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Paul Henckels

Paul Henckels Biography / Wiki

NamePaul Henckels
Also KnowPaul Henkels, Пауль Хенкельс
Known ForActing
Place of BirthHürth, Germany
Date of Birth1885-09-09
Age(as in 2022)81

Paul Henckels Acting Movies

Movie NameCharacterRelease DateOverview
The Brandenburg ArchLehmann, Schuhmacher und Portier1929-05-22In the year 1914: The assistants of cobbler Lehmann compete for the affections of his daughter Frieda. Actually she’s in love with her ambitious cou…
Pension SchöllerSchöller1952-08-09
Pension SchöllerDirektor Schöller1930-10-20
Täter gesuchtKonsul Lychner1931-03-12A dedicated editor, who is engaged to the daughter of a wealthy senator thrills her father with a lecture about convictions based on circumstantial ev…
Das gestohlene GesichtProfessor Wrede1930-11-10Das Gestohlene Gesicht (The Stolen Face) is an old-fashioned detective yarn given credence by its talented cast. A set of peculiar circumstances force…
Einmal am RheinDamian Bacchus1952-10-01
Wibbel the TailorSchneider Wibbel1931-01-05Wibbel the Tailor is a 1931 German comedy film directed by Paul Henckels and starring Henckels, Thea Grodyn and Wolfgang Zilzer. It is an adaptation o…
Skandal um den HahnWerner Kiekendahl1938-08-04
Er und sein DienerDiener1931-09-24
Hummel – HummelArthur Hummel1936-11-06
FrühlingsmelodieFranz Liebitz1945-01-01
Tischlein deck Dich, Esel streck Dich, Knüppel aus dem Sack1938-10-011938 German film….
Die seltsame Nacht der Helga WangenRentier Hilsoe1928-10-15
Das närrische Glück1929-04-18
Wäsche – Waschen – WohlergehenProfessor Stahlschmidt1932-01-24
Flachsmann als ErzieherJügen Heinrich Flachsmann1930-11-07
Freunde, vernehmt die GeschichteSelf1959-04-19
Der lustige Witwenball1936-12-21
Die Finanzen des GroßherzogsPaqueno1934-01-10
Eine Seefahrt, die ist lustigEmil Winkler1935-11-21Fritz Schmitz advertises the sea journeys of Mr. Hein Kluge using this melody. Fritz is Mr. Winkler’s nephew and aside from attracting participants i…
Staatsanwältin CordaBürgermeister1953-03-04
HafenmelodieJansen1950-07-20A gang of thieves plan a hit on a warehouse filled with precious stuff….
Die LindenwirtinProf. Dingeldey, Dekan1930-08-27
Insel ohne MoralLeuchtturmwärter Claas1950-10-23
Bridge mit Onkel TomThomas Bradley1961-11-11
Inheritance in PretoriaPetermann1934-10-18
Der Traum vom RheinDellhausen1933-09-07
Staatsanwalt JordanConrad Hecker1926-12-02
Am Rüdesheimer Schloss steht eine LindeEnsser1928-02-01
Ledige Mütter1928-02-14
Das Geheimnis von BrinkenhofJasper Brinkenhof1923-12-25
Immer die MädchenBaron Siebenstein1959-08-14
Der Dschungel ruftProf. Johannes Helmer1936-01-16Rich American Dina Morris and her New York friends sail through the Indian Ocean on a yacht. When the ship suffers a machine damage near the coast, it…
Die gläserne KugelFranz Sylten, später Trix1937-04-11
The RingerHauptinspektor Bliss1932-07-21A shifty lawyer is threatened with death within two days by a criminal who supposedly died in Australia….
Der MaulkorbWimm1938-02-11
Napoleon Is to Blame for EverythingLord Cunningham1938-11-29English Lord Arthur Cavershoot is a passionate Napoleon scholar who badly neglects his wife Josephine for his obsession with the French emperor. When …
TräumereiBaron Fölkersam1944-05-03
The Immortal HeartGüldenbeck1939-01-31Nuremberg durting the time of Albrecht Durer and the famous geographer Martin Behaim: the locksmith Peter Henlein is looking for a way to make bullet…
Hermine und die sieben AufrechtenSchneidermeister Hediger1935-01-11
Der Herr SenatorSenator Karl Andersen1934-11-01
The Secret of the Blue RoomDiener Paul1932-12-13Just for fun and to prove to the daughter of the castle lord how courageous they are, three young men agree to each spend one night in the “blue roomâ…
Ein ganzer KerlOberst1939-12-22
Diese Nacht vergess ich nieDr. Max Schröter1949-05-03
Der Jäger aus KurpfalzDer alte Leuschner1933-12-20
Die unmögliche FrauMöller1936-04-02
Gesucht wird MajoraPortier Wilkens1949-09-02
The Grapes Are RipePaul Rindsfuss1952-11-25
Trees die uprightGroßvater1958-08-27
Das Leben ruftKallenberg1944-12-20
Der Störenfried1934-02-02Film by Jacoby….
