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Leila Mourad or Layla Morad (Arabic: ليلى مراد; February 17, 1918 – November 21, 1995) was an Egyptian singer and actress, and one of the most prominent superstars in Egypt and the entire Arab world in her era. Born Lilian Zaki Ibrahim Mourad to an Egyptian Jewish family, known for their patriotism in 1918 in the El Daher District in Cairo, she later changed her name to Leila Mourad as a stage-name. She made her first stage appearance, aged nine, at the Saalat Badi’a, one of Cairo’s most successful Music Halls. The theatre had been founded in 1926 by the actress and dancer Badia Masabni, who became Mourad’s patron. Her first film appearance, aged fifteen, was in the 1932 ” Al-Dahaaya ” (The Victims) which had originally been made as a silent film. Her song, The Day of Departure, was added as part of the transformation of the production into a “talkie”.

She was trained by her father and Dawood Hosni, who was also Jewish. Hosni had composed the first operetta in the Arabic language, and he composed two songs for Leila: Hairana Leh Bein El-Eloub (Why can’t you choose from among lovers), and Howa el dala’a ya’ani khessam (Does daliance mean avoiding me?). Further success came when the prominent Egyptian composer Mohammed Abdel Wahab heard her singing and gave her a role in his film Yahia el Hob (Viva Love!) in 1938. In the six years following the success of Yahia el Hob she made five best selling films with director Togo Mizrahi, becoming Egypt’s top actress. In 1945 she made Layla Bint al-Fuqara (“Layla, daughter of the poor”) directed by Anwar Wagdi whom she married shortly after. She went on to make a further 20 films of which the most outstanding is Ghazel el-Banat (“The Flirtation of Girls”), also directed and co-starring Wagdi. It also featured Nagib al-Rihani and Abdel Wahab in their last appearances on film.

In 1953, she was selected as the official singer of the Egyptian revolution. Shortly thereafter, a rumor that Mourad had visited Israel and donated money to its military raised suspicions of spying and caused some Arab radio stations to boycott her. She denied these allegations, no proof was found; and the charges against the singer were eventually dropped. Her decision to retire, aged 38, came with the failure of her last film, Al Habib al Majhoul (The Unknown Lover), the banning of her song, With Unity, Order, and Work, praising the Free Officers 1952 revolution and the outbreak of the 1956 war. Despite the immense popularity of her films, her singing career was over-shadowed by Um Kulthum who dominated Egypt’s musical landscape. Leila Mourad made a few brief reappearances during Ramadan in 1970, when she was scheduled to read Salah Jaheen’s “Fawazeer Ramadan” (Ramadan’ puzzles), a daily traditional radio program held during the Holy month of Ramadan.

Leila Mourad died in a Cairo hospital in 1995.

Leila Mourad

Leila Mourad Biography / Wiki

NameLeila Mourad
Also Knowليليان زكي مراد موردخاي, ليلى مراد
Known ForActing
Place of BirthEgypt
Date of BirthFebruary 17, 1918
Age(as in 2023 Feb)77

Leila Mourad Acting Movies

Movie NameCharacterRelease DateOverview
Layla, Daughter of the Rich1946-01-02
Leila, Daughter of the Poor1946-01-02Directed by Anwar Wagdi….
Layla1942-04-02Arabic movie, Directed by Togo Mizrahi…
leilalaila1942-04-02A night film adapted from the story of Ghada al-Kamiliya produced in 1942 and directed by Togo Mizrahi…
Victims of Lovewafaa1944-10-19Two teenagers fall in love, but their feuding families and fate itself cause the relationship to end in tragedy….
The Lady on the TrainFekreyya Fawzy / Nadia Farid / Zakeyya1952-08-28Fikria is a singer who’s married to Farid ,the gambling addict. When she’s traveling by train, she gets in an accident and a peasant treats her. After…
The unknown belovedLayla1955-05-23Laila falls for Dr. Hussein who decides to marry her so that he could take on the responsibility for her heart surgery. Laila starts to believe that H…
My Heart is My Guide1947-10-06
Flowers of LoveElham1951-11-10
Shore of Love1950-02-20Leila Mourad one of the Orient’s Divas stars in this classic musical romance as a poor girl who marries a wealthy young man while others try to break …
Life is LoveLayla1954-04-05Layla is a volunteer nurse at the red crescent helping the injured in Palestinian war. She falls in love with officer Adel , and during a raid he gets…
Layla The SchoolgirlLayla1941-10-16The strict lawyer Yusuf receives his orphan cousin Laila at his place after she finishes her studies. She brings a fun and cheerful atmosphere to the …
Singer of the Valley1947-04-07After the artist Wahid Fakhry travels around the world, he returns to Egypt to search for new talent for his impending project. He finds what he is lo…
Layla the Country Girlليلى1941-02-01Laila is a rich rural girl raised by her aunt who succeeds in marrying her off to her son, a doctor who just returned from England. But the doctor liv…
The Flirtation of GirlsLaila1949-09-22Hamam is a poor Arabic language teacher who gets sacked from a girls’ elementary school for not being able to control mischievous students. He feels p…
Long Live Love!Nadia1938-01-02Egyptian film directed by Mohammed Karim….
Solomon’s RingLayla El Sharkawy1947-01-01Musical from the Egyptian Golden Age of cinema….
AnbarAnbar1948-11-01Vim Anbar is a lyrical comedy film starring Laila Murad and Anwar Wagdy with a group of stars who participated with Laila Murad in singing the song th…
بنت الاكابرLayla1953-01-01The film belongs to a series of films like Anwar Wagdy, with his wife Laila Murad, who promoted the idea of alienating class differences between peopl…
Love and Youth1948-01-02Directed by Niazi Mostafa….

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