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O.W. Fischer was an austrian actor.

O.W. Fischer

O.W. Fischer Biography / Wiki

Name O.W. Fischer
Also Know Otto Wilhelm Fischer
Gender Male
Known For Acting
Place of Birth Klosterneuburg, Austria
Date of Birth 1915-04-01
Age(as in 2022) 88
Deathday 2004-01-29

O.W. Fischer Acting Movies

Movie Name Character Release Date Overview
And That on Monday Morning Alois Kessel 1959-07-13 Intended as a light farce this comedy by Luigi Commencini is a little plodding in its story about a bank manager who has had it with his buttoned-down…
Arms and the Man Hauptmann Bluntschli 1958-11-20 1865: Swiss captain Bluntschli fights as mercenary in the war between Bulgaria and Serbia. When his group’s attacked by a few Bulgarian troopers, he l…
Operation Caviar Thomas Lieven 1961-10-18 Bank accountant Thomas Lieven is forced to work as a triple agent for the British, the French and the Nazis….
Menschen im Hotel Eric Gaigern 1959-09-23
Ludwig II Ludwig II 1955-01-14 Life and death of King Ludwig II of Bavaria….
Herrscher ohne Krone Friedrich Struensee 1957-01-15
Peter Voss, der Held des Tages Peter Voss 1959-12-21
Peter Voss, der Millionendieb Peter Voss 1958-10-15
Whirlpool Rolf 1959-03-01 The ex-girlfriend (Juliette Greco) of a German fugitive hides with the captain (O.W. Fischer) and crew of a ship on the Rhine….
This Time it Must Be Caviar Thomas Lieven 1961-12-01 Thomas Lieven is a German secret agent trying to leave that profession, to live a peaceful life. Adventure is too strong an appeal, he starts working …
Story of San Michele Axel Munthe 1962-09-28
The Secret of the Black Widow Reporter Wellby 1963-11-28 Someone is killing people related to a South American expedition. The means of murder are poison darts with rubber spiders attached to them. A writer …
Ein Herz spielt falsch Peter van Booven 1953-06-22 A man, in need of money and too lazy to work for a living, marries a plain but rich girl in the knowledge that she is ill and has not long to live….
Ich suche Dich Paul Venner 1956-02-24 The young, religious Dr. Francoise Maurer comes from Alsace in “Good Hope” Sanatorium and plans after a short time to leave the sanatorium and go to I…
Scandal in Bad Ischl Franz Duhr 1957-12-03
Scheidungsgrund: Liebe Dr. Thomas Werther 1960-08-25
Ein Glas Wasser Lord Bolingbroke 1977-01-16
Mein Vater, der Schauspieler Wolfgang Ohlsen 1956-09-01 Because Diva Christine believes that her husband is cheating on her, she hurtles away and dies. Only the little son prevents the widower from committi…
El Hakim Ibrahim 1957-12-16 A young Egyptian doctor leaves his uneducated, dance girl lady friend behind while he focuses on fighting poverty and superstition. Years later, rich …
Das weite Land Friedrich Hofreiter 1970-03-29
Hanussen Eric Jan Hanussen 1955-09-14 In Germany during World War II, a well-known psychic decides to collaborate with the Nazis….
Märchen vom Glück Fernando 1949-09-09
…und nichts als die Wahrheit Stefan Donat 1958-08-07
Il bacio del sole Pater Borrelli alias Don Vesuvio 1958-11-07
The Magnificent Rogue Philipp Kalder 1960-11-01
Die Fliege und der Frosch Gabriel 1971-01-23
Transplantation Professor Kalas 1969-10-21
Amouren Garry Essendine 1972-10-21
Herbst in Lugano Felix 1988-10-08
Leuchtende Schatten Hans Werner 1945-01-01
Der Marquis – der Mann, der sich verkaufen wollte Marquis Antonio de las Nieves 1965-11-12
Until we meet again Paul Mayrhöfer 1952-10-06 This is the tear-jerking love story between young Pamela and casino owner Mayrhoefer….
As Long as You’re Near Me Frank Tornau 1953-08-26 As Long as You’re Near Me (German: Solange Du da bist) is a 1953 West German drama film directed by Harald Braun. It was entered into the 1954 Cannes …
Portrait of an Unknown Woman Jan Maria Keller 1954-08-26 Keller, a painter, while at the ballet is impressed with the beauty of Nicole and sketches her head on the body of a nude model. When it is shown, it …
Das Riesenrad Rudolf von Hill 1961-08-25
Eine Liebesgeschichte Jost von Fredersdorff 1954-02-25
Sommerliebe Franz von Haflinger 1942-11-26
