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Oleg Golubitsky

Oleg Golubitsky Biography / Wiki

Name Oleg Golubitsky
Also Know Олег Голубицкий, Oleg Golubitskiy, Олег Борисович Голубицкий
Gender Male
Known For Acting
Place of Birth Moscow – Russia
Date of Birth 1923-06-07
Age(as in 2022) 72
Deathday 1995-09-07

Oleg Golubitsky Acting Movies

Movie Name Character Release Date Overview
The Doctor’s Pupil Vazili, the royal physician 1983-02-07 Movie directed by Boris Rytsarev….
Who Will Tell A Fable? Tsar (voice) 1982-01-01
Good Luck! Arkadi 1956-02-11 A story of a young man Alexey who comes to Moscow from Siberia trying to get into one of the Moscow universities….
Есть такой парень 1956-07-13
Пограничная тишина врач на погранзаставе 1966-03-29
Missing Person 1957-01-07 A story about injured Soviet Army officer who joins resistance group in Slovakia during WWII….
Чичерин 1986-01-01
Full Moon 1993-02-01
И вечный бой… Из жизни Александра Блока 1980-01-01
A French Lesson директор школы Василий Андреевич 1978-12-17 Actions of the movie occurred in Post-WWII years in small village. Mother with three children. Father was lost in the war, like many other. 11-year ol…
Devotion 1954-12-31 An old man suddenly realizes that both his daughters aren’t happy so he decides to help them to find happiness….
Ransom 1986-03-19 The mountain resort of one the European countries is blocked by the group of terrorists. They threaten to cause the descent of avalanches by direction…
It Happened at the Police Station 1963-06-06 A story about police detectives working on reuniting children and parents who got separated by WWII. Based on Izrail Metter stories….
Формула света 1983-04-01
Good Luck! Arkady 1956-02-11 A story of a young man Alexey who comes to Moscow from Siberia trying to get into one of the Moscow universities….
Дети Ванюшина 1974-02-11 Feature film….
Portrait of the Artist’s Wife Nikolai Nikitenko 1982-05-12 The events of several days spent by the married couple – artist Pavel Alekseevich and his wife Nina – in a small country boarding house. For him, this…
Nadezhda Boris Andreyevich 1973-11-05 The film tells about the childhood and youth of the wife, friend and military ally of the founder of the country of the Soviets Nadezhda Konstantinovn…
Путина 1972-03-25
Третье поколение 1986-02-01
The Detached Mission navy admiral Repin 1985-06-06 In the waters of the Pacific Ocean, regular maneuvers of the Soviet and American squadrons are taking place. After months of autonomous navigation, ou…
Midshipman Panin Officer Stanislav Mikhailovich Pekarsky 1960-05-25 It is May 1912. Thirteen political prisoners are being tried in a naval fortress of Kronstadt. They are sentenced to death by hanging. A clandestine B…
Light of a Distant Star 1965-09-13
Поручить генералу Нестерову 1985-05-01
34th Express 1981-12-30 Fast train N34 went exactly on schedule. The passengers were quietly getting ready for bed when the empty compartment from the outstanding cigarette l…
Счастливая, Женька! 1984-10-29
Through Icy Haze Smirnov 1965-11-06 After the events of 1905, the proletariat slowly retreated with battle. The Lenin headquarters of the leadership of the revolution was moved to Finlan…
Родины солдат 1975-12-08
Я – “Берёза” Adyutant nemetskogo generala 1964-05-09 About the scout girl “Bereza”, her dangerous work behind enemy lines during the Second World War. Twenty years later, a journalist is looking for the …
Murder on Dante Street Klod Zhyuno 1956-06-02 A story about tragic events in France during the German occupation in WWII….
Five Days, Five Nights Adjutant 1961-02-27 Five Days, Five Nights (Fünf Tage, Fünf Nächte) takes place in Dresden in the immediate aftermath of the Second World War. While Dresden is in ruin…
On the Day of the Holiday Vilen 1978-03-09 About one day of a large mining family. In the center of the picture is a veteran, a former miner, and now a pensioner Panteleimon Dmitriyevich Grinin…
Director Streletsky 1969-07-20 The end of the civil war. A sailor Alexey Zvorykin is appointed Director of the automobile plant. After training in America at Ford he finishes releas…
Farewell, punks of Zamoskvorechye… Андрей Викторович, учитель истории 1987-05-03 Moscow outskirts, spring 1956. In memory and soul of the sixteen-year-old hero of the movie, the son of the political prisoner, this time will remain …
My Younger Brother Boris Golubev 1962-08-20 Based on the novel of Vasiliy Aksyonov “A Ticket to the Stars”.
School is over, final exams are behind — and Dimka was the first to think of waving…
Victory 1985-04-01 30 years after the end of World War II, a Soviet and an American journalist meet again for realizing post war paths of their countries….
Polyushko, pole 1957-03-15
Pavel Korchagin 1956-06-06 A Soviet era ideological drama based on Nikolai Ostrovsky’s famous novel “How Steel Was Tempered”….
May Stars Soldier 1959-05-05 May 1945. On the outskirts of Prague, ordinary people meet Soviet soldiers-liberators with tears of joy in their eyes. In the early days of the lull, …
The Spaceship of Aliens 1985-06-06 A story about a launch of one of the first “Vostok” space ships in 1960….
Преступление: Нетерпимость, Преступление: Обман Шапурин 1976-07-12
Gloomy Morning Sharygin 1959-04-26 The third film in the trilogy (“The Sisters”, “The Eighteenth Year”, “The Gloomy Morning”) based on the novel by Aleksei Tolstoy “The Road to Calvary”…

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