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Victor Janson

Victor Janson Biography / Wiki

NameVictor Janson
Also KnowVictor Arthur Eduard Janson
Known ForActing
Place of BirthRiga, Russian Empire
Date of Birth1884-09-25
Age(as in 2022)75

Victor Janson Acting Movies

Movie NameCharacterRelease DateOverview
The Oyster PrincessMister Quaker, oyster-king of America1919-06-16A pampered American oyster tycoon decides to buy a husband for his daughter, but things don’t go quite as planned. Along the way there are mishaps, …
Das schwarze Schaf1944-02-291944 film….
Superstition1919-10-10In a circus, visitor who has just fallen for the “gypsy” dancer Militza is stabbed by a jealous clown, Bajazzo. Militza escapes to the country vil…
The WildcatKommandant der Festung Tossenstein1921-04-14A charismatic lieutenant newly assigned to a remote fort is captured by a group of mountain bandits, thus setting in motion a madcap farce that is Lub…
Nanu, Sie kennen Korff noch nicht?Dufour1938-12-21
Die WohnungsnotMann1920-02-06
Die Geächteten1917-01-01
Raimundus und das Hexlein1918-01-01
The DollHilarius1919-12-05The misadventures of an effete young man who must get married in order to inherit a fortune. He opts to purchase a remarkably lifelike doll and marry …
The Yellow TicketOssip Storki1918-11-21“The Yellow Ticket” (aka “The Devil’s Pawn”) was directed by Vicor Janson and Eugen Illes as a German project shot partially in Warsaw. A story of a J…
Die Prinzessin und der SchweinehirtKaiser1953-10-03
Die große WettePhysiker Ardan1916-01-11A german silent sci-fi movie by Harry Piel…
The Tenor, Inc.Theater Agent1916-12-22
My Wife, the Movie StarLachmann, Generaldirektor1919-01-24While making a movie in the Alps, the female star falls in love with a nobleman….
Der dumme August des Zirkus RomanelliHerr Direktor1926-05-12
Das Mädel mit der MaskeRodrigo Pampas1922-02-24
Professor Nissens seltsamer Tod1917-02-01
Das Bacchanal des Todes1917-04-20A tinted silent film about a murder plot….
Die geschiedene Frau1926-10-08
Durchlaucht amüsiert sich1917-08-09Princess Melani wants to find out more about her husband-to-be and impersonates a maid. Her fiancé pretends to be a secretary. An addlebrained servan…
I Don’t Want to Be a Man1918-10-01A teenage tomboy, tired of being bossed around by her strict guardian, impersonates a man so she can have more fun. She quickly discovers that being t…
Komm zu mir zurück1944-06-30a movie by Heinz Paul…
Prinz Sami1918-01-01
When Four Do the SameTanzlehrer1917-11-16Directed by Ernst Lubitsch. Lubitsch plays a book shop employee who falls in love with Jannings’ daughter….
Die da untenWilhelm1926-01-01
Der WalzerkönigFürst Pawlowsky1930-05-08
Das Spiel mit der Liebe1928-10-16
Irrwege der Liebe1918-01-01
Das lebende Rätsel1916-09-01
Der Dolch des Malayen1919-11-11
Die Sünderin1919-07-01
Professor NachtfalterSenor Almadez1951-02-23
Figaros HochzeitDr. Bartolo1949-11-25Shortly after WWII, the DEFA Studios produced a series of operas and operettas which belonged to the classical German musical heritage. This enchantin…
Weißer FliederHans Muth sen.1940-02-28
The Ballet GirlCarambo di Gracho, Lebemann1918-06-06
Sleeping BeautyThe marechal1917-12-20An adaptation of the famous fairy tale….
Die Herrin der Welt 6. Teil – Die Frau mit den Millionarden1920-01-16
The Great LoveTheaterdirektor Mocelli1942-06-12The attractive Oberleutnant Paul Wendlandt is stationed in North Africa as a fighter pilot. While in Berlin to deliver a report he is given a day’s le…
Peter Voss, der MillionendiebBig Bill1946-09-27Adaptation of Seeliger’s novel, starting production in 1943, finished by DEFA studios after the war….
The Woman of My DreamsLokalgast1944-08-25Blonde goddess Marika Rökk plays Julia Koster, a ravishing red-headed musical revue star and her opening number, “At Night It Isn’t Right To Be Alone…
Keimendes LebenGraf Moros1918-10-01
Sieben BriefePortier Zumm1944-03-28
Menschen vom VarietéVarietédirektor1939-04-14In a cosmopolitan city vaudeville theatre, meeting place of the most successful artistes, the art shooter gets in suspicion to have committed a murder…
Unfaithful EckehartCnortez1940-01-25An exchanged suitcase and a burglary with an actress give occasions to whirl a family with daughters-in-law and brides hard in a mess. Old mistake com…
Der PosaunistDr. Fiebrich, Konzertagent1949-12-23
HundstageWenig1944-08-04Peter and Paul are old friends who happen to meet again. Both are dentists and both want to get married the next day….
We Make MusicDirektor Pröschke1942-10-08Caught at the window just before an air-raid warning (WWII) composer Paul tells how he met his wive Anni, a revue star and song writer, how he handled…
The Leghorn HatBarbock, Helenes Vater1939-04-04Der Florentiner Hut (The Leghorn Hat), a 1939 German film directed by Wolfgang Liebeneiner…
Alles aus LiebePaul Knaul1949-11-21
Ein Mann wie MaximilianTheaterdirektor1945-03-13
Verlobte Leute1950-07-27
At the Edge of the WorldDer feindliche Hauptmann1927-09-18A mill situated on the border between two unnamed countries and the residents therein become pawns in a future war….
Das Gesetz der LiebeSanferini1949-12-30
Frech und verliebtHausknecht1950-03-30
Carmen1918-12-20The tragic story of Don Jose, a Spanish cavalryman, who falls under the spell of a gypsy girl, Carmen, who treats him with both love and contempt and …
MünchhausenJussuf Pascha1943-03-05Wanting a lavish production to mark the 25th anniversary of UFA, the German film studio, Joseph Goebbels, director of the Nazi propaganda machine, com…
Wenn abends die Heide träumt1952-12-19
DamalsKabarettdirektor1943-04-23The doctor, Vera Meiners, lives with her small daughter, Brigitte. Her former husband, Jan, left her after she met a former lover in a harmless meeti…
So ein AffentheaterGerichtsvollzieher1953-08-06
Heart of Stone1950-12-08Lavish adaptation of Wilhelm Hauff′s fairy tale: Young charburner Peter Munk dreams of joining the upper class. He makes a deal with the sinister Ho…
Madame DuBarryZamor – ein Neger1919-09-18The story of Madame DuBarry, the mistress of Louis XV of France, and her loves in the time of the French revolution….
Männer müssen so seinGerlach, Zirkus-Regisseur1939-03-16

