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Olga Konstantinovna Tschechowa (Russian: Ольга Константиновна Чехова; born Knipper; 14 April 1897 – 9 March 1980) was a Russian-German actress. She was born in Aleksandropol, Erivan Governorate, Russian Empire or now known as Gyumri, Armenia. Her film roles include the female lead in Alfred Hitchcock’s Mary (1931).

Olga Tschechowa

Olga Tschechowa Biography / Wiki

NameOlga Tschechowa
Also KnowOlga Chekhova, Olga Chekova, Olga Tchekowa, Olga Tchékova , Ольга Чехова
Known ForActing
Place of BirthAleksandropol, Erivan Governorate, Russian Empire
Date of Birth1897-04-13
Age(as in 2022)82

Olga Tschechowa Acting Movies

Movie NameCharacterRelease DateOverview
Moulin RougeParysia1928-03-21An odd and tightly directed tale of a singer/dancer at the Moulin Rouge, who meets her daughter’s fiance, only to have him fall obsessively in love wi…
Rote OrchideenMaria Dorando1938-09-07In a made-up country somewhere in northern Europe: In the armaments factory F.N.G., an important drawing is copied and passed on to the enemy. Suspi…
Der Polizeibericht meldetGisela Ostercamp1934-01-12Director Burckhardt is found shot just after making the moves on Gisela Ostercamp, the wife of a business colleague. When the criminal investigator H…
A Girl from the ReeperbahnHanne Bullová1930-12-16Lighthouse keeper Uwe Bull lives with his wife Hanne and the silent assistant Jens in a secluded, small world. When the only survivor from a shipwreck…
Unter Ausschluß der ÖffentlichkeitBrigitte Sparrenberg1937-01-01
MelusineNora1944-01-01Nora and Stefan fall in love with one another after an accident takes place, but then end up losing sight of one another later on. Stefan ends up sav…
The Fox of GlenarvonGloria Grandison1940-01-02An English peace judge in an Irish district is married to an Irishwoman. She is a caring patriot. He is heavily indebted by a life of luxury, and does…
Im Tempel der VenusCarola Weber1948-02-27
Die unheimlichen WünscheFeodora, Schauspielerin1939-10-05
Two WomenPaula Corvey1938-10-23
Gefährlicher FrühlingJuliane von Buckwitz1943-11-30
Eine Frau mit HerzVera von Wesener1951-03-15
Ein Walzer um den StephansturmSylvia von Polonska1935-11-01
LiebesträumeGräfin Madeleine Duday1935-10-17
Ich verweigere die AussageNora Ottendorf1939-03-17
Das Mädchen mit dem guten RufMirandolina1938-02-25
Reise in die VergangenheitMarianne von der Halden1943-11-05
Panic in ChicagoFlorence Dingley1931-06-22A german movie about gangster life in Chicago…
Parkstrasse 13Evelyne Schratt1939-05-03The beautiful Evelyne Schratt, who has many admirerers, and whose two husbands both died under mysterious circumstances, is giving a reception. When o…
Zwei KrawattenMabel1930-10-15
Riot in ParadiseMyriam Esneh1950-08-31
The Empress’s FavouriteElisabeth Kaiserin von Russland1936-03-12Comedy about the love life of the Russian emperor….
Das KonzertMaria Heink1931-11-09
Maharadscha wider WillenSusanne de Bogne – Journalistin1950-05-31
Verliebtes AbenteuerOlivia1938-12-23Charming Tom is pursuing fine Olivia both cheerfully and stubbornly. At first, she rejects him brutally; but then she finds pleasure in this intrusiv…
After the VerdictVivian Denys1929-01-01A British-German silent drama film directed by Henrik Galeen…
Die Bacchantin1924-12-29
Wege zur guten EheClaire Veiler1933-06-13Film by Trotz….
Stud. chem. Helene WillfüerHelene Willfüer1931-04-12
Der Detektiv des KaisersOlga1930-04-22
Die Millionenkompagnie1925-01-01
Die Stadt der Versuchung1925-04-08
He Who Covets1923-09-27Tatjana is a tale of Russia, the Bolshevik uprising and revolution in a rural setting, entwined with a story of desire and deception. The first intert…
Die Liebeshölle1928-08-08
Weib in Flammen1928-11-28
NoraNora1923-02-02Adaptation of A Doll’s House by Henrik Ibsen….
MaryMary Baring1931-03-02A juror in a murder trial, after voting to convict, has second thoughts and begins to investigate on his own before the execution. German version of “…
