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Tollie Zellman

Tollie Zellman Biography / Wiki

NameTollie Zellman
Also Know
Known ForActing
Place of Birth Stockholm, Stockholms län, Sweden
Date of Birth1887-08-31
Age(as in 2022)77

Tollie Zellman Acting Movies

Movie NameCharacterRelease DateOverview
While the Door Was LockedCora Anker1946-12-26The film follows a number of people in an apartment building during a night full of dramatic events and entanglements….
Anderssonskans KalleBobergskan1934-01-01
Rena rama sanningenCharlotta Lund1939-05-22Bertil Dahl deals with bonds at a bank. He dislikes that his colleagues are lying to customers to sell more bonds and pledges to tell the truth for 24…
Hjältar i gult och blÃ¥ttMrs Delmer1940-02-16The tailor Tosse is ordered to return to his old regiment to practice what he learned many years ago. But he asks his assistant Loffe to go there inst…
Spöket pÃ¥ BragehusAgate Brage1936-11-25Bragehus manor receives a new farm bailiff with new ideas on how to run a modern farm. The manor is haunted by a ghost….
Hans officiella fästmöIngeborg Berndtson, Ludvig’s mother1944-06-12Business manager Ludvig Berndtson desperately needs a fiancée to get rid of an ex-girlfriend. He asks one of his employees, secretary Monica Brandt, …
Stackars miljonärerFru «Olle» Olander1936-08-20
CareerNannie Högfelt1938-10-11One day, a theater company to Iron Creek. In the city’s steel mills meet the young actress Monika young Erik. The love between them is from the very c…
Samhällets dom1912-02-05Harald steals money in order to pay a personal guarantee. The crime is discovered and he is sentenced to imprisonment. After the penalty is served he …
VÃ¥ran pojkeEvelin Holmberg1936-08-14A rampant musical comedy drama about petty crimes, a seven year old boy and lots of rumble. A Swedish version of the play “Bouleboule gewinnt”….
Oss baroner emellanAgnes Blomqvist1939-12-26Baron Leijoncloo comes back to Sweden after many years in Argentina. On his way to his good friend Victor Sällberg’s home, he loses his luggage. A co…
The Count of the Old TownAmalia Blomkvist1935-01-21A police inspector tracks a notorious jewel thief, ‘Diamond-Lasse,’ to a hotel filled with eccentrics….
Jag dräpteLily Smith1943-10-26“I Slew” – Hospital drama of a doctor who thinks that he killed a patient on the operating table….
Hemtrevnad i kasern1941-08-12Eva Cullberg (Annalisa Ericson) wants to sing in a cabaret the local military company are arranging. But her mother (Tollie Zellman) and father (Carl-…
Fröken VildkattCarolina Cronklinga1941-12-15Thomas Palm (Ã…ke Söderblom) has recently been promoted at work at The Royal Canal Office. He celebrates with his friends on a night out and on the w…
Hustru för en dag1933-02-11Mr Wall needs a wife for a day to get a heritage from his aunt….
For Hearth and HomeGirl1917-11-16Sweden’s only war film during World War 1….
Little Martin ReturnsHis wife1948-08-14Sture Letterström and Kurre Svensson take on the task of rescuing a secret document during World War II from a group of Swedish Nazis. Since both of …
Emelie HögqvistMrs. Högqvist1939-12-26Emelie Högqvist is an actress at the Royal Theatre who gets involved in an intimate relationship with the Crown Prince Oscar….
Stackars FerdinandSelma Dellander1941-12-27Wholesaler Ferdinand wants his son to marry his firm partner’s daughter, but the problem is they don’t want to get married. The son turns to a friend …
BlÃ¥jackorFanny Hammar1945-10-23“Sailors” – A musical comedy about Kalle Svensson, a sergeant in the navy, and his loved one Nanette Raquette who works as a gymnastics teacher….
Idel ädel adelBeatrix Örnclou1945-07-16A newly married Baron plans to sell his castle. His wife, who loves to live in a castle, knows nothing about the sale….
Tonight or NeverRigolescu1941-06-04Swedish Comedy film…
There Burns a FireLisa Albert1943-08-23An allegory of Germany’s WWII occupation of Norway. Members of a theater ensemble join the resistance….
OppÃ¥t med Gröna HissenMillie1952-12-26A man and a woman are cheated on by their respective partners and decide to get their revenge….
The Norrtull GangGörel1923-12-23A collective of office girls and their tribulations in the male world, female solidarity, the place of women in the labor and civil rights struggles a…
Servant’s EntrancePontus’ wife1932-12-12Helga Breder is a young, spoiled girl. To her beloved Jörgen she says that she, as a modern young woman, is multi-talented and can do whatever she li…
A Singing GirlRosa Tonelli1942-03-09A girl (Alice Babs) from the country moves to Stockholm to become a singer….
Kungen kommerSophie Strååk1936-03-23A travelling theater-company performs Offenbach’s “The Beautiful Helene” when an officer in the audience notices the similarity in appearance between …
…och alla dessa kvinnor1944-11-13Axel is courting women in large quantities. He increasingly conscious and excessively uses his innate and viable charm, evolving into a pure Don Juan….
Minns ni?1993-10-24A quick overview of Swedish film history, featuring a breathtaking cavalry of scenes from about 170 films….

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