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Magda (Magdaléna) Vášáryová (* August 26, 1948, Banská Štiavnica) is a Slovak politician and former actress and diplomat. Since 2006, she has been a member of the National Council of the Slovak Republic for SDKÚ-DS. On 12 December 2013, she resigned from the party and until the start of the so-called The third government of Robert Fico (2016) worked in the National Council of the Slovak Republic as a non-attached member of parliament.

She began her successful acting career as a 15-year-old in the film Senzi Mama (1964).

From 1966 to 1971 she studied sociology at the Faculty of Arts of Comenius University in Bratislava. Since 1970 she has worked as an actress in the Korze Theater, the New Stage (1971 – 1983) and in the Slovak National Theater (1983 – 1990). She is the author of book memoirs about Banská Å tiavnica Short Letters to a Town (1988).

In 1988 she was awarded the title of Merited Artist.

From 1990 to 1993, she served as the Czech-Slovak ambassador to Austria. During the diplomatic mission, she lived with her daughters in Vienna while her husband stayed in Bratislava. While they provide wife support for diplomats, Vášáryová, as a diplomat, did not receive compensation for the diplomat’s non-working wife. Václav Havel and Jiří Dienstbier enforced her compensation payment.

On May 3, 1993, she organized a meeting at home, where the Slovak Society for Foreign Policy (SFPA) began to form. From 1993 to 2000, she was its director. In 2020, she is the Honorary Chair of the SFPA Board. In 1998, she founded Občianske oko.

In the 1999 elections, she ran as an independent candidate for the post of President of Slovakia. She won 194,635 votes, 6.6%, in the election. She did not make it to the second round. She announced her candidacy in February 1999 in Banská Bystrica. She wanted to confirm the changes in 1989 and 1998. She was the first woman in Slovakia to run for president.

From 2000 to 2005, she served as Slovakia’s ambassador to Poland. Its predecessor was Ondrej Nemčok and his successor was FrantiÅ¡ek Ružička. Since February 21, 2005, she has held the position of State Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Slovak Republic in the second government of Mikuláš Dzurinda.

In the summer of 2005, she joined the SDKÚ. On 12 December 2013, together with Lucia Žitňanská and Miroslav Beblavý, she resigned from SDKÚ-DS.

Since November 15, 2013, she has been the president of the Živena association. Her goals after the election were “I still have three goals within Živena. One of them is, in particular, the modernization of communication, the addition of a membership base, and I would also like to raise more money in more modern ways, for example in the form of grants. ” Her predecessor was Zora Breier.

In 2016, she did not run for parliament again. In addition to Živena, she also led the Institute for Cultural Policy. He also teaches at the CEVRO INSTITUTE in the Czech Republic.

In 2016, The Prague Society for International Cooperation awarded her the Hanno R. Ellenbogen Prize for Civil Service and the Lifelong Fight against Corruption.

Sister of the actress Emilie Vášáryová. The first husband was the actor Dušan Jamrich. The second husband is Milan Lasica. He has two daughters.

Magda Vášáryová

Magda Vášáryová Biography / Wiki

Name Magda Vášáryová
Also Know Magdaléna Vášáryová, Magda Vasaryova, Magda Vásáryová
Gender Female
Known For Acting
Place of Birth Banská Štiavnica, Czechoslovakia, Slovakia
Date of Birth 1948-08-26
Age(as in 2022) 74

