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Mitsuko Takesato Age, Biography, Birthday, Upcoming Movies, Net Worth, Wiki, Filmography

Mitsuko Takesato

Mitsuko Takesato Biography / Wiki

Name Mitsuko Takesato
Also Know 竹里光子
Gender N/A
Known For Acting
Place of Birth
Date of Birth
Age(as in 2023 Feb) 0

Mitsuko Takesato Acting Movies

Movie Name Character Release Date Overview
Nusumareta Endan 1958-11-29
Love for Eternity 1971-05-05
Eriko Servant 1962-03-25 Japanese “kayo” film centered around the song “Eriko” by Yukio Hashi….
Yaneura no Onna-tachi 1956-05-14
Wicked Nun 1971-11-20
Yume de aritai 1962-01-14 1962 Japanese movie…
Innocent Sinner 1970-07-01
The Snowy Heron 1958-11-29 The story follows Oshino, a geisha who is trying to start a new life with a lover who is a painter. However, her past filled with debts and pimps catc…
The Lowest Man 1958-09-07 A young offender who is already guilty of many crimes is sentenced again for rape. Upon his release from prison, a year later, the victim waits to kil…
A Woman’s Life Maiden Saki 1962-11-18 One of many adaptations of “Onna no isshō”, this time by Yasuzo Masumura as a starring vehicle for famed actress Machiko Kyo….
The Forest of No Escape 1965-01-23 Adaptation of Seicho Matsumoto’s novel of the same name….
のど自慢三羽烏 1951-11-16
The Time of Reckoning 1968-06-29 “The Time of Reckoning” transforms a screwball-comedy plot into a sober study of a successful businessman with serious relationship problems involving…
Just for You Hairdresser 1970-12-25 Yumi Ishikawa (Mari Atsumi) is nineteen and a popular geisha. Orphaned when a child, Yumi she was raised by Shizuko, the madame of a geisha house. Yum…
On This Earth Yoshinio – Fukai’s mother 1957-11-22 1957 drama from director Kôzaburô Yoshimura…
愛染かつら 1954-04-21 1954 Japanese movie…
Red Love, Green Love 1962-06-17
Children Seeking a Mother Yoshiko’s mother 1956-08-08 While working in an education center for lonely children, a mother seeks her missing son….
母山彦 1952-04-24
Sarari man donto bushi – Kiraku na kagyô to kita monda 1962-05-12 The salaryman is the object of admiration in the world. Because there is no more carefree job than this, this cheerful song comedy is set to the hit m…
与太郎戦記 女は幾万ありとても 1970-04-18
The Genius and Delinquent 1971-02-17 A talented man and a dull-witted one plan a big crime….
Taki no shiraito 1946-10-01 A 1946 Japanese film directed by Keigo Kimura….
情熱の詩人啄木 1962-03-04 1962 Japanese movie…
スーダラ節 わかっちゃいるけどやめられねぇ 1962-03-25 1962 Japanese movie…
The Cast-Off 1959-05-13 The inventor of a ground-breaking glue, Sanada, becomes rich thanks to his discovery a high executive in his company. Because of this promotion, his w…
Meiji no kyōdai 1946-01-31
A Geisha’s Diary Tomura’s Maid 1961-07-28 A young girl is rigorously trained in the feminine arts so that she can become a geisha. As she struggles through life, she learns to live not just as…
誘拐 1962-02-04 1962 Japanese movie…
A Woman’s Testament 1960-01-14 The first story concerns an attractive young woman who works in a Tokyo nightclub. Her plan for a solid financial future has a double whammy. In the s…

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