Victor Janson Directing Movies

Movie NameJobRelease DateOverview
The Yellow TicketDirector1918-11-21“The Yellow Ticket” (aka “The Devil’s Pawn”) was directed by Vicor Janson and Eugen Illes as a German project shot partially in Warsaw. A story of a J…
The Blue of HeavenDirector1932-12-20Out of unlikely circumstances an underground ticket vending girl and a mail pilot fall in love….
Hilde Petersen postlagerndDirector1936-05-14
Die Stimme der LiebeDirector1934-01-03
Eine Frau die weiß, was sie willDirector1934-08-30Woman concert singer seeks to connect with her adult daughter, by her former marriage to a staid industrialist who has kept the two apart since the da…
Die ZirkusprinzessinDirector1929-03-08
Es war einmal ein WalzerDirector1932-04-14
Der ZarewitschDirector1933-10-05
Die KorallenprinzessinDirector1937-10-28
Rendezvous in WienDirector1936-04-29
Heiratsinstitut Ida & Co.Director1937-06-29
Wer küßt Madeleine?Director1939-08-23
Mädchen in WeißDirector1936-08-28
Die blonde CarmenDirector1935-08-06A singer tired of the stage retreats to a hotel in the country. There, she finds love and a way back into show business….
Sie und die DreiDirector1935-01-18
Lügen auf RügenDirector1932-01-08
Der Page vom Dalmasse-HotelDirector1933-11-23Dolly Haas is employed as a (supposedly male) servant at a Hotel….
Die Königin des WeltbadesDirector1926-12-10
Der Trödler von AmsterdamDirector1925-11-09
Die große ChanceDirector1934-03-30
Die Königin seines HerzensDirector1928-08-06
Ein Mädel mit TemperamentDirector1928-12-10
Vacation from MarriageDirector1927-12-13
Der BettelstudentDirector1931-02-03
Der schwarze DominoDirector1929-08-18
Die Bräutigame der Babette BomberlingDirector1927-04-03
Die da untenDirector1926-01-01
Das Mädel mit der MaskeDirector1922-02-24
Son altesse impérialeDirector1933-11-24
Das Spiel mit der LiebeDirector1928-10-16
Thou Shalt Not StealDirector1928-02-08
Die geschiedene FrauDirector1926-10-08
Das Geheimnis der MumieDirector1921-02-18
Holzapfel weiß allesDirector1932-02-05
Zopf und SchwertDirector1926-08-26
Fientje Peters, Poste RestanteDirector1935-11-15Novelist Philip wants to employ a beautiful young secretary, much to his wife Inez’ disgust. After a particularly nasty scene, he packs his bags and l…
Es flüstert die NachtDirector1929-09-06

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