The Farmer Forsworn Franz Ferner 1941-12-18 After his stepbrother Jacob dies in an accident, farmer Matthias Ferner learns from Paula, Jacob’s spouse of many years, that she and her two children…
Das unsterbliche Antlitz Anselm Feuerbach 1949-09-02
Rosen der Liebe König Raoul 1949-12-23
Desires Hans Falkner 1952-03-14 Desires (German: Das Letzte Rezept) is a 1952 German drama film directed by Rolf Hansen. It was entered into the 1952 Cannes Film Festival….
Ich hab’ mich so an Dich gewöhnt Peter Heider 1952-09-24
Triumph der Liebe Agathos 1949-06-03 Adaptation of LYSISTRATA by Aristophanes…
Erzherzog Johanns große Liebe Erzherzog Johann 1951-03-24
Liebling der Welt 1949-03-11
Sieben Briefe Felix Lombard 1944-03-28
Cuba Cabana Robby Tomsen 1952-12-19
Breakfast in Bed Henry Clausen 1963-04-25
Teerosen Dominik 1978-07-08
Dreaming Lips Peter 1953-01-29
Tagebuch einer Verliebten Paul Holzmann 1953-10-18 In South Tirol, shortly after ww-ii: Paul and Barbara Holzmann and their son Charlie own a small gasoline station. At their wedding anniversary, of al…
Heidelberger Romanze Hans-Joachim Prinz von Reiningen 1951-12-23 The rich and jung American Susanne falls in love with the Student Hans-Joachim. Set in the romantic Heidelberg….
Spiel 1944-12-25
Glück unterwegs Kapellmeister Florian 1944-04-04 1944 film….
Dreaming Days Florian Faber 1951-08-17 The Berger couple want to enjoy their vacation in the mountains, a break that they both deserve. Because Maya suffers from strong emotional swings and…
Uncle Tom’s Cabin Saint-Claire 1965-04-13 In the pre-Civil War South, a sadistic plantation-owner brutalizes his slaves to the point of them heaving no other choice but to rebel. Always obedie…
Meine Tochter lebt in Wien Hauser Chauffeur 1940-07-16
Tausend rote Rosen blüh’n Andreas Mahler 1952-08-28
Hin und her René 1951-01-09
Shiva und die Galgenblume Kriminalassistent Egge 1945-11-27
Die beiden Schwestern Andreas Holk 1943-10-26
Berlin-Melodie 1963-03-31
Sag’ endlich ja Ingenieur 1945-01-01
Non faccio la guerra, faccio l’amore Backhaus 1966-12-23
Verlorenes Rennen Robert Rimmel 1948-12-20
Love Birds Il conte 1969-11-07 Two couples live their erotic fantasies out until one of the women is murdered….
Vienna 1910 Karl Lechner 1943-08-26 Vienna 1910 is a 1943 German biographical film directed by Emerich Walter Emo and starring Rudolf Forster, Heinrich George and Lil Dagover. It is base…
Anthony the Last Graf Willy von Erlenburg 1939-11-30 Comedy with Hans Moser as grumpy valet who takes corrective action with mumbling peevishness in the fortunes of his family household count….
Klaus Kinski – I’m not an actor Self 2000-05-21 Klaus Kinski is one of the few German actors who has achieved international fame. He made headlines. And disappeared behind them. Kinski lived his par…
Rebel Flight to Cuba Peter van Houten 1959-01-01 A group of criminals hijacks a plane, intending to fly it to Cuba….
Burg Theatre Schauspieler des Burgtheaters 1936-12-25 In this convoluted melodrama, an elderly thespian falls for a rising young starlet. He admits his love for her and then announces that he will retire….
Napoleon Karl von Metternich 1955-03-25 The film follows the life of Napoleon from his early life in Corsica to his death at Saint Helena. The film is notable for its use of location shootin…
A Tale of Five Cities 1951-03-01 An Englishman has been working in the US so long he now speaks with an American accent. He is drafted into the British Army during WWII but is injured…

O.W. Fischer Directing Movies

Movie Name Job Release Date Overview
Ich suche Dich Director 1956-02-24 The young, religious Dr. Francoise Maurer comes from Alsace in “Good Hope” Sanatorium and plans after a short time to leave the sanatorium and go to I…
Hanussen Director 1955-09-14 In Germany during World War II, a well-known psychic decides to collaborate with the Nazis….


Movie Name Job Release Date Overview
Ich suche Dich Writer 1956-02-24 The young, religious Dr. Francoise Maurer comes from Alsace in “Good Hope” Sanatorium and plans after a short time to leave the sanatorium and go to I…

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