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Käthe von Nagy (born 4 April 1904 in Szabadka, Austria-Hungary, today Subotica/Serbia, as Ekaterina Nagy von Cziser) was an Hungarian actress, model, dancer and singer, part of an aristocratic Serbian family. Between 1927 and 1952 she was active in German, French, Italian and Austrian cinema. She died of cancer in 1973, in Ojai, California, aged 69.

Käthe von Nagy

Käthe von Nagy Biography / Wiki

Name Käthe von Nagy
Also Know Ekaterina Nagy von Cziser
Gender Female
Known For Acting
Place of Birth Szabadka, Austria-Hungary [now Subotica, Vojvodina, Serbia]
Date of Birth 1904-04-04
Age(as in 2022) 69
Deathday 1973-12-20

Käthe von Nagy Acting Movies

Movie Name Character Release Date Overview
The Restless Girls Trixi / F: Lucie Lénart 1938-02-11 Four orphaned friends move after the Abitur, supported by the janitor of her school, together in a flat and look for work to be able to finance her st…
I by Day, You by Night Grete 1932-11-29 A nightclub waiter and a manicurist share the same room, he sleeps there by night and she by day. They’ve never meet , but they can’t stand each other…
Meine Frau, die Hochstaplerin Jutta Bergmann 1931-09-17
La bataille silencieuse Draguicha 1937-09-09 A young journalist who has gone reporting with the papers of a friend gets caught up in an arms smuggling operation. It is in this context that he mee…
Die Freundin eines großen Mannes Marga Köhler 1934-03-14
Prinzessin Turandot Turandot 1934-11-30
Die Pompadour Marquise de Pompadour 1935-10-23
Renate im Quartett Renate Schmidt 1939-08-23
Das schöne Abenteuer Helene de Trevillac 1932-08-17 A romantic comedy….
Once a Great Lady Kitty Holm 1934-02-10 A young woman working as a secretary for a Berlin car business tries to impress a rich Australian visitor by pretending she is a foreign countess….
Ronny Ronny 1932-01-01 Käthe von Nagy plays Ronny, who designs the costumes for the upcoming premiere of an opera written by the young prince of Perusa (Willy Fritsch) and …
Her Grace Commands Prinzessin Marie-Christine 1931-03-03 An emancipated Princess, who has just returned home to her court in the Balkans from England, goes in disguise to a servants’ bal and falls in love …
Little Veronika (Innocence) Veronika 1929-11-21 Young Veronika travels from her Tyrolean village to her aunt’s Viennese apartment for her confirmation. The aunt’s flighty nature and her professi…
Final Accord Helene Vernier 1938-12-30 A famous violinist enlists in a music school in order to woo one of the students….
Un jour viendra 1934-03-27
Turandot, princesse de Chine Turandot 1935-02-14
Unsere kleine Frau Dodo 1938-09-10
Rails La ragazza 1929-04-30 A young honeymooning couple are lured away to a seaside resort by a high-society sleazeball, who has plans to seduce the girl, while at the same time …
Die Durchgängerin Ilsebill 1928-04-18
Die Republik der Backfische Billie van Santen 1928-10-14
Maskottchen Margot 1929-04-16
Love, Death and the Devil Kokua 1934-12-21 In a harbor bazaar of the Pacific town of Kona, the young sailor Kiwe is offered a mysterious bottle, which supposedly gives her owner power and wealt…
Le diable en bouteille Kolua 1935-04-05
Ronny Ronny 1932-01-08
Nights of Princes 1938-01-27 No overviwe found…
Mahlia the Mestiza 1943-12-15 Daughter of a French officer and an Annamite, Mahlia was brought up in Indochina by Mr. and Mrs. de Roussière. Their son, Henri, would like to marry …
Die Töchter ihrer Exzellenz Gerti 1934-05-17
Der junge Baron Neuhaus Gräfin Christl Palm 1934-09-14
Flüchtlinge Kristja Laudy 1933-12-07 Propaganda film detailing the plight of ethnic Germans, known as “Volga Germans”, in the Soviet province of Manchuria….
French White Cargo Marion Baker 1937-02-03 Two journalists from different papers are looking for the same story. They want to know, who a group of gangsters getting young women from Europe to S…
Der Andere Amalie Frieben 1930-08-11
Salonwagen E 417 Baronesse Ursula von Angerfeld 1939-05-04 In a transport museum, the items on display begin to tell their stories. Most interesting is the history of the Pullman car. In the beginning, it se…
Der Sieger Helene 1932-03-21
Am seidenen Faden Lissy Eickhoff 1938-09-22
At the End of the World Christine Laudy 1934-03-30 No overview found….
Ave Maria Claudette 1936-01-04 Ave Maria was the second film-starring vehicle for legendary operatic tenor Beniamino Gigli. Mourning the loss of the only woman he ever loved, concer…
Die Sandgräfin 1928-02-23
Secret Cargo Luisa Heim 1947-12-27 In a Central American state, the owner of a dance hall and his sponsor engage in drug trafficking. Are involved in various intrigues, a gypsy orchestr…
Die Königin seines Herzens Gräfin Mizzi Lichtenau 1928-08-06
Le capitaine Craddock 1931-12-04
Her Majesty Love Lia Török 1933-02-06 Fred von Wellingen is a wealthy industrialist, part of a large family-owned corporation. Fred has fallen for Lia, a comely bartender in the Berlin Cab…
The Way Through the Night 1929-01-01
Die Försterchristl Josefine 1952-05-26
Der Anwalt des Herzens 1927-11-07
Aufruhr im Junggesellenheim Käthe 1929-06-30
Gustav Mond, Du gehst so stille Frieda Krause 1928-01-01
Men Before Marriage 1927-06-22
La belle aventure Hélène de Trevillac 1932-12-02
Le bateau de verre Anni 1927-01-01

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