Bel AmiMadeleine1939-02-21Shortly after being demobilized, Georges Duroy becomes aware of his power over women in the arms of Rachel, a young singer. Thanks to his good looks a…
The Boudoir DiplomatManuela1931-02-17The ambassador of the Kingdom of Luvaria orders Baron Belmar, his attaché, to win the interest of Mona, wife of the war minister, who opposes a treat…
Die gelbe FlaggeHelen Roeder – amerikanische Journalistin1937-10-11
Gewitterflug zu ClaudiaFrau Mainburg1937-11-25
Menschen im SturmVera seine Frau1941-12-19
Manja ValewskaGräfin Pola Valewska1937-05-06
Befreite HändeKerstin Thomas1939-12-20
Kein Engel ist so reinMargot1950-03-30
The Anthem of LeuthenGräfin Mariann1933-02-02The story of the rise to power of King Frederick II (aka “Frederick the Great”) of Prussia of his military campaigns to make Prussia a major power in …
Mit den Augen einer FrauMarie-Louise v.Ditmar, Baronin von Stein1942-10-30
Liebe geht seltsame WegeAntonia Delvarez1937-03-10
KünstlerliebeOlivia Vanderhagen1935-10-24
The Circle of DeathOlga Petrowna1922-04-04This anti-communist propaganda film discusses the revolutionary curse of communism in the Soviet-Union shortly before and after the fall of czardom in…
Der Mann, der zweimal leben wollteIrene Hesse1950-09-14
Um ein bisschen GlückHelene1933-01-01
Familie SchimekOlga1926-03-25
His Late ExcellencyBaronin von Windegg1927-09-16In the Ruritanian kingdom of Leuchtenstein, the old ruler has just died. His subjects are a bunch of intrigants, and his only real friend was the Baro…
Der Mann aus dem Jenseits1926-02-26Film by Manfred Noa….
NachtkolonneInka Maria1932-01-21
let me come in(archive footage)2021-04-10Bill Morrison’s experimental short features decayed film reels from the lost, German silent film Pawns of Passion (1928)….
Die Nacht der Entscheidung1931-09-17German language version of The Virtuous Sin (1930)….
Lockspitzel Asew1935-04-12
Darling of the GodsOlga von Dagomirska1930-10-13Also known as Darling of the Gods, this was Emil Jannings’ second talkie appearance. Jannings stars as famed operatic singer Albert Winkelmann, who is…
The Italian Straw HatAnais1928-01-13On the day of Fadinard’s wedding, his horse eats a lady’s hat on a bush at the roadside, while the lady is hidden behind the bush with her lover Lieut…
Andreas SchlüterGräfin Vera Orlewska1942-09-11Historical drama portraying the life of German baroque architect Andreas Schlüter….
Spione im Savoy-HotelMiß Harris1932-11-04
Die Welt ohne MaskeBetty Bandelow1934-03-09Harry Piel…
Was bin ich ohne DichLilly Petrowa, Schauspielerin1934-08-23
Trenck – Der Roman einer großen LiebeElisabeth, Zarin von Rußland1932-10-27
Zwei in einem AnzugCatherine Turner1950-05-24
Zwischen zwei HerzenInge Leuthoff1934-01-30
My Friend the ThiefPercys Schwester1951-11-08
Seine Tochter ist der PeterNora Noir1937-01-22
Abenteuer eines jungen Herrn in PolenGräfin Lubenska1934-10-03
Love in the RingLilian1930-03-17
RegineFloris Bell1935-01-07Frank returns to his homeland as an engineer, falls in love with Regine, the housemaid of his uncle, and marries her. Thanks to the intrigues of Flori…
L’argent1936-05-25Ruined by his competitor, the banker Saccard decides to set up a new business….
DesireFrau des Bankpräsidenten1951-03-02
Der ewige KlangJosephine Malti, Singer1943-06-18
Der Mann im FeuerDiva Romola1926-09-23A dedicated firefighter is forced to retire after an injury….
§ 173 St.G.B. Blutschande1929-10-16
Sein großer Fall1926-09-30
Der Meister der Welt1927-03-22
The Eternal Mask1935-01-01Venice Film Festival 1935…
Burg TheatreBaroness Seebach1936-12-25In this convoluted melodrama, an elderly thespian falls for a rising young starlet. He admits his love for her and then announces that he will retire….
Behind Monastery WallsPrioress1952-04-21Thomas Holinka has returned home from war and captivity. In the absence of a suitable home, he finds himself in what seems to be an abandoned monaster…
Peer GyntBaronin Agga1934-12-17
Heideschulmeister Uwe KarstenTeresa van der Straaten1933-11-03
