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Lupe Inclán Age, Biography, Birthday, Upcoming Movies, Net Worth, Wiki, Filmography

Lupe Inclán

Lupe Inclán Biography / Wiki

NameLupe Inclán
Also KnowGuadalupe Inclán
Known ForActing
Place of BirthSan Luis Potosi, Mexico
Date of BirthJanuary 01, 1895
Age(as in 2023 Feb)61

Lupe Inclán Acting Movies

Movie NameCharacterRelease DateOverview
Late AfternoonTomasa1949-08-05A former farmhand now with money, wants to buy his former boss’s farm and marry his daughter, but they refuse….
Las engañadasNachita1955-08-10Irresponsible playboy seduces a decent young lady with a fake wedding; he continues being a creep for the next 12 or 15 years….
Tragic Weddings1946-05-30Romantic triangles, rural/hacienda setting….
Allá en el Rancho GrandeAngela1949-01-21Remake of famous 1936 ranchera musical….
Hell RoadDoña Chole1951-06-29When a robbery goes wrong, the thief takes a singer as hostage, they fall in love and try to rebuild their lives, but tragedy surges in the most unexp…
Primero soy Mexicano1950-06-24USA-educated doctor goes home for the first time in years. Culture shock….
Sandwiches Here!Jacinta1951-10-12College students, ready to start entering adult society, are ashamed of their working-class backgrounds….
Esos de Pénjamo1953-01-01When he hears how his grandfather left illegitimate children scattered all over the county, a young landowner is seized with an obsessive desire to ma…
Así se quiere en Jalisco1942-11-13Romantic triangle, land-owner and two employees….
Apartment house1951-02-08Personal dramas among the residents of an apartment house….
Historia de un amor1956-02-15Singer relives her love-life in flashback: she adopts another woman’s illegitimate daughter, she gets married, the grandparents of the baby raise a fu…
El rápido de las 9.15Esposa de Ulíses (as Guadalupe Inclan)1941-09-11Every passenger boarding The Express has a story….
La mujer ajena1955-10-26
The Boy and the FogJacinta, sirvienta1953-12-24Marta is obsessed with protecting her son from the genetic predisposition to schizophrenia that she has hidden from her husband….
Las mañanitas1948-10-07Rom-com scheming; wealthy landowner wants to seduce one of his tenants, but she wants the other guy……
Vino el remolino y nos alevantóAntonia Ramírez1950-03-01Three generations of a stable, middle-class family in the capitol are scattered to the four winds by blowback from the Mexican Revolution….
Cuando los hijos odian1950-02-09Woman and her daughter try to get on with their lives and run their family bakery while dealing with abusive alcoholic husband/father and other family…
Los dos pilletes1942-04-04Suspicious husband deals with wife’s supposed infidelity by making his toddler son disappear into the city’s slums, where he grows to boyhood as a thi…
Nuestras vidas1950-05-24Frivolous woman falls in reallytruly love for the first time, but her past catches up with her and her fiancé kicks her to the curb. Then joining a c…
The Mark of the SkunkThe Witch1950-06-15In 1840 California, The Texmelucan viscount bizco, offers a feast for his son Tin, who returned from Italy where he studied fencing. The boy turns ou…
My General’s WivesTacha1951-07-13The encounter with an old lover puts a revolutionary general in great danger of death….
Las abandonadasGualupita1945-05-18A young woman, abandoned by her womanizing fiancé, is forced to provide for the upbringing of her son and combat the difficulties of being an unmarri…
Sota, caballo y rey1944-12-08Theatrical troupe schemes to expose corrupt dealings in local government….
Los Cristeros1947-12-19When the government places restrictions on the Catholic church’s autonomy, an armed uprising takes place. Disagreements over the new laws create confl…
La tienda de la esquina1951-03-23Shady characters try to buy the corner shop and destroy a decent family’s livelihood….
Todos son mis hijos!…1951-03-23Good son takes the blame for father’s peculations and goes off to work in the rain forest to pay off Pops’ debt. Meanwhile, daughter and bad son negle…
X MurdererChona1955-03-18A murderer turns himself to the police, but claims amnesia and insists he’s unable to tell them anything about his crime….
Flor de duraznoDoña Apolonia1945-09-08City slicker scams on young farmgirl while her fiance’s in USA on a work permit….
Guadalajara puesPetra (as Guadalupe Inclan)1946-12-15Curious film about the Mexican immigrant stunned by the dollar and the English language. The plot deals with a serious social mood, but narrated as …
Maria CandelariaGossip1944-01-21A young journalist asks an old artist about the portrait of a naked Indian woman that he has in his study. The artist tells the story of Maria Candela…
Padre contra hijoFermina, sirvienta1955-08-23Eloisa works hard, sewing, to his son Juan de Dios. He learns that he is the bastard son of Cecilio, who owns almost a whole town named: San Juan de D…
Entre tu amor y el cieloSebastiana1950-01-01
El dolor de los hijos1949-05-13The story of a family with nine children and the conflicts that exist between them….
El último chinaco1948-10-051880s-1890s rural adventure on horseback….
The TroublemakerMrs. Trini1951-08-15Well-intentioned Tin Tan who is always making trouble for other people, sometimes on purpose and sometimes by accident….
The King of the NeighborhoodWoman at Antonio’s House1950-02-04A poor man becomes a modern Robin Hood, robbing the rich to give to the poor….
Red RainPerpetua1950-01-26Military leader is appointed to local government, becomes overly despotic in his leadership….
CameliaCresencia (uncredited)1954-02-16A woman of low estate is beloved of a promising young man, but sacrifices her love for him in order to protect his future and reputation….

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