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Olga Engl

Olga Engl Biography / Wiki

NameOlga Engl
Also KnowOlga Engel
Known ForActing
Place of BirthPrague, Bohemia, Austria-Hungary [now Czech Republic]
Date of Birth1871-05-30
Age(as in 2022)75

Olga Engl Acting Movies

Movie NameCharacterRelease DateOverview
Eine Nacht an der DonauFürstin Derlingen1935-12-13
Slaves of Love1924-09-04
Pro domo1919-01-01
Die schwarze Spinne1921-01-01An adaptation of the eponymous novella by Jeremias Gotthelf….
The Life and Works of Richard WagnerCosima von Bülow1913-05-31The story of the great German composer, from his childhood through his great triumphs in orchestral and operatic music….
Aus eigener Kraft – Ein Filmspiel vom AutoMutter von Ingenieur Jungk1924-07-10A Motion Picture Play about the Automobile….
Die Rache einer Frau1921-04-14“A Woman’s Revenge” – In order to punish her cold, brutal aristocratic husband for murdering her lover, a woman becomes a common prostitute to shame h…
Rinaldo RinaldiniMarchesa de Candido1927-02-25A gentleman trades place with a notorious gangster who’s his dead ringer to prevent an evil baron to marry his fiancée….
The Salesgirl from the Fashion Store1925-01-01
In Vertretung1913-01-01
Teddy wird verpackt1916-07-01
Erblich belastet1919-03-01
Die Sühne1918-02-07A silent German film directed by Austrian director Emmerich Hanus with Martha Novelly and Kurt Vespermann in the leads….
Weil ich dich liebe1918-09-06
Die Ratte1918-10-11
Nicht Lange Täuschte Mich das Glück1917-11-01Pola Negri plays a dual supporting role as a nun and a cabaret dancer in this film….
The Tango Queen1913-12-05Hanni, the shop girl, comes from a milieu like Zille, from which she is freed, so to speak, by Ferdinand, a wealthy elderly gentleman. The first date …
Lache Bajazzo1917-01-01
Stuart Webbs: The Man in the Cellar1914-01-02Installment in the popular Stuart Webbs detective series. Directed by Joe May….
Das Lied der ColombineMutter Maria Sehring1918-11-22Melodrama about alleged adultery, jealousy and honor….
Um Krone und Peitsche1919-01-23Melodrama with the theme of class difference between a Count and the daughter of a ringmaster. They marry but their environment work against them in a…
Das goldene KalbFrau Grahl1925-04-16
Ihr schlechter Ruf1922-02-22
Die Zirkusprinzessin1925-12-22
Moderne Töchter1919-07-01
Zwei Menschen1919-07-01
Die Amazone1921-04-08
Die Straße des Vergessensihre Gouvernante1926-12-19a silent movie by Heinz Paul…
Ikarus, the Flying ManGünther’s Mother1918-10-27Two French spies, Baron d’Aubigny and Clemence de Montignon, blackmail German engineer Günther Ellinghaus with his gambling debts into handing over…
RegineFrau Sendig1935-01-07Frank returns to his homeland as an engineer, falls in love with Regine, the housemaid of his uncle, and marries her. Thanks to the intrigues of Flori…
The Minister’s Daughter1913-03-27Klara and her father have been alone since her mother died. Her close friend Hans leaves for the military, and on returning as a fine young man, rushe…
Anastasia, die falsche ZarentochterGroßfürstin Marja1928-01-01Anastasia’s supposed escape and possible survival was one of the most popular historical mysteries of the 20th century, provoking many books and films…
Sir or Madame1928-11-13
Die Schuld1919-06-06
LoveDie alte Prinzessin1928-12-16Based on Honore de Balzac’s story of Madame de Langeais. Costume drama about the infamous loves of the countess….
Carl und Carla1915-04-01
Das Gift der Medici1918-01-01
S.O.S. Die Insel der Tränen1923-11-01
Der Dieb1918-01-01
Emil and the DetectivesGroßmama1931-12-02When a suspicious man bribes Emil with chocolate in return for a bundle of cash, the young lad thinks of a plan to catch him….
Anna KareninaFurstin Sherbatzki1920-12-30
Witching HourGräfin Herm1917-05-01The noble family de la Porte lives at castle Medan. After the lost heir August returns unexpectedly, countess Herm, mother-in-law of younger brother J…
The Rebel1932-12-22A young medical student returns to his Tyrolean home to find out that Napoleon’s troops have taken over the area and that his mother and sister have b…
Blondes GiftFrau Scholz1919-08-28Loni is a femme fatale who lives a depraved life with several lovers. She plunges her husband to ruin without any remorse….
Hölle der Liebe1926-10-01
Das törichte Herz1919-08-01
Die Ehe der Fürstin Demidoff1922-04-01
Auferstehung. Katjuscha Maslowa1923-08-01
Der lebende Leichnam1918-04-01
Wenn Menschen reif zur Liebe werden1916-12-22
Christa Hartungen1917-05-04
Das Maskenfest des Lebens1918-08-30
Der Schirm mit dem Schwan1916-04-09
Du bist entzückend, Rosmarie!Mrs.Quick1934-04-19
PhantomHarlans Frau / Harlan’s Wife1922-11-13Lorenz Lubota is a city clerk with no direction in life. One day on his way to work he is run over by a woman driving a chariot and he is immediately …
LiebesträumeGräfin Emilie Duday – ihre Großmutter1935-10-17
Die Frau ohne Geld1925-10-23
A Man’s Girlhood1919-10-03A Man’s Girlhood examines in comic form the conundrums of hermaphrodism. Depicts the memories of the author, published in 1907 as an anonymous biograp…
The Circle of Death1922-04-04This anti-communist propaganda film discusses the revolutionary curse of communism in the Soviet-Union shortly before and after the fall of czardom in…
Die Geliebte1927-02-10a silent movie by Robert Wiene…
Veritas vincit1919-01-02“Truth Wins” – A history film that is particularly elaborate in terms of its features and that attempts to illustrate the perpetual victory of the tru…
Ulička hříchu a lásky1923-01-01
Sturm auf drei Herzen1930-02-12
Ein Kind, ein Hund, ein Vagabund1934-11-29
So Ended a Great Love1934-10-17The political advisor to the French emperor Napoleon, and the Austrian emperor Franz I, arrange a marriage between Napoleon and the Austrian archduche…
Der BlaufuchsIlonas Tante Margit1938-12-14Ilona, the bored wife of an easily distracted professor, falls in love with his friend Tibor, a world-traveler and ladykiller. Although she pursues h…
Schatten der UnterweltIrenes Tante Nr. 11931-04-26
Des Lebens WürfelspielReichenbergs Frau1925-08-21a silent movie by Heinz Paul…
Der kleine Seitensprung1931-08-13
Das alte LiedGeneralin1945-03-29
Der Weg zu Isabel1940-01-26
The Great LoveAlte Dame im Mietshaus1942-06-12The attractive Oberleutnant Paul Wendlandt is stationed in North Africa as a fighter pilot. While in Berlin to deliver a report he is given a day’s le…
Der Mann, der nicht nein sagen kannTheresa1938-02-01
Doctor Crippen1942-11-06
Eine kleine Nachtmusik1940-02-07

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