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Ivan Krasko

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NameIvan Krasko
Also KnowИван Краско
Known ForActing
Place of BirthVartemyaki, Leningradskaya oblast, RSFSR, USSR
Date of Birth1930-09-23
Age(as in 2022)92

Ivan Krasko Acting Movies

Movie NameCharacterRelease DateOverview
Ships were Calling at the Port2007-06-06Это военно-морские байки, повествование о том, как на военно-морской флот прибыл гх
A Belated PremiereNarrator (voice)2004-01-30A prominent Russian ballet dancer and teacher Alexander Shiryaev had another talent hidden for almost a century. Archive materials that date back to 1…
Tem, Kto Ostayotsya Zhit1982-06-061928. Winter. Unprecedented construction of a giant plant Uralmash is getting under way. Rushing time of first five-year plans, incredible enthusiasm,…
The End of the Emperor of the Taigaataman Solovyov1978-06-06The film plays one of a little-known pages of the biography of Arkady Gaidar, the young man when he was appointed commander of the detachment CHON (sp…
Boldino autumn1999-05-07Sisin, a forty-year-old writer, gets on the train and goes out of town. In the car, he is surrounded by strange passengers, some of whom resemble famo…
31. osakonna hukkначальник полиции1981-06-13
О чем не узнают трибуны1975-01-01
The Fantastic Journey of Mr. Bilbo Baggins, the HobbitGandalf1985-12-31Soviet television movie adaptation of the J.R.R. Tolkien fantasy novel “The Hobbit”….
The White Weathervane1969-12-30A story about the adventures of two teenage brothers helping ChK during twenties….
Where Does the Sea Flow?Doctor2011-01-01A mother is trying hard to love her five-years old daughter, but even the child’s very presence continuously reminds her about the trauma of rape she …
The Prince and the PauperМайлс Гендон1972-02-01A poor boy named Tom Canty and the Prince of Wales exchange identities but events force the pair to experience each other’s lives as well….
Mister DesignerServant1988-12-01A famous artist strives to find the secret of eternal life through the beautiful mannequins he creates….
Makar – PathfinderIvan Sergeevich1984-01-01A story about the adventures of a few young kids during the Russian Civil War….
Похищение чародеяboyarin Roman, charodey1980-01-01
Сержант милиции1975-08-13
Снегурочку вызывали?1985-12-30
Hey kid!2001-01-01Outside the gates of the psychiatric hospital was 40-years-male with the development of 10-year-old child nicknamed Baby. In his pocket he had a ticke…
Sententia2020-12-17Devoted to the last days of Soviet writer, poet, and Gulag survivor Varlam Shalamov, this film follows the efforts of two of Shalamov’s most devoted…
The Wheel of LoveSedoy1994-11-11A romantic comedy about a twenty three years old Kirill who suddenly decides to become a gigolo….
Alesha Popovich and Tugarin the DragonIvan / Pope (voice)2004-12-23Alesha Popovich has to catch Tugarin Zmey and bring back the stolen money with the help of a talking Horse (which talks all the time and has an opinio…
Squadron of Flying HussarsUstimovich1980-06-06A story about a colonel Denis Davydov – hero of the 1812 war….
The Admirer2012-01-24A story based on love between Anton Chekhov and a young writer Lidiya Avilova….
Semyon Dezhnyovmerchant Guselnikov1983-11-28Veliky Ustyug at the beginning of the 17th century. Semyon Dezhnyov falls in love with the daughter of a rich merchant — Avdotya, but the groom is p…
Дети блокадыИван Краско2008-01-27
Сын полкаартиллерист сержант Василий Иванович Ковалев1981-01-01
Синие зайцы, или Музыкальное путешествие1974-01-21
Придут страсти-мордасти1982-06-01
Little LongnoseThe King (voice)2003-03-20When he refused to support power-hungry witch, the good shoemaker’s boy, Jacob is transformed into a hunchbacked dwarf with overlong nose. Of their mo…
Красные пчёлы1972-05-21
Место действия1983-12-17
#OneSummerDay2018-10-11The whole life of the recent provincials, and now Muscovite Katie – one continuous selfie with a series of celebrities. Any intrigues for the sake of …
