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Vic Varrion

Vic Varrion Biography / Wiki

NameVic Varrion
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Known ForActing
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Vic Varrion Acting Movies

Movie NameCharacterRelease DateOverview
Tanging Ikaw1968-02-06A driver hits a feisty strong headed woman’s bike and fate draws them closer when the man was fired and later searches for a place to stay while he pu…
Ang Pangalan: Mediavillo1974-06-23Walking alone in some dark alley, Sgt. Mediavillo goes about his job as a daring detective….
Langit at Lupa1967-03-25A love story salvaged from the chaos of war. It tells the drama between two individuals who meet at a moment when one is about to be married to a voca…
Divina GraciaBenedik’s Bestfriend1970-05-30Two identical sisters vying for the attention of one man they both love….
Alupihang Dagat1975-08-08Gomer lives in a humble fishing village where the men sail out to sea and the women stay behind to dive for sponge. The village has been troubled by a…
Ang Leon at ang Daga1975-06-16
Dugo Sa Buhangin1967-06-18Now the Hunter, soon the Hunted… A man in a fantastic race with quick guns, fast women, and swift death, and always, blood soaked the sands….
Ang Pagbabalik Ni Daniel Barrion1968-06-16
Patayin Si… Mediavillo1978-10-12
Hanggang Sa Huling Patak Ng DugoCol. Jose Esplana1996-01-01
Ang Daigdig Ko’y Ikaw1965-04-25A story about Roman a truck driver who meets a woman who tries to hitchhike wanting to escape the man she was arranged to be her husband….
San Bernardo1966-04-27The town of San Bernardo was under the grip of a greedy landowner, Don Cosme and his band of hired gunslingers. Two men, Daniel and Kardo arrived sepa…
…At Sila’y Dumating1967-02-08A story about a lone gunslinger and a bounty hunter who teams up to fight a deranged gang leader….
Tatlong BarahaAlkalde Juan Reyes1981-12-12Came a time when these three men namely, Leon Guerrero, Julio Valiente and Geronimo was called by the Alkalde to fight his nemesis but in the end was …
Ang Panday1980-12-25Panday is a blacksmith whose real name is Flavio. When a meteor fell from the sky one night, he forged the metal from the meteor into a dagger, the ba…
Pepeng Kaliwete1982-06-04
Captain Barbell1964-05-09The first film adaptation of the iconic Filipino superhero Captain Barbell….
Ang Haragan1966-03-14A story about a small-town good guy who meets his new neighbor, a cop and his feisty sister….
3 Hari1968-03-30
Hanggang May Buhay1966-12-14A story about Orlando who was held captive by a vagrant group so that they would learn how to read. Eventually, he falls in love with the daughter of…
Ang Mananandata1965-06-23A story of a man who goes on a manhunt after a band of outlaws kills his brother and a child in his hometown….
Ang Lalaki… Ang Alamat… Ang Baril1978-01-03An action adventure film about a peaceful man who sets out on a mission of revenge against the people responsible for his family’s misfortunes….
Ang Mahiwagang Daigdig ni Pedro Penduko1973-12-25In his numerous incarnations, Pedro Penduko is an ordinary human being with no superpowers. He is, however, resourceful and quick-witted in battling e…
Ang Leon at ang KutingEnteng1980-06-12The “king” and the “child wonder” of local cinema appear together in a family-oriented comedy….
Gamu-gamo sa Pugad LawinChief of Police1983-01-06
Tierra Verde1965-02-14A story about Nanding, a bounty hunter out to get a wanted man, Ramon who took refuge in his hometown of Tierra Verde. Ramon was loved by his folks an…
Ang Kampana sa Santa Quiteria1971-12-04A story about a sergeant held captive by fugitives searching for a treasure hidden in a remote village….
Dalmacio Armas1983-03-03A story about a farmer who goes on a journey of revenge to kill the seven jailbreakers who killed his father and his cow, using his seven weapons….
Barbaro Cristobal1968-12-29A story about Barbaro Cristobal a blind gunslinger and boy who acts as his eyes….
Mahal… Ginagabi Ka Na NamanVic1979-06-19Sequel to “Mahal… Saan ka nanggaling kagabi?”. Johnny, the loving and obedient husband of Luding, must juggle family life and battle bad guys in the…
