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Lito Anzures

Lito Anzures Biography / Wiki

NameLito Anzures
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Known ForActing
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Age(as in 2023 Feb)0

Lito Anzures Acting Movies

Movie NameCharacterRelease DateOverview
Ang Panday… Ikatlong YugtoTata Temio1982-12-25The arrival of foreign created with an eye on the sky and came to conquer the world with the aim to return in the next life the Lord of Darkness Lizar…
Pagbabalik ng PandayTata Temio1981-12-24Flavio returns as the heroic blacksmith who uses his magical sword in fighting eveil…
Tanging Ikaw1968-02-06A driver hits a feisty strong headed woman’s bike and fate draws them closer when the man was fired and later searches for a place to stay while he pu…
Ang Haragan1966-03-14A story about a small-town good guy who meets his new neighbor, a cop and his feisty sister….
Ang Pagbabalik Ni Daniel Barrion1968-06-16
Daniel Barrion1964-05-20A gunslinger seeks revenge for the murder of his father, after killing the murderer he learns that the man had a son, he brings him to adventure with …
Ang Salarin1965-08-09Alberto is a man unjustly and falsely accused of a crime. He was arrested and convicted, he then escapes and did everything to get the culprits and cl…
Bertang Karengkeng1976-06-25
Ang Panday IV1984-12-25Fernando Poe, Jr. is back for the fourth time as Panday Flavio to combat evil once more….
Dugo Sa Buhangin1967-06-18Now the Hunter, soon the Hunted… A man in a fantastic race with quick guns, fast women, and swift death, and always, blood soaked the sands….
Isa Isa LangTacio1985-07-18The billiard ball is round… like the life of Carding which revolves around the billiard table for the survival of his small family. As a master of t…
Hanggang May Buhay1966-12-14A story about Orlando who was held captive by a vagrant group so that they would learn how to read. Eventually, he falls in love with the daughter of…
Baril Sa Aking KamayLabuyo1966-06-23Ariel is pursued by two groups the first one, is a group of three notorious gunslingers headed by Rufo and his two men, Labuyo and Mario. The fanatica…
Ang Daigdig Ko’y Ikaw1965-04-25A story about Roman a truck driver who meets a woman who tries to hitchhike wanting to escape the man she was arranged to be her husband….
Tierra Verde1965-02-14A story about Nanding, a bounty hunter out to get a wanted man, Ramon who took refuge in his hometown of Tierra Verde. Ramon was loved by his folks an…
San Bernardo1966-04-27The town of San Bernardo was under the grip of a greedy landowner, Don Cosme and his band of hired gunslingers. Two men, Daniel and Kardo arrived sepa…
Baril na Ginto1964-07-27The legend of the golden .45 and the men who possessed it….
…At Sila’y Dumating1967-02-08A story about a lone gunslinger and a bounty hunter who teams up to fight a deranged gang leader….
Atlas, Hari, Sota1971-12-25
The Most Beautiful Animal in the World1974-10-26One stormy night, in a sea side village, a childless couple finds a mysterious beautiful woman in the beach without any consciousness. The next day, t…
Ang PadrinoSgt Quintillano1984-12-06Emong Sanchez is the defender of the people through peaceful means. He remains a quite man until he is pushed to violence….
Brando Bandido1983-05-13“Brando Bandido” avenges for his father who was betrayed and killed by a Don Venerando, a lawless mastermind….
Patayin Si… Mediavillo1978-10-12
Maginoong Tulisan1965-01-15A story about two brothers Mando a thief and Carding a lawyer….
Pilipinas Kong Mahal1965-11-02A story of a man who joined the guerilla in World War 2….
9 Laban sa Lahat1964-02-26Against overwhelming odds, nine men fought like hell to uphold a glorious tradition of courage and heroism….
Ang Kampana sa Santa Quiteria1971-12-04A story about a sergeant held captive by fugitives searching for a treasure hidden in a remote village….
Batang Matadero1969-02-14The big, brawling story of a crooked man, an honest man, and a young man called Batang Matadero….