CarouselTheodor Huhn1937-08-02A comedy directed by Alwin Elling….
Der UnüberwindlicheH. van Teen, Juwelier & Jim1928-08-27
Wenn das Herz der Jugend sprichtDr. Kerber1926-10-17
Der LadenprinzMartin Flamm1928-08-20
In Sachen TimpeGustav Fiedler1934-03-30Film by Carl Heinz Wolff….
Der tolle BombergDr. Emil Landois1957-08-20No overview found….
Scandal about EvaProfessor Hagen1930-06-12An engaged woman discovers her fiancé has a four year old son. Pretending to take a cure she travels to the boy’s foster-parents to make his acquaint…
CyankaliDr.Meyer1930-05-22Drama based on a play by Friedrich Wolf. Hete is pregnant, hoping to have soon a family with her fiancé Paul. When the factory, where she and Paul wo…
The Leghorn Hat“Bubi” Sarabant1939-04-04Der Florentiner Hut (The Leghorn Hat), a 1939 German film directed by Wolfgang Liebeneiner…
Melody of a Great CityBuchverlagsdirektor Heinze1943-10-04A young woman moves to Berlin to work as a press photographer….
The Growing YouthDr. Hepp1933-09-21A psychological study of three girls who enter a boys’ school to prepare for their final examination….
Die seltsamen Abenteuer des Herrn Fridolin B.Scheidungsbeamter1948-03-09
WozzeckArzt1947-12-17While an anatomy seminar prepares to examine the cadaver of Franz Wozzeck in the name of scientific progress, medical student Büchner excoriates huma…
Die Nacht im ForsthausHeßling, Apotheker1933-05-03
Ferien vom IchHein Stumpe, Justizrat1934-12-07
Alte KameradenJohann Röttgen1934-10-04
MaxieSchuster Timm1954-10-13
Die zärtlichen VerwandtenHerr Weber1930-08-28
Fräulein CasanovaHugo Schröder1953-01-09
Alle Tage ist kein SonntagHermann Wagner, Zigarrenhändler1935-03-08
Weißer FliederBrennert, Direktor bei Rössler1940-02-28
Jede Frau hat ein GeheimnisAnnemies Vater1934-09-29
Das kleine HofkonzertEmil Knirps, Poet1949-04-15Shot in 1944, finished and released in 1949….
Der Mann, dem man den Namen stahlDr. Heimlich1945-03-01During his trip to the city, a naïve man from the countryside falls victim to a thief who steals his wallet. Since all his personal documents were in…
LiebesträumeSpiridion – Diener Liszts1935-10-17
The Great LongingAufnahmeleiter Klieht1930-08-24During lunch break at the movie studio, the extras rush to the canteen Hans Adalbert Schlettow, Maria Paudler and Luis Trenker are chatting. Eva von L…
Eine Frau ohne BedeutungLord Hunstaton1936-10-26Sylvia, the daughter of the pastor Kelvil, is lectrice to Lady Patricia and gets to know the young Lord Harford. They love one another, but their cla…
Ball of the NationsHopkins1954-12-25
Drei Tage AngstBellmann, der rabiate Herr1952-05-08
Die große und die kleine WeltSchmidtke1936-03-20The taxi driver Fritz gets to know the millionaire-heiress Iris and marries her against the wishes of her family. They live together in a small apart…
Egon der Frauenheld1957-10-03
Eine alltägliche GeschichteSpaziergänger1948-11-26
The Last CompanyPitsch1930-03-1413 German soldiers have to fight off a French regiment….
True JacobGeheimrat Spülpnagel1931-03-16
Zwischen Himmel und ErdeClemens Burger1942-06-11
Die StärkereDraaden1953-08-11
Sex in ChainsHelenes Vater – der Geheimrat1928-10-24A young man is convicted of manslaughter and sentenced to a term in prison. There he forms a close relationship with his cellmate. Upon his release hi…
Glückliche ReiseFritz Homann1933-11-27Film by Abel….