Mahal… Saan Ka Nanggaling Kagabi?Vic1979-06-30
Isang Bala Ka Lang1983-04-15Freed from prison after avenging the death of his wife, a good cop finds his vow to live a peaceful life tested….
Ako … Ang Huhusga1989-12-19
Ang Alamat1972-12-07
Little Christmas Tree1977-11-25Pinoy classic comedy movie…
Huwag Kang Papatay!1984-09-24“Thou shall not kill” is God’s command that tortures the mind of David everytime he is in the brink of killing out of anger and revenge. But until whe…
Daniel Barrion1964-05-20A gunslinger seeks revenge for the murder of his father, after killing the murderer he learns that the man had a son, he brings him to adventure with …
Nardong Kutsero1969-11-30A story about a driver of a kalesa or calesa; two-wheeled horse-drawn carriage who falls in love with a fish vendor….
Baril na Ginto1964-07-27The legend of the golden .45 and the men who possessed it….
Kulay Rosas Ang Pagibig1968-01-01
Berdugo1982-07-07Based on a comic strip, an escaped convict finds a mystical double-axe and executioner’s costume, including a black hood, pants, and boots. He pretend…
Karnabal1973-05-11A story about a mechanic and the carnival owner’s daughter….
Atlas, Hari, Sota1971-12-25
Bukas Bibitayin Si ItayPoliceman1995-05-10Elmo is an ex-convict who swears on his mother’s remains to live uprightly. After his life in prison, Elmo makes sure to avoid any conflict despite …
Sigaw ng KatarunganBulangin1984-03-15An auto mechanic who believes in honest hard work is the illegitimate son of a rich man. He proves to be better than his father’s legitimate children….
Ex-Convict1967-03-15A story about a man falsely convicted of a crime, who then escapes and does his best to prove his innocence….
At Lumaganap Ang Lagim1975-11-21Extremely obscure Filipino horror flick centers around an evil Satur….
Umpisahan Mo… Tatapusin Ko!1983-12-14
Santo Domingo1972-07-06
Doble Kara1978-05-12Eddie, a hot-blooded cop, after surviving a fatal accident was forced to undergo plastic surgery and eventually faked his own death. He then assumed a…
Salaginto’t SalagubangKiko Bulik’s Gang1972-05-14
Alakdang Gubat1976-06-27A young man from the countryside rescues his lady friend from a difficult situation and exacts vengeance upon those who have caused it….
Tatak ng Alipin1975-11-28A story about a man who grew up as a branded slave when his father lost in gambling, and escapes seeking revenge….
Gawa Na ang Bala Na Papatay sa Iyo1988-07-05
Dakilang Balatkayo1966-02-14
Batang Matadero1969-02-14The big, brawling story of a crooked man, an honest man, and a young man called Batang Matadero….
Mano-Mano1964-04-25The King of Action, Fernando Poe Jr, and the King of the Ring, Flash Elorde team up in this knock-out classic as two street fighters seeking fame and …
Daniel Bartolo ng Sapang Bato1982-09-10FPJ plays a man who take matters to his own hands and settles the score when he is pushed to his limits….
Kapag Buhay Ang Inutang1983-06-16
Baril Sa Aking Kamay1966-06-23Ariel is pursued by two groups the first one, is a group of three notorious gunslingers headed by Rufo and his two men, Labuyo and Mario. The fanatica…
Batas Sa Aking Kamay1987-06-04
Perlas ng Silangan1969-05-17Set at the backdrop of the colonization of pre-Hispanic Philippine, this historical epic revovles around the story of Ramir, a half-caste warrior fall…
Anghel sa Aking Balikat1965-12-26A story about an orphan girl who thinks that a guerilla leader is an angel….
TwistCapt. Spring1990-03-13a film by Efren Jarlego….
Durugin Si Totoy Bato1979-11-09The movie was based from a popular komiks serial by Carlo J. Caparas. It was serialized in Modern Romances and True Confessions magazine….
Tatak ng Tundo1978-12-08Two childhood friends choose different paths in life; one believes in the principle of law and justice and the other believes that only the ruthless s…
Batuigas II: Pasukuin si WawayCol. Olivar1984-02-09Leonardo de los Reyes gets framed by some hoodlums for murder, he escapes from prison and gets revenge to the people who harmed him….