Ang PandayTata Temio1980-12-25Panday is a blacksmith whose real name is Flavio. When a meteor fell from the sky one night, he forged the metal from the meteor into a dagger, the ba…
Super Islaw and the Flying KidsErmitanyo / San Gabriel1986-07-17Super Islaw was a young crippled boy who was granted mystical powers because of his good heart. He used these abilities to protect the innocents of hi…
FlorindaGudo1973-02-01As Rolando comes to work for the household his mother works for, he meets Florinda, the wife of Rodrigo, who has suddenly disappeared. Strange things …
Diwata ng Kagubatan1972-01-25A story about a group searching for Japanese treasures and meeting an old man living with his gorgeous daughter….
Ang Pagbabalik Ni Leon Guerrero1980-12-05Leon Guererro is a legend a hero in that little barrio but when he died, a group of bandits again ruled the place abusing the women and getting their …
Totoy Bato1977-03-25
Pedro Penduko1954-12-21Based on the work serialised in Liwayway Magazine….
Ako ang Hari1981-05-08He’s the king….
Ex-Convict1967-03-15A story about a man falsely convicted of a crime, who then escapes and does his best to prove his innocence….
Lovingly Yours, Helen: The MovieBasiong1984-07-19This dramatic anthology of true-to-life stories of love and domestic problems based on letters sent by to the TV drama program hosted by Helen Vela wh…
Nardong Kutsero1969-11-30A story about a driver of a kalesa or calesa; two-wheeled horse-drawn carriage who falls in love with a fish vendor….
Dampot Pukol SaloHenchman1970-12-27A story about Ando a garbage collector and a college girl….
Ikaw ang Lahat sa Akin1969-12-28
Magpakailan Man1968-03-15
Dakilang Balatkayo1966-02-14
Anghel sa Aking Balikat1965-12-26A story about an orphan girl who thinks that a guerilla leader is an angel….
Ang Asawa Kong Barat1963-08-02
Apat na Maton1963-11-29
KarnabalAnghel1973-05-11A story about a mechanic and the carnival owner’s daughter….
Penoy Balut1988-05-25A 1988 Filipino comedy film starring Nora Aunor, Tirso Cruz III, and Roderick Paulate….
Asedillo1971-09-03Celso Ad. Castillo’s gracefully proportioned action drama about a schoolteacher turned rebel leader. Cemented Filipino action star Fernando Poe Jr.’s …
Joyful MysteryCastro1984-12-25The fortunes of three impoverished friends and their families abruptly change after an airplane crashes in a nearby mountain. They rush to the crash s…
Mano-Mano1964-04-25The King of Action, Fernando Poe Jr, and the King of the Ring, Flash Elorde team up in this knock-out classic as two street fighters seeking fame and …
Ang Alamat1972-12-07
Julian Vaquero1984-10-26In this Filipino Western, Lito Lapid plays a cowboy who trains a group of apprentices who want to be cowboys someday….
Kapag Buhay Ang InutangTata Martin1983-06-16
Umpisahan Mo… Tatapusin Ko!1983-12-14
Nueva Vizcaya1973-06-17A story about a military man who was tasked to make peace with a tribe of head hunters….
Mga Alabok sa Lupa1967-07-09
Salaginto’t SalagubangTata Impo1972-05-14
Kulay Rosas Ang Pagibig1968-01-01
Sambahin Ang Ngalan MoSabas1981-10-03
Paradise InnJoaquin1985-12-25Paradise Inn is more than a watering hole, a gambling den cum-brothel frequented by the menfolk. It is a notorious landmark. Ester Paraiso, a retired …
Naked Island: Butil-ulanMelchor1984-06-17After the death of his father, Alex goes back to his native island to find inner peace. There he finds three girls longing for him….
Agila ng MaynilaLolo Intoy1988-12-25Mauro Reyes is an ex-policeman tag as a sharpshooter to the lawbreaker that managed to cope up with the death of his family and became a rescuer … I…
The Eagle and the Sun1973-06-17The story revolves around themes of justice and revenge, as an honest doctor gets wrongfully accused of a crime. He then crosses paths with a rebel an…
Cover Girls1981-05-07The explosive story behind the girls of today’s front pages….
Santo Domingo1972-07-06
Pagbabalik ng Lawin1975-01-02Young Guillen and his mother were sold as slaves to a rich miner after their ship was captured by armed men who also killed their family patriarch. Af…
