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Valentina A. Sperantova (1904-1978) — was Soviet theater and film actress. People’s artist of USSR (1970). A member of the CPSU since 1953.

Valentina Sperantova

Valentina Sperantova Biography / Wiki

Name Valentina Sperantova
Also Know Валентина Александровна Сперантова, Валентина Сперантова, Valentina Sperantova
Gender Female
Known For Acting
Place of Birth Zaraysk, Ryazan Governorate, Russian Empire
Date of Birth 1904-11-24
Age(as in 2022) 73
Deathday 1978-01-07

Valentina Sperantova Acting Movies

Movie Name Character Release Date Overview
The Enchanted Boy Nils (voice) 1955-01-01 An animated adaptation of the classic story of Nils Holgerson, a naughty boy who is transformed to a very little dwarf and goes through many adventure…
A Noisy Day Klavdiya Vasilyevna Savina 1961-01-07 On an ordinary Moscow street, a family lives together in an unremarkable house: a mother and four children. But one “fine” day in this family there is…
The Golden Antelope Garçon (voix) 1954-08-08 It is a screen version of an Indian national fairy tale. Malicious and greedy rajah wishes to get a wonderful antelope who strikes gold coins by hoofs…
The Birthday Party Мальчик Мурат 1959-03-14
The Secret of the Far Away Island Petya (voice) / Петя 1958-03-23 The adventures of the pioneer Petya, the islander Doom and the scientific Soviet submarine in the southern seas. The boy Doom lived on the island, he …
New Year’s Eve Новый год (нет в титрах) 1948-03-22 There are few days before the New Year. Father Frost goes for the Christmas tree in the forest. There he meets Wood Goblin, with whom they have a cont…
Дядя Степа – милиционер пионер-рассказчик
Long Journey To The Sea senutÄ— 1976-09-20 “He is going to the sea with Her to spend their holidays and celebrate the wedding. An old woman is in the compartment with them. She tells them about…
The Grandfather of the Left Winger Yuliya Petrivna 1973-01-01
Adventures of Murzilka Petya ( uncredited ) 1956-10-09 The fabulous journalist Murzilka, while on vacation, receives a telegram from the magazine’s editor-in-chief in which Murzilka is instructed to make a…
Petia and Little Red Riding Hood Petya (voice) 1958-01-01 A boy finds his way into the Little Red Riding Hood cartoon in order to save the girl from the Big Bad Wolf….
The Tale About the Dead Princess and Seven Strong Men Moon (voice) / месяц 1951-01-01 Animated film based on the story of Alexander Pushkin. The new king’s wife wants to get rid of their stepdaughter and expels it to certain death in th…
The Hunchedback Horse Ivan (voice) 1947-01-10 Adventures of Ivan the Fool and humpbacked horse in the world of kind magical creatures and cruel people….
Рядом с вами 1967-01-02
Happy Magic 1969-09-01 Funny adventures of a young girl Katya and her friends in a land of magic….
A Magic Saving Stick Мараш 1956-03-23
Письмо из юности 1974-03-11
Самый, самый, самый, самый Young lion 1966-04-23
Alyosha Ptitsyn Develops Character granny Sima 1953-06-06 Alyosha Ptitsyn, a third-grader decides that he wants to improve his personality and immediately starts to act….
Two Tickets for a Daytime Picture Show Mother of Lebedyansky 1967-05-22 Young detective investigates a complex crime starting with a two movie tickets found in the pocket of one of the criminals….
Last Month of Autumn 1966-06-13
The Cool Guy 1972-05-22 Soviet engineer Viktor Loginov, who came to one of the East as a technical representative of the Minsk Automobile Plant, had to take part in an intern…
Flight to the Moon Sandy (voice) 1953-04-11 A boy is by an accident a member of a crew that is going to travel to the moon….
Half A Hour For Miracles Grandma Lida 1968-01-01 The boy Fedya met mysterious The Wall Painter, who gave him his magic brush, with which anybody could do good deeds. But only for a half of hour. The …
Three Days in Moscow Granny 1975-01-02 A romantic comedy about young provincial policeman Ivan Fedotov’s advenures in Moscow….
What a Smile You Got Baba Varya, Sergei’s grandmother 1974-12-25 Sergey Savinov, a yesterday’s schoolboy, who failed at his entry exams, is at the crossroads. Where to go to work? After working as a stand-by in a lo…
За всё в ответе 1973-01-15
Случай из следственной практики mama Valentina Sperantseva 1968-12-09
Серая болезнь 1966-12-27
The Long Recess Glasha, cleaner 1972-06-06 A young teacher goes to a school for adults. He is younger than many of his students and some of them are starting to miss school….

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