Ave MariaAmadeo Winkler1936-01-04Ave Maria was the second film-starring vehicle for legendary operatic tenor Beniamino Gigli. Mourning the loss of the only woman he ever loved, concer…
Die Frau ohne Nerven1930-01-17
Der Kampf des Donald Westhof1927-09-29
The Punch BowlProfessor Bömmel1944-01-28Die Feuerzangenbowle from Director Helmut Weiss is based on the novel by the same name from Heinrich Spoerl and Hans Reimann that has turned into a cu…
Die Mädels vom ImmenhofTierarzt Dr. Pudlich1955-08-11Granny Jantzen lives with her three granddaughters Dick, Dalli and Angela on the small pony farm Immenhof in Northern Germany. Since the breeding of p…
The Living DeadArzt in der Unfallstation1932-09-06A crazed scientist murders his wife, walls her up, then flees. A reporter sets out to track him down. Remake of Unheimliche Geschichten (Richard Oswal…
Ferien auf ImmenhofTierarzt Dr. Pudlich1957-09-03The pony hotel has just been opened, but so far no guests have arrived. Dick gets Ralf to design a brochure about the hotel. The girls and Ethelbert t…
Kleiner Mann – was nun?Lehmann1933-08-03First adaptation of Hans Fallada’s novel of the same name….
BurglarsPolizist1930-12-15The young wife of a rich old husband is prevented of a fling by a gentleman-burglar, who falls in love to her….
Ferien vom IchHeinrich Stumpe, Notar, alias Philipp1952-11-10
Friedrich Schiller – Der Triumph eines GeniesHofmarschall von Silberkalb1940-11-13The young Schiller, whose heart and soul are writing and poetry, is forced into the military academy (the pride and joy of the Duke of Württemberg). …
An Ideal HusbandLord Caversham1935-09-05Sir Robert Chiltern is a successful Government minister, well-off and with a loving wife. All this is threatened when Mrs Cheveley appears in London w…
Das Einmaleins der LiebeZangler1935-09-19
Mein LeopoldZernickow1931-12-18
Verlieb Dich nicht am BodenseeProfessor Reisinger1935-12-21
Tausend MelodienPasedack, Oberbuchhalter1956-06-18
Immer nur DuDirektor Schellhase1941-08-22The two stars of an upcoming operetta performance quarrel constantly. but they also fall in love with each other….
Polizeiakte 909Verteidiger1933-03-16
Wenn du noch eine Heimat hastMusiklehrer1942-01-08
MännerwirtschaftLürshermann, Hochzeitsbitter1941-03-21
AbschiedswalzerIgnaz Pleyel1934-10-02
Danke, es geht mir gutProfessor Sedelmann1948-01-23Boys are usually busy playing “Indians”, but when their uncle decides to rent part of their home to a Doctor Höflin, they took an oath to cast him ou…
Zwischen zwei HerzenDr. Georgius1934-01-30
Herz – modern möbliertBorstel1940-10-29
Glück aus OhioDirektor Hasenkamp1950-12-22a movie by Heinz Paul…
The Little CzarPawlitsch1954-08-11
Melodie des HerzensEhemann1929-12-15A young maid from the country looses her job as maid in k.u.k. Budapest, when she stays out too long with her beau, a soldier, who’s saving money to b…
Herr Sanders lebt gefährlichCaspar Natter1944-05-12
Spring AwakeningStiefel1929-01-01Moritz Stiefel faces expulsion due to poor marks. When he is caught with an essay titled “Shame and Lust”, he is indeed kicked out – instead of …
The House of Lies1926-01-22
The Testament of Dr. MabuseLithograph1933-04-21After a detective is assaulted by thugs and placed in an asylum run by Professor Baum, he observes the professor’s preoccupation with another patient,…
Das Bad auf der TenneUle Sleeks, Handelsreisender1943-07-30
Hier bin ich – hier bleib ichBaron Eduard von Löwenherz1959-01-08
Hochzeit auf ImmenhofTierarzt Dr. Pudlich1956-09-11The Immenhof has been closed by officials, awaiting auction. In the meantime, Angela has died, so Jochen is now a widower. Oma Jantzen and Angela’s yo…
KlettermaxeWeingarten, Besitzer eines Modesalons1952-05-14
Königliche HoheitHofmarschall Bühl zu Bühl1953-12-22An American heiress in Europe falls in love with a German prince, but he is required to marry someone else for reasons of state convenience….
Liebe kann wie Gift seinBuchhändler Droste1958-07-22no overview…
Der unsterbliche Lump1930-02-21
MamitschkaHerr Samhaber1955-09-28
GloriaOberbürgermeister1931-09-29This is the German version of Gloria with Gustav Fröhlich & Brigitte Helm in the leads. A French version was filmed simultaneously with André Lu…
Die Nacht mit dem KaiserManager1936-12-22
The Night in VeniceDirektor Winand, Parfümfabrikant1942-04-02The marriage of the celebrated operetta diva Vilma and the chamber singer Peter has come to an end. Peter, however, is intent on winning back his now…
The Last NightProsper1928-10-11A film by A. W. Sandberg….
