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Vladimír Ráž

Vladimír Ráž Biography / Wiki

Name Vladimír Ráž
Also Know Vladimír Ráz, Vladimir Raz, V. Raz, Владимир Раж
Gender Male
Known For Acting
Place of Birth Nejdek, Czechoslovakia
Date of Birth 1923-07-01
Age(as in 2022) 77
Deathday 2000-07-04

Vladimír Ráž Acting Movies

Movie Name Character Release Date Overview
Dog’s Heads 1955-03-25 Dog’s Heads (Czech: Psohlavci) is a 1955 Czech drama film directed by Martin Frič, based on the novel of the same name by Alois Jirásek. It was ente…
The Secret of Blood Dr. Jan Janský 1953-12-25
Revoluční rok 1848 Josef Václav Fric, student 1949-12-23 Year of the Revolution 1848…
The Case Is Not Yet Closed Dr. Václav Pánek 1957-09-19
Pára nad hrncem 1950-10-20
Posel úsvitu 1951-09-28
Noc na Karlštejně 1965-06-30
The Proud Princess Král Miroslav 1952-09-26 It’s very human and nice story about lofty princess (her father is amiable but incapable – unforgettable performance of S. Neumann) and good, nice, ki…
At the Terminus Martinec 1957-12-20 Several bittersweet stories set in a Prague apartment building….
Today for the Last Time houslista Karel MaÅ¡ek 1958-12-13 Concert master Karel MaÅ¡ek is a drunk, as well as engineer Danda and other regular guests of the pub U Kroců. MaÅ¡ek returns from the pub in the mor…
Taková láska Dr. Petr Petrus 1959-10-02
Splynutí duší 1976-12-11
Tereza 1961-12-01
Králova žena 1978-03-19
První láska 1969-03-03
Deštník 1967-12-16
Letiště nepřijímá Čermák 1960-02-26
Morálka paní Dulské Zbyšek Dulský 1958-09-19
Konec cesty Jindra Kostka 1960-03-11
O ptáku Ohniváku 1980-03-19
Horoucí srdce 1963-03-08
Rusalka Prince 1963-05-31
Maškaráda 1963-10-02
Růžová Anička 1968-03-17
Holiday with Angel Karel Pavlát 1953-04-03 Strict and always dissatisfied grumbler Mr. Angel gets a voucher for summer recreation. He rejects it at first but he eventually decides to use it and…
Čertův švagr 1984-01-01
The Trap Antos 1950-11-17 The Trap (Czech: Past) is a 1950 Czech drama film directed by Martin Frič. It was entered into the 1951 Cannes Film Festival….
Sedmipírek King Kazimír 1985-01-01
On Zizka’s Battle Waggon Tuma from Kolce 1968-11-29 Widowed yeoman Tuma and his household are on their way to help the town of Kourim, which is under attack by the papist troops. His son Ondra is secret…
Všichni proti všem 1977-11-01
Lékař v rozpacích 1966-09-21
Až já budu královna 1984-12-31
Sokolovo Ingr 1974-01-02
Silvery Wind 1956-11-30 Second half of the 19th century. In a small town in South Bohemia, fifth-former Jan Ratkin is living through the confusions of first love together wit…
A Star Is Falling Upwards 1975-08-29
Princezna Slonbidlo rytíř Ctimír 1990-01-01
Půlpenny 1974-01-01
Radúz a Mahulena Radovid 1971-05-14 Radúz, the son of a Magurian king, has lost his way hunting in the territory of the Tatra King Stojmír. He learns from his loyal servant Radovid the…
Mikoláš Aleš František Ženíšek 1952-01-11
Žofka z Janovic 1984-01-01
Mrtvý princ 1972-01-09
Konec velké epochy Painter 1966-03-23
Měsíc s dýmkou 1967-01-11
Královská ozvěna Král Florindo 1974-01-02
Zlý jelen 1962-12-24
Opory společnosti 1972-06-07
Občan Brych Boris Tajchman 1959-02-20
Evil Night Kriminalista – kapitán VB 1973-12-21 Lieutenant VB, disguised as a laborer, is looking for a young woman killer among the staff of a wheel loader. But which of the possible motives found …
A Prayer for Katerina Horovitzova Freddy Klarfeld 1965-10-13 A group of wealthy American Jewish businessmen have been captured by the SS and are told that they are to be traded to the American army for several S…
Romeo, Juliet and Darkness 1960-04-15 Pavel, a young student living in Prague in 1942, hides a Jewish girl in his apartment building’s attic. Amidst the brutality of the occupying German a…
Nerozumím 1947-10-10
První parta 1960-02-19
Otevřený kruh 1973-08-25
Já zůstanu věrný 1977-10-02
Playing with the Devil doktor Solfernus 1957-04-26
Šťastlivec Sulla 1991-01-01
Vo modrým ptáčku 1968-12-24
Bílá kočička 1979-03-11
Valčík pro milión 1961-03-10
Once Upon a Time, There Was a King… rybář 1955-02-11 A selfish self-centered widowed ruler, barely tolerated by his subjects and called appropriately enough, ‘King Myself, First’ asks his three daughters…
Alena 1947-08-08 Master armourer Tomás has young wife Alena, of whom he is very jealous. One day the ruler of town sees Alena and decides to win her over for himself….
Okamžik, spojím! Commentary (voice) 1961-01-01
Against All Tomes Joha 1957-10-04 After the battle of Sudoměř the Hussite teaching spreads through the whole country and people start leaving their homes to help build the fortificat…
Jan Žižka Tomes 1956-02-05 The second part of the revolutionary Hussite trilogy takes place in the years 1419-1420….
Rok na vsi 1997-01-18
A Dead Man among the Living 1947-02-14
Silent Barricade 1949-05-06 A fiction piece centered around the Czech resistance to the Nazis….
Fortress on the Rhine Dr. Lorenz (voice) 1962-12-21 During the Second World War, an old fortress is transformed into a detention camp for arrested allied generals who the Germans provide with every poss…
Zrcadlení 1978-04-01

Credit: TMDB

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