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Renate Müller was a German singer and actress in both silent films and sound films, as well as on stage. Her talent and blue-eyed blonde Aryan looks attracted the attention of the Nazi party and, in particular, Joseph Goebbels who arranged an introduction to Adolf Hitler, and encouraged a relationship between the two. The circumstances surrounding her death are unclear and there are different versions. One claims that she fell from a window of her house after the arrival of Gestapo agents. Her life story was adapted for the screen in 1960, where she was played by well-known German actress Ruth Leuwirk in “Liebling der Götter” (The Darling of the Gods).

Renate Müller

Renate Müller Biography / Wiki

Name Renate Müller
Also Know Rene Müller, Renate Muller
Gender Female
Known For Acting
Place of Birth Munich, Germany
Date of Birth 1906-04-26
Age(as in 2022) 31
Deathday 1937-10-07

Renate Müller Acting Movies

Movie Name Character Release Date Overview
Eskapade Madame Hélène 1936-09-01
Allotria Viola 1936-06-11 Best friends David and Philip have to end their love affair with their mistress Aimée which they – not knowing of each other – share, because they ar…
Waltz War Kati Lanner 1933-10-03
Die englische Heirat Gerte Winter 1934-10-31 Georg Alexander plays Douglas Mavis, the son of a rich English family who falls in love with a Berlin girl (Renate Müller) and marries her. However, …
Wenn die Liebe Mode macht Nelly 1932-12-21
Der kleine Seitensprung Erika Heller 1931-08-13
Liselotte von der Pfalz Liselotte von der Pfalz 1935-08-07
Liebesleute Dorothea Rainer 1935-10-17 Baron von Goret is an impoverished landowner, whose estate is about to go into receivership. And so, for that reason, he wishes to marry off his son …
Cairo Season Stefanie von Weidling-Weidling 1933-07-19 Comedy with an Egyptian backdrop: Businessman Tobby and the Countess Stafanie wish to take all the fun away from their single parents and make them m…
Mädchen zum Heiraten Gerda Arnhold 1932-04-14
Die Privatsekretärin Vilma Förster 1931-01-16
Sunshine Susie Susie Surster 1931-12-06 Sunshine Susie was a remake of the German film The Private Secretary, and retained many of the originals general characteristics. Renete Muller who st…
How Shall I Tell My Husband? Charlotte Oltendorff 1933-01-16 The film starts in the fashionable seaside resort on the Baltic, Heringsdorf, where Renate Müller spends a secret weekend away from her husband with …
Marry Me Ann Linden 1932-01-01 A British musical comedy film directed by Wilhelm Thiele…
Die Blumenfrau von Lindenau Viktoria Thoss 1931-03-13
Victor and Victoria Susanne Lohr 1933-12-27 Aspiring singer Susanne takes over one night for her sick colleague, the slap-stick actor Viktor, at a small cabaret in Berlin where he works as a fem…
Darling of the Gods Agathe 1930-10-13 Also known as Darling of the Gods, this was Emil Jannings’ second talkie appearance. Jannings stars as famed operatic singer Albert Winkelmann, who is…
The Flute Concert of Sans-Souci Blanche von Lindeneck 1930-12-19 The story of the rise to power of King Frederick II (aka Frederick the Great) of Prussia and his military campaigns to make Prussia a major power in E…
Togger Hanna Breitenbach 1937-02-12
Love in the Ring Hilde 1930-03-17
Revolte im Erziehungshaus Hausvaters Tochter 1930-01-08
Teure Heimat Gretchen Jürgen 1929-07-31
The Son of the White Mountain Mary Dulac 1930-08-12 A Tyrolean mountain guide comes under suspicion of killing a tourist….

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