Magda Vášáryová Acting Movies

Movie Name Character Release Date Overview
The Southern Mail Mária Jurkovičová 1988-04-07 Based on the eponymous novel by Ladislav Ballek….
Silent Joy Soňa 1986-10-01 This film is a psychological study of a woman who chooses solitude as an escape from the duplicity and emotional barrenness of the men around her….
And Give My Love to the Swallows MaruÅ¡ka Kudeříková 1972-05-26 This film, chronicling the last days of Czech resistance fighter Maruska Kuderikova (played by Magda Vasaryova), is based on her diaries. Though she w…
Fair Play Tereza 1986-01-01 Tereza lives and works in Prague. She meets a handsome man, Tommie, speaking in a language incomprehensible to her. It seems that he is the manager of…
Rusalka Rusalka 1977-01-01 Three arias from Antonín Dvořák´s fairytale opera Rusalka turned in to a movie, sung by Gabriela Beňačková (Rusalka), LibuÅ¡e Márová (Witch),…
Radúz a Mahulena Mahulena 1971-05-14 Radúz, the son of a Magurian king, has lost his way hunting in the territory of the Tatra King Stojmír. He learns from his loyal servant Radovid the…
Ľahučký dych 1970-01-01
Krutá ľúbosť 1978-02-02
Hodina úsvitu 1975-04-04
Jennie Gerhardtová 1979-01-01
Šesťkrát žena 1988-01-01
Pani Berta Garlanová 1989-01-01
Taký obyčajný deň 1971-01-01
Apollón z Bellacu 1972-10-17
Malvína z Bretónska 1983-08-01
Marketa Lazarová Marketa Lazarová 1967-11-24 Mikolás and his brother Adam end up with a young German hostage of noble blood during a robbery. While their clan prepares for the wrath of the Germa…
On the Comet Angelika, dívka z Valencie 1970-10-09 When a comet passes the Earth very closely, it pulls a small part of North Africa, and a small swathe of humanity, along with it….
Prince Bajaja Princess SlavÄ›na 1971-12-17 The hero of this popular fairy tale is a young prince who, after the death of his parents, goes out into the world. During his travels he meets a magi…
A Gentle Spirit 1967-01-01 Krotká is a 1967 Slovak black-and-white produced by TV a psychological drama directed by Stanislav Barabas on based a short story A Gentle Creature b…
Birds, Orphans and Fools Marta 1969-09-27 In the aftermath of war, two men and a woman begin acting more like children than adults, leading to tragedy….
Private Lives 1991-09-05 In Bratislava at the end of the 1980s, two estranged sisters try to make up with each other while balancing their private lives and careers….
Varič 1985-01-01
Čudný človek 1976-12-24
Deň slnovratu 1974-06-20
Netrpezlivosť srdca 1974-01-01
Doktor 1972-01-01
Demeterovci Žofka 1976-05-17 A television film based on a play by Ján KákoÅ¡ with the theme of Slovak National Uprising….
The Elective Affinities Ottilie 1974-08-27 Eduard and Charlotte live an isolated and idyllic life together. But soon Eduard feels that something is missing and he invites his friend Otto to com…
Werther Sophie 1985-06-06 Jules Massanet’s lyrical opera is transformed into a superb film production by Petr Weigl, shot on location in Prague, with music conducted by Libor P…
Listy Juliane 1978-09-16
Senzi mama 1965-03-19
Faidra 1980-01-01
Noc smaragdového mesíce 1985-12-31 This downbeat, grim drama about three brothers who are reunited at their mother’s funeral is actually visually as dark as its story, making it difficu…
Dark Sun Kris 1981-07-03 A remake of Vávra’s 1948 atomic age thriller Krakatit….
Cutting It Short MaryÅ¡ka 1981-02-01 Francin, manager of a small-town brewery, has a charming wife whose abundant blonde locks are an adornment to the town. Maryska looks ethereal but lov…
The Sweet Time of Kalimagdora Kalimagdora 1968-05-24 A man changes his behavior according to the term of the year….
Ťaví zadok 1979-01-01
Skrytý prameň 1974-01-18
To Make a Comedy Is No Fun Self 2016-10-05 Documentary feature about Czech director Jiří Menzel, featuring Menzel himself as well as MiloÅ¡ Forman, Emir Kusturica, István Szabó and others….
The Royal Chase Jeune Marthe 1969-12-26
Granny Hortensie 1971-10-08 A tale based on novel by Czech writer Bozena Nemcova….
The Deserter and the Nomads Dominika (segment “Dominika”) 1968-12-06 An apocalyptic story of three wars in three film tales encompassing the end of the WWI,WWII, as well as a vision of the world destroyed by nuclear wea…
Film Adventurer Karel Zeman Self 2015-03-31 A look at the life, work and importance of Czech filmmaker Karel Zeman (1910-89), a genius of world cinema, a wizard of special effects, revealing his…
Lion with a White Mane Calma Veselá 1987-12-01 The film tells the exciting life of the great Czech composer Leos Janácek (1854-1928), also known by the thick silver hair that crowned his head and …
The World Knows Nothing Jirina 1988-09-01 The story takes place in the Czech-German border region in 1938. The hero Tomás Jakl marries but the marriage is not very lucky and falls apart. His …
Rok na dedine 1968-05-21
Hry lásky šálivé 1971-10-22

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