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Robert Manuel

Robert Manuel Biography / Wiki

NameRobert Manuel
Also KnowRobert Emmanuel Bloch, Robert Bloch
Known ForActing
Place of BirthParis, France
Date of Birth1916-09-07
Age(as in 2022)79

Robert Manuel Acting Movies

Movie NameCharacterRelease DateOverview
Les deux viergesVignon1978-04-07
L’or et la fleurLaurent1974-05-04
Coplan FX-18 Casse ToutHartung1965-10-05
A Blonde Like ThatComisario Clancy1963-02-01
RififiMario Ferrati1955-04-13Out of prison after a five-year stretch, jewel thief Tony turns down a quick job his friend Jo offers him, until he discovers that his old girlfriend …
Police JudiciaireCommissaire Dupuis1958-02-28
Judith TherpauveDroz1978-10-06When her old resistance buddies come to her looking for someone to helm a financially troubled liberal newspaper, Judith (Simone Signoret) is at first…
Ladies FirstL’inspecteur principal Viou1963-04-12An FBI agent works to arrest David Griffin, a murderous drug trafficker, and protect Juliette, the beautiful widow of Griffin’s late partner….
Would-Be Gentlemanthe music master1958-11-19
A Mouse with the MenLéon Dufour1964-07-16Marcel and Francis are busy people. Marcel owns a café and spend all his nights running from meetings to meetings with members from the high society….
Un clair de lune à MaubeugeCharlie Bank, le directeur de Superdisco1962-12-19
OrageGilbert1938-04-28The mistress of an engineer meets the man’s pregnant wife and decides to give up the liaison….
La route des IndesJames1980-02-08
Le système RibadierSavinet1975-04-10
Mademoiselle ma mèreLe patron de l’hostellerie1983-08-11
La pèlerine écossaiseMérissel1972-06-11
Georges Courteline au travail & BoubourocheClink – Roth1985-02-16
The Man Who Betrayed the Mafia1967-05-20When an oily attorney dies at the hands of the mafia, a dedicated French detective investigates the man’s murder. He soon uncovers a drug-smuggling op…
Le bourgeois gentilhommeLe maître d’armes1982-03-03In this adaptation of the play by Molière, Monsieur Jourdain, social climber, nouveau rich but naive, dreams of being recognized in high society. He …
It Happened in AdenZafarana1956-08-22
Some Like It… ColdLuigi Valmorin1960-02-17The old Valmorin died 200 years ago. The notary tells the family about the inheritance: the one who is terminally ill will receive the money. They all…
Le traité d’AuteuilD’Aubigny1981-08-02
Vent de paniqueMachavert1987-12-02Roland and Martine, once child stars in a TV series, have sunk into a life of crime. Answering an ad from Isabelle, a young girl seeking work with chi…
Une sacrée familleL’abbé Gribois1981-05-01
Maître Bolbec et son mariRebiscoul1973-06-22
Paris WaltzJosé Dupuis1950-05-04A fictitious biography of Jacques Offenbach and Hortense Schneider….
The Night AffairBlasco1958-05-14Vallois, a vice inspector for the Paris police, takes special interest in the plight of drug-addicted Lucky (Najda Tiller), whom he considers to be mo…
La crucheMarvejol1981-11-14
The Mask of the Gorilla1958-08-14Géo Paquet, aka The Gorilla, breaks from jail. Now an escaped convict, the elite agent must infiltrate a dangerous gang working for a foreign embassy…
Rififi in the CityPuig1964-12-07In an unnamed Central American state on the eve of a crucial election, a young police informer working for police officer Miguel Mora bent on uncoveri…
Life Is a Bed of RosesGeorges Leroux1983-04-20In this whimsical fable, Resnais deftly interweaves three story lines: the creation of an early-20th-century utopia; romantic high jinks at a school c…
Street of Shadowsun invité au Consulat1937-04-13A slippery femme fatale, a spy for Germany during the Great War, is sent to Thessaloniki in Greece and becomes involved with a man on the other side, …
Les gros malinsLe ministre1969-05-13
L’École des contribuablesAlfred Menu1972-06-26
La maîtresse de bridgeRabut1980-11-28