The Eagle and the Sun1973-06-17The story revolves around themes of justice and revenge, as an honest doctor gets wrongfully accused of a crime. He then crosses paths with a rebel an…
Angel Molave1990-12-11A 1990 Filipino action film starring Phillip Salvador….
Maginoong Tulisan1965-01-15A story about two brothers Mando a thief and Carding a lawyer….
Ikaw ang Lahat sa Akin1969-12-28
Mga Anghel Na Walang Langit1970-07-26A heartwarming story about nine kids who had run away from their homes….
Dito sa Pitong Gatang1992-01-01Pitong Gatang is a barangay in Tondo where Berting Cayabyab is the barangay chairman. He holds a dark secret that no one knows about. Mariposa is an a…
Ang Dayuhan1968-02-02A mysterious gunslinger came to town and was mistaken by Donya Isabel to be the person she hired to help her problem with Don Jose, her second husband…
Mga Alabok sa Lupa1967-07-09
Ang Anino Ni Asedillo1988-06-01Asedillo, the modern day Robin Hood has been the icon of the poor. Needless to say, he had a lot of followers who wanted to do the same.. take the exc…
Magnum Muslim .3571986-07-07Lt. Jamal is a Muslim undercover police officer, who is sent to Manila to help curb the runaway crime rate. Convinced of his abilities as an undercove…
Ang ProbinsyanoRobles1997-01-01A police officer is killed in a drug bust operation. His superior brings the officer’s twin brother to assume his identity so that the drug syndicates…
Hindi pa Tapos ang Laban1994-01-25Fernando Poe Jr. stars as Carding Villamar, a city professional who returns to their hometown of Evangelista after learning of his brother’s untimely …
Ang Mangliligpit1968-08-27A story about a guerilla assassin tasked to kill fascist collaborators and sympathizers in the Japanese occupation of the Philippines….
Isang Kumot, Tatlong Unan1986-05-23Passion finds fulfillment in a ménage à trois between two men and a woman….
Dampot Pukol SaloHenchman1970-12-27A story about Ando a garbage collector and a college girl….
Maskarados1964-11-27A story about a gallant band of masked swordsmen who swore loyalty to the king reunites to help the beleaguered King from the evil plot of his brother…
Bilang Na Ang Oras Mo1985-04-06A mysterious vigilante singlehandedly and summarily eliminates criminals….
Sa Dibdib ng Sierra Madre1985-03-21
Alamat Ng 7 Kilabot1967-09-13A gunslinger was tasked by an antique collector to find a missing treasure, on his way he meets 6 more gunslingers to help him on the task but as they…
Paradise Inn1985-12-25Paradise Inn is more than a watering hole, a gambling den cum-brothel frequented by the menfolk. It is a notorious landmark. Ester Paraiso, a retired …
Humanda Ka… Ikaw ang Susunod1987-04-29A 1987 Filipino action film starring Rudy Fernandez….
Anak ng Sultan1983-09-22A 1983 Filipino action film about the Bangsamoro struggle and Mindanao….
Leon ng MaynilaCol. de Vera1991-01-30A 1991 Filipino crime-action film starring Ramon “Bong” Revilla Jr….
Boy NegroDollente1988-02-06This is a true-to-life story of Arsenio Cayanan,an Amerasian whose difficulties as a youth led him to a life of crime….
Alyas Lakay1992-11-04A true-to-life story of P/Col Juanito Lagasca….
Ang DalubhasaIngkong2000-01-26Jaime de Guzman, a military neurosurgeon, survives a massacre that killed his wife and daughter. He hunts down all perpetrators and is able to kill th…
To Susan With Love1968-12-07
Leon Cordero1996-01-01
Dugo at Pag-ibig Sa Kapirasong LupaBully (segment 3)1975-06-12The greatest, longest, most expensive film produced in the film history of the Philippines. Five segments with an all-star cast, directed by five dire…
Hagedorn1996-01-09A biopic movie based on the titular figure….
Hindi Pahuhuli Nang Buhay1989-08-09An assassination attempt by rebels on a police officer was foiled by ex-convict….
Eagle Squad1989-04-05Eight cops are organized into an anti-vice squad. They risk their lives and test their brotherhood in every mission they accomplish….

Other Info

Movie NameJobRelease DateOverview
Batas Sa Aking KamayEditor1987-06-04

Credit: TMDB

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