Pitong Gatang1959-11-11A story about two brothers from a simple family living in an impoverished area and are striving to make life a little better for them. The elder is a …
Bilangguang Puso1972-09-15
The Flash Elorde Story1961-02-18Gabriel “Flash” Elorde was born to a poor farmer’s family in the town of Bogo, Cebu on March 25, 1935, the youngest of the 16 children. Renowned for h…
Boy Pana1978-04-07
3 Sisters1954-07-14Cora is Susie, happy, carefree teenager. Rosita is Sylvia, socialite who cannot make up her mind until she meets the right man. Nena is Salud, a helpl…
Mga Anghel Na Walang Langit1970-07-26A heartwarming story about nine kids who had run away from their homes….
Ang Dayuhan1968-02-02A mysterious gunslinger came to town and was mistaken by Donya Isabel to be the person she hired to help her problem with Don Jose, her second husband…
Akin ang Paghihiganti1960-09-11
Ang Mangliligpit1968-08-27A story about a guerilla assassin tasked to kill fascist collaborators and sympathizers in the Japanese occupation of the Philippines….
3 Hari1968-03-30
MaskaradosGustavo1964-11-27A story about a gallant band of masked swordsmen who swore loyalty to the king reunites to help the beleaguered King from the evil plot of his brother…
12 KubaHunchback1963-12-31A story about a man and his eleven hunchbacked warrior buddies….
Alamat Ng 7 Kilabot1967-09-13A gunslinger was tasked by an antique collector to find a missing treasure, on his way he meets 6 more gunslingers to help him on the task but as they…
Napoleon Agra1978-08-12A true story about a conniving sociopathic mass murderer named Napoleon Agra one of the most wanted men ever in the Philippines….
Barbaro Cristobal1968-12-29A story about Barbaro Cristobal a blind gunslinger and boy who acts as his eyes….
Sigaw ng Digmaan1963-12-29A handful of soldiers holed up on a hilltop to repel the horde of advancing Japanese troops, sacrificing their lives for their beloved country….
Mag-Toning Muna TayoDirty Old Man1981-11-06An impotent husband, a fierce choreographer, and a dastardly host of a paranormal investigation show stay at a house up in Baguio City….
To Susan With Love1968-12-07
Batas Sa Aking Kamay1987-06-04
Langit at Lupa1967-03-25A love story salvaged from the chaos of war. It tells the drama between two individuals who meet at a moment when one is about to be married to a voca…
Pepeng Kuryente (A Man with a Thousand Volts)1988-11-27After a prison spell earned avenging the murder of his parents, Pepe (Revillas Sr and Jr) is struck by magic lightning and left with electric superpow…
Perlas ng Silangan1969-05-17Set at the backdrop of the colonization of pre-Hispanic Philippine, this historical epic revovles around the story of Ramir, a half-caste warrior fall…
Black Magic1987-11-26A story about a good-natured common man, one day the devil tempts him to give powers of sinister origin. However, the price is the former’s soul….
Doctor, Doctor, We Are Sick1985-11-14Expect the unexpected when dramatic actress Vilma Santos tried her hand at comedy and joined the wacky trio of Tito Vic Joey in this hilarious hospita…
Kunin Mo ang Ulo ni Ismael1990-01-04An action film starring Jestoni Alarcon based on the radio drama by Rey Langit serialized in DZRH….
Konsiyerto ng Kamatayan(segment “Sumpa ng Kaluluwa”)1961-03-13
Alyas Pogi: Birador ng Nueva EcijaMang Lucio1990-11-27A 1990 Filipino action film starring Ramon Revilla Jr….
Lo’ Waist Gang Joins the Army1960-03-30
Noli me TángereSarhento1961-08-01Based on the revolutionary novel by Jose Rizal….
AguilaDatu Khalid1980-02-14Daniel Aguila’s son recounts memories of the Philippines as he searches for his father….
Ligaw-Ligawan, Kasal-Kasalan, Bahay-Bahayan1993-03-17A 1993 Filipino drama anthology film by Joey Gosiengfiao….
Kumander BawangKulog1988-01-01Matang Bato is a small village which kept many dark mysteries in its past and they are starting to haunt them once again. Our unlikely hero, Tikboy wa…
Ninja KidsDodo’s Father1986-01-01Lady Lotus, an evil sorceress, attempts to retrieve an ancient katana possessing great power from Naguchi, a martial arts master. Meanwhile, a group o…

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