You Can No Longer Remain SilentKnut, Allerhandmann1955-10-27A Nordic fishermen’s village surrounded by the raging sea. This is were fisherman Haldor (Wilhelm Borchert) is living. His marriage with the proud Sal…
Ihr PrivatsekretärTobias Kiepergass, der Ehegatte1940-02-22
Columbus Discovers KraehwinkelApotheker Rudolf Wagner1954-08-09Two GIs haven fallen in love with “Fräuleins”, decide to stay in Germany and open a typically American drugstore in the center of the small town wher…
Zwölf Minuten nach zwölfJuwelier Anders1939-09-26
Thérèse RaquinGrivet1928-11-04A silent adaptation of the novel by French writer Émile Zola….
Das seltsame Fräulein SylviaAgent Emmermann1945-01-01
Das Hermännchen. Nee, nee, was es nich’ alles gibtDir. Wengen1936-06-05a movie by Heinz Paul…
Zweimal zwei im HimmelbettMatthies Lindequist1937-12-02
This One or NoneMontalon, Michaels Adjutant1932-09-25The title of this heavily plotted German melodrama translates as “This One or None”. Gitta Alpar stars as Eve, whose emotions are torn between two Eur…
Was wird hier gespielt?1940-07-19
Das tanzende HerzHaberling1953-10-22
Der MeisterboxerTobias Wipperling1934-05-10Film by Fred Sauer….
Frühere Verhältnisse1927-06-15
Der BiberpelzMothes1928-03-09
An Ideal HusbandLord Caversham1958-06-08Sir Robert Chiltern is a successful Government minister, well-off and with a loving wife. All this is threatened when Mrs Cheveley appears in London w…
Der tolle BombergProf. Landois1932-03-28No overview found….
Man braucht kein GeldThe Mayor1931-12-24In this German comedy, an enterprising American uncle comes from Chicago goes to the tiny town of Groditzkirchen to make a fortune on credit even thou…
The Prodigal SonLehrer1934-09-06Story of the trials and tribulations of a German who emigrates to the US during the Great Depression….
Hab’ mich lieb!Papa Schmidtke1942-12-08
Drei Mädels vom RheinHannes1955-11-25
Drei Birken auf der HeideVater Heidkämper, Imker1956-11-30
DreyfusVerteidiger Edgar Demange1930-08-15In late nineteenth century Alfred Dreyfus, a French army officer of Jewish heritage, is falsely accused of espionage. Found guilty of treason he is dr…
Der Fremdenführer von LissabonJeronimo Duarte1956-12-28
Ich und meine SchwiegersöhneHerr Gramberg1956-05-03
Love in Stunt Flying2. Anwalt1937-08-09Mabel is a successful pilot who hates sensational media, but falls in love with Jack, a womanizer journalist with conservative views on gender. When t…
Rausch einer NachtFritz, Oberkellner1951-02-16
RembrandtRadierer Seeghers1942-06-17Already a famous painter, Rembrandt van Rijn is commissioned to paint the Amsterdam Archers’ Guild. But upon completion of the picture, the men of th…
Die ZaubergeigeHofkapellmeister Curtius1944-05-09
Ein Mädchen mit ProkuraPaschen, Vorsitzender des Schwurgerichts1934-03-30
Diskretion – EhrensacheOnkel Jerry1938-08-23
Frau LunaGeheimrat Schmidt1941-07-22Berlin’s theatre crowd is excited about the new operetta “Frau Luna”. But for the head of the city’s vice police, who was invited to the dress rehears…
Mädchenjahre einer KöniginKönig Leopold von Belgien, Alberts Onkel1936-02-28After her Prime Minister Lord Melbourne arranges a marriage for her with the German Prince Albert, the young Queen Victoria decides to leave London an…
Tolle NachtOnkel Gode1957-05-16
Der alte und der junge KönigPesne1935-01-02The story of the stormy relationship between King Friedrich Wilhelm and his son, who later became known as King Frederick the Great of Prussia….