The Music of Love: Beethoven’s Secret LoveMuller2004-12-24The year is 1817. Minon, a five-year-old girl, leaves her aunt Therese of Brunswick, who has raised her like a mother since her birth, to go and live …
Russian PioneersFeodosy1967-11-011918. Workers from Petrograd come to Altai region to establish the first agricultural commune. In spite of the hostility of the local White Army cossa…
Пристань на том берегу1971-05-28
The Day Before2016-01-15Since the morning, the entire population of the planet has been concerned about one news: a red comet is approaching the Earth. A year ago, scientists…
Reading Book of Blockade2009-09-09Amateur actors read stories from a book describing the 900-day siege of Leningrad during World War II….
Дублёр начинает действовать1984-04-20
Цветы календулы1998-01-01
Silver Samurai2007-12-29The film intertwines the intrigues at the court of Peter III and the mysterious murders of our days that happened on the territory of the Oranienbaum …
Правда лейтенанта Климова1982-05-10
Where Does the Sea Flow?2019-04-11A conversation between famous politician and a teenager changes both of them……
What Would You Choose?1981-01-01Four third-grader friends live in an old Leningrad house, study in the same class and try to understand their parents and teachers….
Старые долги1980-11-01
Приходи свободным1985-01-01
In the Shadow of the Moon1999-08-28Ana starts falling in love with an ecologist engineer that comes with her father who is from Russia….
Моя ужасная сестра2022-03-24When the mother and father of ten-year-old Lena and Marusya decide to get married, these two completely alien girls are forced to become sisters. Now …
The Last Road1986-09-26About the death of Aleksandr Pushkin, the leading poet and writer of Russia, who was shot on a duel and died when he was 37….
Beautiful stranger1993-10-14Strangers on a train. Late in 1916, a brave and idealistic Russian officer in his 20s comes to his superiors’ attention when he stands up to Rasputin …
Peculiarities of the National Hunt in the Winterспасатель Ленин Владимир2000-01-01Now the peculiarities of the national hunt are investigated during the winter season….
We Are from the Future 22010-02-18Two young Russian historians are going to Ukraine to take part in the reconstruction of the Lvov-Sandomierz operation in July 1944. On sight they fall…
Дорога домойkapitan Dzyadek1967-01-01
Восемь дней надеждыСемен Коноваленко, мастер1984-12-28
In the Town of S.1966-10-15A portrait of a Russian community in the late 19th century based on Chekhov’s stories, featuring the author as observer and narrator….
Yurkiny rassvetyAlexander Sergeevich, collective farm chairman, husband of Alla1975-04-15
Iron & Blood: The Legend of Taras Bulba2009-04-02Set in the 16th century, this is a story about Ukraine’s Cossack warriors and their campaign to defend their lands from the advancing Polish armies….
Afghan Breakdown1991-01-01During the main withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, a company of hardened paratroopers under the command of Major Bandura are joined by Steklov, th…
Blokada: Pulkovskiy meredianGorelov, senior lieutenant1975-11-17Autumn 1941. German tank troops are making another attempt to break through to the Uritsk and Pulkovo Heights.
During heavy fighting, Soviet troops m…
Blokada: Luzhskiy rubezhSenior Lieutenant Gorelov1974-12-01In June 1941, the Extraordinary Defense Headquarters of Leningrad, under the leadership of Zhdanov and Voroshilov, decided to build the Luga defensive…
Fortress of Warnarrator (voice)2010-11-04The film covers the heroic defence of the Brest Fortress, which was attacked during the first strike of German invaders on June 22 1941. The story des…
Baltic Skiespilot (uncredited)1960-06-06Based on the novel of the same name by Nikolai Chukovsky.
The end of August 1941. At night, a truck rushes along the last road not yet occupied by th…
Возвращение броненосца1996-04-20

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