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Vsevolod Kuznetsov Age, Biography, Birthday, Upcoming Movies, Net Worth, Wiki, Filmography

Vsevolod Kuznetsov

Vsevolod Kuznetsov Biography / Wiki

Name Vsevolod Kuznetsov
Also Know Vsevolod Kuznetsov, Всеволод Кузнецов
Gender Male
Known For Acting
Place of Birth
Date of Birth June 09, 1928
Age(as in 2023 Feb) 75
Deathday 2003-07-04

Vsevolod Kuznetsov Acting Movies

Movie Name Character Release Date Overview
Vladimir Vysotsky and Marina Vlady. Last Kiss 2008-03-04 The film tells about one of the most beautiful love stories of the 20th century. According to everyone who witnessed the relationship between the famo…
The Boys from Leningrad Sasha Vesnushkin 1954-06-06 Comedy about brothers Vesnushkin, Sasha and Vasya, who are playing for one team in a National Soccer Competition. However, Sasha falls in love with a …
Магистраль Zhelnin 1983-08-08
Энергичные люди Брюхатый 1989-01-01
Погоня 1966-07-18
Ogaryova Street, Number 6 Пименов 1980-12-01 Detective Kostenko is traveling between Moscow and Sukhumi trying to find the responsible for double homicide….
The Gambler 1972-11-17 This lavish Soviet/Czech co-production is based on Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s famous novel, The Gambler, which tells the story of a Russian living in German…
Дело 1955-10-31
Георгий Седов 1975-11-17
Trust Me, People Col. Nikolai Raskatov 1964-01-25 A criminal tries to regain the trust of fellow citizens after the release from prison….
What Is It, the Sea? 1964-12-25 An adventures of a young boy in a fishermen village on a sea coast….
Khanuma 1978-02-02 A classical romantic comedy set in Tbilisi, Georgia in the beginning of XX century….
Strict Male Life 1978-10-29
Фро 1964-01-01
История лошади 1989-01-01
Love, the Harbinger of Sorrow 1994-01-01
A Winter Morning 1967-01-09 A little girl named Katherine saved one boy’s life during the bombing in Leningrad while under the Siege in WWII. The boy cannot speak yet. So she gav…
Обратная связь 1978-04-17
Эзоп начальник стражи 1961-04-28
Animal Wars (voice) 2000-01-01 In a galaxy far, far away, a tiny planet is ravaged by a long war between two animal tribes: Biters and Slashers. Both tribes decide to settle their d…
За всё в ответе 1973-01-15
Царевич Проша царь Ермолай 1974-11-18
Путешествие в другой город 1980-11-10
Last Bread Fyodor 1963-08-19 After going through all the details of the old combine with his own hands, the pioneer virgin landowner granddad Yakushenko met his last great sufferi…
Экзамен на чин 1969-01-01
Наши знакомые Shchupak 1969-06-02
Вот моя деревня… 1986-06-01
The Living Corpse Afremov 1969-07-11 Based on the play of the same name by Leo Tolstoy. According to Fyodor Protasov, the surrounding life is riddled with dirt and falsehood. He does not…
Пиквикский клуб 1986-09-13
Ещё можно успеть 1974-11-04
Хмель. Фильм первый: Крепость дед Данила 1991-01-01
Провинциальный бенефис 1993-01-01 Life in art based on the plays of A. Ostrovsky: “Talents and Admirers”, “Forest”, etc….
Хмель. Фильм второй: Исход дед Данила 1991-01-02
Рембрандт моряк 1963-12-31
Old Walls employee of the Ministry 1974-03-11 Anna Georgievna Smirnova is a serious, businesslike and judicious person. It was these strengths of her character that helped the woman achieve high c…
Old Man Khottabych футбольный болельщик / зритель в цирке 1956-11-06 A boy named Volka discovers an ancient vessel on the bottom of a river. When he opens it, a genie emerges from there. He calls himself Hassan Abdurrah…
12 chairs Паша Эмильевич 1966-12-31 Who was the first to bring the great novel “12 Chairs” to the screen? You say “Leonid Gaidai” – and it will be a mistake. In our country, the first di…
The Last Road 1986-09-26 About the death of Aleksandr Pushkin, the leading poet and writer of Russia, who was shot on a duel and died when he was 37….
No Password Necessary 1967-09-26 A spy game between Reds and Whites is in full motion during Russian Civil War….
Two Captains pilot (uncredited) 1955-11-16 Based on the novel of the same name by Veniamin Kaverin.
From childhood, Sanya Grigoryev was able to achieve success in any business. He grew up a co…
Prohindiada or running on the spot 1984-04-05 Comedy of manners with elements of grotesque. The hero of the tape – an employee of a solid research Institute San Sanych lubomudrov – an extraordinar…
Trust Markov vtoroiy 1976-08-20 Directed by Edvin Laine and Viktor Tregubovich, Trust (1976) is a Finnish-Soviet historical drama film that follows the relations between Finland and …

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