Love StoryBaronin von Eggersdorf1933-03-10A young German officer’s (Wolfgang Liebeneiner) life is turned upside when he tries to end his affair with a married baroness (Olga Tschechowa) after …
Everything for DadFrau von Pleskow1953-12-22
The FallenMalwa1926-01-18
The Haunted CastleBaronin Safferstätt1921-04-07The sinister Count Oetsch scandalizes the aristocratic social gathering at Castle Vogelod as he announces his intention to “crash” the festivities. Ba…
LiebeleiBaronin v. Eggersdorff1933-03-10Vienna in the beginning of the twentieth century. Cavalry Lieutenant Fritz Lobheimer is about to end his affair with Baroness Eggerdorff when he meets…
Masquerade in ViennaAnita Keller – die Braut des Einen1934-09-27After a masked carnival ball, Gerda Harrandt, wife of the surgeon Carl Ludwig Harrandt, allows the fashionable artist Ferdinand von Heidenick to paint…
Frühling auf ImmenhofGroßmutter Arkens1974-09-13There is a lot of sunshine on the traditional Immenhof: owner Dalli and tenant Alexander Arkens want to give the javascript soon. Even Alexander’s twi…
Brennende GrenzeNadja1927-01-02The story of Brennende Grenze (= Burning Border) starts after the end of WWI. Polish franctireurs invade the German bordering regions which are to be …
Ich war ein häßliches Mädchen1955-08-24
The Road to ParadiseEdith de Tourkoff1930-12-13Willy, Kurt and Hans are broke, so they sell their car and open a filling station. Then they all fall in love for the same girl….
Die Mühle von SanssouciBarberina1926-02-01
The Three from the Filling StationEdith von Turoff1930-09-15Die Drei von der Tankstelle, meaning The Three from the Gas Station, was advertised as a German operetta when release and with it’s star studded cas…
Der FeldherrnhügelGräfin Landieren1926-10-29Coming soon…
A Certain Mr. GranFrau Mervin1933-08-15
U47 – Kapitänleutnant PrienFürstin1958-09-25In 1939 German U-boat captain Günther Prien receives orders to infiltrate the British Royal Navy base at Scapa Flow and sink British warships….
Die BarringsAmelie von Eyff1955-10-26
Die Venus von MontmartreGräfin Sullivan1925-03-03
Hannerl und ihre LiebhaberFrau von Stahl1936-11-10Everyday and social drama. In Vienna a girl from the people about social prejudices finds away the esteem and love of an airplane industrialist….
Twins from Immen FarmGroßmutter Arkens1973-12-18Alexander Arkens lives a happy life as the tenant of the Immenhof. His twin daughters Billy and Bobby also feel good. Then Alexander receives the mess…
Rittmeister WronskiFrau von Eichhoff1954-10-11A Polish officer works undercover in 1930s Berlin to discover Nazi Germany’s plans against his homeland….
Rosen-ResliFrau von Weidersheim1954-05-04
Gestrickte SpurenGräfin Latour1971-08-12
The Lost ShoeEstella1923-12-05One of the first movies made about the fairy tale Cinderella. The film is part of the current German expressionism. Because of that the film ends up b…
Soll und HabenSabine1924-10-09
L’amour qu’il faut aux femmes1934-03-02
Jack and JennyMutter Johannsen1963-12-25Saleswoman Jenny is crazy about the painter Jack. But Jack does not want to marry, even though he loves Jenny passionately. So Jenny looks elsewhere …
The Italian Straw HatAnaïs de Beauperthuis1928-01-13On the day of Fadinard’s wedding, his horse eats a lady’s hat on a bush at the roadside, while the lady is hidden behind the bush with her lover Lieut…
Un certain monsieur GrantMme Merwin – une espionne1933-08-12
The Great LongingHerself1930-08-24During lunch break at the movie studio, the extras rush to the canteen Hans Adalbert Schlettow, Maria Paudler and Luis Trenker are chatting. Eva von L…
The Stars ShineGast1938-03-17German all-star musical from 1938 that was a big commercial success….
Treffpunkt HerzGast1975-10-04

Olga Tschechowa Directing Movies

Movie NameJobRelease DateOverview
Der Narr seiner LiebeDirector1929-08-01

Olga Tschechowa Production Movies

Movie NameJobRelease DateOverview
Eine Frau mit HerzProducer1951-03-15

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