The Shanghai DramaAttacked customer1938-09-23A Russian emigrant sings in a Shanghai nightclub under the assumed name of Kay Murphy. All she dreams of is a peaceful life with her daughter Vera. Bu…
La petite sauvage1936-01-03The young Paulette is placed by her tutor in a boarding school in Lausanne. It is at the neighboring dance hall, by running away for a short time, tha…
Recourse in GraceThe fairground1960-05-19Mario di Donati, a deserter from the Italian army, lives in Paris under a false name with Germaine, his French lover. When the latter learns about his…
The Flea in the EarCarlos Homenidès de Histangua1956-09-22
Les SiffleursRobert Manuel1964-12-04Young actors drift around Paris looking for job opportunities in pursuit of their happiness. The Finnish film, made with a French cast, follows the pa…
Le Capitan 1ere époque : Flamberge au ventle comte Hercule de Nesle1946-03-27France under Louis XIII. 1615. The Duke of Angoulême is at the head of a group of gentlemen who are conspiring to drive the Florentines out of court,…
La dragée haute1960-07-27
Deadlier Than the MaleMario Bonnacorsi1956-04-13In Les Halles, in the heart of Paris, the restaurateur André Chatelin, leads an uneventful life until the arrival from Marseille of Catherine, the da…
The Black TulipLe prince Alexandre de Grasillach de Morvan Lobo1964-02-28Aristocrat Guillaume de Saint Preux leads a double life as a masked bandit known as the Black Tulip. The Black Tulip only robs rich aristocrats, so th…
Caroline and the RebelsLe Roi Joseph1955-03-11A swashbuckling heritage reveals itself as the adopted son of 19th-century Spaniards develops into a suave lady-killer….
Dom JuanLe Pauvre1985-09-21
The Razor’s EdgeAlbert1984-10-19An American WWI vet undertakes a spiritual quest that takes him from Paris to Nepal to the Himalayas and back to his hometown. Upon his return, he dis…
The Threepenny Opera1963-02-28The Gangster Macheath secretly marries the daughter of beggar king Peachum. When Peachum finds out, he instructs the police chief Brown to arrest and …
Candide or The Optimism in the 20th CenturyGerman Officer1960-12-16The film is a 20th-century adaptation of Voltaire’s 1759 social satire novel Candide, ou l’Optimisme….
Girls in DistressRobert1939-01-10Jeune Filles en Detresse (Young Girls in Distress) was director G. W. Pabst’s last French production before his (ill-timed) return to Nazi-occupied Au…
NapoleonJoseph Bonaparte (uncredited)1955-03-25The film follows the life of Napoleon from his early life in Corsica to his death at Saint Helena. The film is notable for its use of location shootin…
La Marseillaise1938-02-10A film about the early part of the French Revolution, shown from the eyes of the citizens of Marseille, counts in German exile and, of course, the kin…
If Paris Were Told to UsFlaubert1956-01-27Historical film directed and written by Sacha Guitry follows the the history of Paris from its founding through the significant events in the city’s h…

Robert Manuel Directing Movies

Movie NameJobRelease DateOverview
Mademoiselle ma mèreDirector1983-08-11
Un dîner intimeDirector1983-08-26
L’École des contribuablesDirector1972-06-26
Les deux viergesDirector1978-04-07
Georges Courteline au travail & BoubourocheDirector1985-02-16
L’École des femmesDirector1995-12-31Taped live at the Princess Grace Theater in Monte Carlo, a dope rendition of the play about a bourgeois obsessed with infidelity who grooms his future…
Dom JuanDirector1985-09-21
Stage DirectorAt Theater tonight is a TV show broadcasted from 25th August 1966 to 21st September 1985. The show is broadcast plays recorded in two or three days, d…

Other Info

Movie NameJobRelease DateOverview
L’École des contribuablesOther1972-06-26
La route des IndesOther1980-02-08
Le système RibadierOther1975-04-10
Jean de la luneOther1982-12-31

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