So ein FrüchtchenInspizient1942-06-26
Explodigger 1010Gemeindevorsteher1929-11-25The engineer Karl Hartmann invents a new, gigantic brown coal excavator. He discovers that there are large deposits below his home country and decides…
Paul und PaulineBürgermeister Kleinmichel1936-03-13a movie by Heinz Paul…
Peter, Paul and NanetteProfessor Leblanc1935-01-15
Liebe dumme MamaProfessor1934-09-03
Eine Stadt steht kopfHerr Berger1933-01-21
Die große ChanceOtto Meckeritz1934-03-30
Heideschulmeister Uwe KarstenProfessor Sieveking1933-11-03
AssassinationKreisarzt1927-08-22“Assassination” – A far-right political organization called “Fellowship Loyalty” seeks contact with an easily seducable man whom she finds in Joachim …
Drei tolle TageAndreas Blume – Maler1936-09-03Film by Deppe….
Das Testament des Cornelius GuldenHerr Griesicke1932-11-03No overview found….
A HoaxProfessor Marius – Besitzer Sanatorium ‘Seelenruhe’1936-09-04Absurd mistakes arise when the passengers of a burnt down sanitarium are quartered at a hotel. -Humble-tumultuous comedy with situation joke and prove…
Heute blau und morgen blauDr. Woltermann1957-12-27
Junge AdlerDr. Voß1944-05-24Director Brakke has good reason to be happy: he has just received the news that his son, Theo, won first place in the local boat race. To be sure, h…
Two in a Big CityBumke1942-01-23A German soldier on leave in Berlin goes looking for his pen pal who he has never met called Gisela. He meets instead a woman with the same name and f…
Küß mich noch einmal!Hotelarzt1956-08-02
Die schönen Tage von Aranjuez1933-09-21
Frau Irene Besser1961-02-15It was not until twelve years after the end of World War II that Irene Besser’s husband, Martin Besser, long believed to be missing, returned from Sov…
Napoleon at St. HelenaBaron Las Cases1929-11-07Napoleon at Saint Helena (German: Napoleon auf Sankt Helena) is a 1929 German silent historical film directed by Lupu Pick and starring Werner Krauss,…
Reaching for the StarsVater1955-06-29
Das lustige KleeblattGotthelf Redlich, Prokurist bei Bollmann1933-12-05
Fremdenheim FilodaSchulz – Rentier1937-09-29
The Master of NurembergFrisör1927-09-04
MorgenröteMichael Schwaiger1929-08-19Film by Wolfgang Neff….
Confessions of Felix KrullSchimmelpreester1957-04-24Thomas Mann’s witty and intimate story of a irresistible scoundrel….
Viennese SpiritPrince Ypsheim1942-04-03A musical comedy directed by Willi Forst….
No Greater LoveProfessor Gutgesell1952-02-29Directed by Harald Braun and told from the perspective of Bertha von Suttner, the first female to receive the Nobel Peace Prize, The Alfred Nobel Stor…
Kirschen in Nachbars GartenSchriftsteller Wendland1956-08-02
The ScoundrelLaw Officer1931-06-05
A Piece of HeavenJosephus1958-01-03
Altes Herz wird wieder jungJustizrat Flinth1943-04-02
Via MalaDr. Gutknecht1961-08-09
Das große SpielSA-Ordner1942-07-10A player on a soccer team, where everyone matches together just perfectly, has fallen out of a championship tournament due to illness; which leads to …
KolbergMajor in Königsberg1945-01-30During Napoleon’s victorious campaign in Germany, the city of Kolberg gets isolated from the retreating Prussian forces. The population of Kolberg ref…
Mädchenräuber1936-02-06Film by Sauer….
The Great KingGrenadier Spiller1942-03-02King Frederick II (aka “Frederick the Great”) of Prussia is engaged in a major battle against the Austrian army at Kunersdorf, and things aren’t going…
Die spanische FliegeDr. Ambrosius1955-03-01
Mädels von heute1933-11-30
Der Stolz der 3. KompanieWeinbauer Diestelbeck1932-07-18
Her Majesty Loveregistrar1933-02-06Fred von Wellingen is a wealthy industrialist, part of a large family-owned corporation. Fred has fallen for Lia, a comely bartender in the Berlin Cab…
Dolly macht Karriere1930-09-29Musical vehicle for up and coming Dolly Haas, as a would be actress with a would be composer boyfriend. She sings,at one point, that she has the walk …
Das Leben geht weiter1945-01-01
Rasputin, Demon of the WomenPureschkewitsch1932-02-19The demonic Rasputin is poisoned but survives to continue seducing in evil ways, in this historical thriller….

Paul Henckels Directing Movies

Movie NameJobRelease DateOverview
Wibbel the TailorDirector1931-01-05Wibbel the Tailor is a 1931 German comedy film directed by Paul Henckels and starring Henckels, Thea Grodyn and Wolfgang Zilzer. It is an adaptation o…

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