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Tatyana Piletskaya

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Name Tatyana Piletskaya
Also Know Татьяна Пилецкая
Gender N/A
Known For Acting
Place of Birth
Date of Birth
Age(as in 2022) 0

Tatyana Piletskaya Acting Movies

Movie Name Character Release Date Overview
Different Fortunes Tanya Ogneva 1956-09-21 Young Leningraders, yesterday’s schoolchildren, are entering adulthood. Sonya is in love with Styopa, but he loves Tanya, and Tanya prefers Fedya. T…
The Bride 1956-12-13 Nadya Shumin is engaged to be married to Andrey Andreitch, the son of a local priest. Nadya lives on her grandmother’s estate with her mother, “a fair…
Merry Grandmas (voice) 2020-03-12 Mascha is desperate to go to a wild New Year’s Eve party, but instead, her parents take her to see her grandmother, who has invited her friends over…
Aleksa Dundic Galya 1958-05-18 Life and times of Aleksa Dundic, a volunteer in the Serb army during WW1, who later became a legend by fighting for the Red Army in the Russian Civil …
The Discreet Charm of the Magicians 2021-06-08 Renata Litvinova’s short film for Gucci. Once in a year a clan of magicians gathers to “make their most important wishes and do some magic”. To make i…
Princess Mary 1955-08-15 Экранизация одноименной главы романа М. Ю. Лермонтова «Герой нашего времени». ПечЅ
Case No. 306 Надежда Корнева 1956-05-07 While investigating a regular traffic accidents detectives find evidence of foreign intelligence involvement….
Mother 1955-12-24 Timid old woman Pelageya Nilovna observes the revolutionary activities of her son Pavel Vlasov and gradually comes to realize that his cause is a grea…
Мечты сбываются 1960-07-12
About My Friend 1959-10-14 Life of three friends – Aram, Ruben, and Gohar – who went from Armenia to Leningrad (St. Petersburg) to study just as World War II started. Severe lif…
Russian Ballerina 1947-01-28
In the Old Rhythms 1982-11-22 A funny comedy about a singing detective….
Иду к вам! 1961-01-01
Вербное воскресенье Pavla Golovina 2009-10-07
The North Wind Alice 2021-02-11 The matriarchal clan led by gorgeous Margarita enters a turbulent period when her son loses his beloved fiancée. Using the structure of a repetitive …
Тайна пещеры Каниюта 1967-02-12 Many centuries ago, the Queen of Gulmalik and its people fought off fierce attacks of the Mongols. I ended metal for arrowheads, and it went gold, a m…
И вечный бой… Из жизни Александра Блока 1980-01-01
Farewell to Sankt Petersburg 1971-12-25 A story about love between famous composer Johann Strauss and Russian beauty Olga….
Путешествие в другой город 1980-11-10
Den solntsa i dozhdya the actress 1968-03-01
Pirogov Dasha Sevastopolskaya 1947-12-16 A biopic based on the life of Russian scientist and doctor Nikolai Ivanovich Pirogov (1810-1881), famous for being the founder of field surgery….
Миф о Леониде 1991-06-20 Soviet Union
Lucky Loser бабушка Лёвы 1993-12-31 A 1993 Russian comedy film directed by Valeri Bychenkov, based on Vadim Shefner’s poetry….
Nights of Farewell Teacher 1965-11-16 Paris, the middle of the XIX century. Young Marius Petipa is going on a long journey to St. Petersburg, where he is invited to become the first dancer…

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