvernante Maureen 1940-01-02 An English peace judge in an Irish district is married to an Irishwoman. She is a caring patriot. He is heavily indebted by a life of luxury, and does…
Rittmeister Wronski Gefangenenaufseherin 1954-10-11 A Polish officer works undercover in 1930s Berlin to discover Nazi Germany’s plans against his homeland….
Uncle Kruger Burenfrau 1941-01-02 Ohm Krüger (English: Uncle Krüger) is a 1941 German biographical film directed by Hans Steinhoff and starring Emil Jannings, Lucie Höflich and Wern…
Salonwagen E 417 Mieze 1939-05-04 In a transport museum, the items on display begin to tell their stories. Most interesting is the history of the Pullman car. In the beginning, it se…

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