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Viktor Staal

Viktor Staal Biography / Wiki

NameViktor Staal
Also Know
Known ForActing
Place of Birth
Date of Birth1909-02-17
Age(as in 2022)73

Viktor Staal Acting Movies

Movie NameCharacterRelease DateOverview
Die SklavenkarawaneKara Ben Nemsi1958-12-11Heiß brennt die Sonne. Eine Karawane schleppt sich durch die trostlose Wüste am oberen Nil. Nicht nur die Hitze macht den erschöpften Reisenden zu …
Der Schmied von St. BartholomäThomas1955-04-06
Der WeibertauschSimon Gigl1952-11-27
ZwielichtWalter Gruber1940-04-19
Winter in the WoodsWalter Peters, Schriftsteller1936-07-13
Fortsetzung folgtViktor Bork – Schriftsteller1938-08-25
Tante Jutta aus KalkuttaDr. Hans Hannemann1953-04-23
Gewitter im MaiPoldi Sonnleitner1938-02-22
Blocked pathsJuan1955-10-25After committing a crime, four fugitives intend to cross the border just to find the roads are blocked….
NoraDr.Robert Helmer1944-02-14The film is an adaptation of Henrik Ibsen’s play A Doll’s House. The film uses Ibsen’s alternate ending where the unhappy couple are reconciled at the…
Hab’ mich lieb!Andreas Rüdiger1942-12-08
Wenn abends die Heide träumtKarl Odewig, Sprengmeister1952-12-19
Was das Herz befiehltRichard1951-09-12
Donogoo TonkaPierre Lamendin1936-01-24
Die Herrin vom SölderhofDr. Stefan Heim1955-12-30
Ride to FreedomJan Wolski1937-01-14
Everything for the CompanyHerr Knesing1950-08-17
Der dunkle SternCasseno1955-05-14
Frauen für Golden HillDouglas1938-12-30Women are being sent to an all male settlement. The marriages are planned in advance, but not everything goes according to plan….
Ein Mädel vom BallettHans Reuter1937-01-12
Dein Herz ist meine HeimatChristian Möbius1953-11-13
A Night in MayWilly Prinz1938-09-14A reckless young woman has her driving license withdrawn, drives home anyway and gets involved in a traffic accident. Realizing this was a little over…
Verdacht auf UrsulaKlaus Ramin1939-01-01
Der letzte SchußThomas Scharrer1951-11-12
Zwischen Herz und GewissenWerftbesitzer Jürgen Fredersen1951-03-16
BrillantenPiet Maartens1937-10-21
The Beginning Was SinJacob1954-10-27Rosalie is young and pretty maid on the farm of the winemaker Jacob. She becomes pregnant with the servant Marko, who disappears with a gypsy singer, …
Verführte HändeGorg Reinhart1949-04-08
The Great LovePaul Wendlandt1942-06-12The attractive Oberleutnant Paul Wendlandt is stationed in North Africa as a fighter pilot. While in Berlin to deliver a report he is given a day’s le…
Haus des LebensWilli Kuschitzky1952-09-11
Via MalaAndreas von Richenau1945-04-07In a mountain village a deranged alcoholic who routinely beats his wife and kids goes missing. Though everyone in the village is glad to see him gone,…
Du gehörst zu mirDr. Groone1943-03-02Professor Dr. Burkhardt is a much celebrated surgeon. Obsessed with his career, he is always available when an unexpected operation comes up. That h…
LiebesschuleHeinz Wölfing, Schriftsteller1940-05-03A young woman works for two different men, both of whom fall in love with her. In the mornings she is secretary for a popular author and in the aftern…
Umwege zum GlückMathias Holberg1939-05-15
Das Recht auf LiebeVinzenz Brunner1939-11-24
Die vertagte HochzeitsnachtKarlheinz Reiling1953-07-01
Riot in ParadiseHans Soltau1950-08-31
Die GattinPeter Niklas1943-08-31Puck Niklas (Jenny Jugo) loves her husband Peter even though her brother thinks he’s a no-good. She’s very charming and a bit crazy and does everythin…
Mein Herz gehört Dir1950-06-09Adaptation of Theodor Fontane’s novel Mathilde Möhring….
Die drei ScheinheiligenGeologe Dr. Ebert1964-09-03
CapriccioFernand de Villeneuve, ein Kavalier1938-08-10Lilian Harvey plays a young heiress in long-ago France named Madelon who is raised by her grandfather as a boy in order to frighten away fortune hunte…
Herz ist TrumpfRedgrave1963-09-23
RegineFriedrich Wendland1956-02-23Martin Lundt, heir to his family’s industrial business, falls for and, against his family’s wishes, weds the family maid, Régine. Soon thereafter, ru…
Hilfe, ich liebe Zwillinge!Dr. Peters1969-11-21No overview found….
To New ShoresHenry Hoyer1937-08-30London 1846. Singer Gloria Vane has a resounding success at the Adelphi Theater. While she throws a brilliant party…
Der Pastor mit der JazztrompeteSupt. Mank1962-11-30When the Lutheran pastor Roland retires, the young priest Roll shall replace him. He plays the trumpet, loves Jazz and his methods are unconventional:…
SeamenFriedrich Harkort1957-09-04
Spy for GermanyOberst Sommerfeld1956-12-04The true story of a German agent sent to the USA in 1944 in order to stop the development of the atomic bomb….
Hochstaplerin der LiebeErnest Harrington1954-10-28
HubertusjagdJakob Reinhard1959-12-22The young Monika Dahlhoff returns from the USA after two years. As soon as she arrives, she learns that her father wants to sell his traditional stud …
Der Jäger von FallFörster1974-10-09
Between Yesterday and TomorrowRolf Ebeling1947-12-11A group of people gathers back in the post-war ruins of a luxurious Munich hotel they inhabited at one point or another years before; each trying to c…
Die seltsame Geschichte des Brandner KasparGidi1949-02-01
Wetterleuchten um BarbaraAnton Walcher1941-10-17
Der schwarze BlitzTeacher Thalhammer1958-09-15Michael Kirchner, nicknamed “The Black Lightning”, is a passionate alpine skier. Now he must eliminate the tough opponent Herbert Tanner to be the rep…
The Fox of ParisOberst Toller1957-11-13Paris, 1944. With France under Nazi occupation, General Quade entrusts an important mission to Furstenwerth, the commander of the Wermacht: to secretl…
Eine Frau mit Herz1951-03-15
Wetterleuchten um MariaMajor1957-10-10Baron Siebenzell employs the young forest ranger Thomas Sebald, to stop the bold poachers he’s plagued with in his beautiful mountain forests. Most of…
Wild WatersFörster Böhmel1962-10-26
Everything for the Company1935-04-04Familial disputes surrounding a traditional business. Grandfather Sonndorfer allies himself with his grandson Otto, in order to bring his arrogant son…
The StandardAnton1977-11-25During the final days of the First World War, Officer Menis does his duty in defending the battle flag of the defeated Austro-Hungarian empire, while …
Das Einmaleins der Liebe1935-09-19

Credit: TMDB

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