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Walter Steinbeck

Walter Steinbeck Biography / Wiki

Name Walter Steinbeck
Also Know
Gender Male
Known For Acting
Place of Birth Niederlößnitz, Germany
Date of Birth 1878-09-26
Age(as in 2022) 63
Deathday 1942-08-27

Walter Steinbeck Acting Movies

Movie Name Character Release Date Overview
Schloß Vogelöd Leopold, Graf von Vogelöd 1936-03-19 Remake of the silent film of 1921: The lord of a castle disappears after the return of two feuding brothers from a noble family. Suspicion falls on …
Spiel im Sommerwind Heinrich Averhof, Reeder 1939-02-02
Deutsche Helden in schwerer Zeit Friedrich Wilhelm I. 1924-01-01
Der Film von der Königin Luise – 3. Abteilung: Die Königin der Schmerzen 1913-03-21 In her last years, Louise is truly the Queen of Sorrows as she presides over a humiliating armistice with the French invaders….
Die große Chance Generaldirektor Ullmann 1934-03-30
Der Film von der Königin Luise – 1. Abteilung: Die Märtyrerin auf dem Königsthron 1913-03-24 In this three part recreation of the life of Queen Louise of Prussia specific historical moments ,such as her meeting her future spouse, are presented…
Mordsache Holm Grundstücksmakler Nerger 1938-06-17
In letzter Minute Guido Temme 1939-09-07 A retired rail official and his wife Amalie purchase a disused railroad wagon to convert it into a villa in the countryside. One day, Amalie discover…
Wochenend im Paradies 1931-10-13
Wenn die Liebe Mode macht 1932-12-21
Der Film von der Königin Luise – 2. Abteilung: Aus Preußens schwerer Zeit 1913-02-21 French revolutionaries had swept into Prussia to wreak havoc, and now Napoleon marches in to inflict sad defeats on the Queen’s troops, in the conflic…
Winter Night’s Dream Schuhmann 1935-02-13 The wintry mountainscapes of Bavaria provide the backdrop for this airy German comedy. The story is set in motion when young clerk Boenecke (Richard R…
Der Stolz der 3. Kompanie Major Schering 1932-07-18
Liebesträume Graf Duday 1935-10-17
Hilde und die vier PS Direktor Scheffel 1936-10-16 a movie by Paul Heinz…
Chauffeur Antoinette 1932-01-15 The athletic young widow Antoinette Peterson gets into financial troubles when a business venture backfires and has to sell her car and her villa. On …
Sie und die Drei Alexander Bobinsky 1935-01-18
Impossible Love Konsul Werner 1932-12-23
Die gläserne Kugel Zirkusdirektor Lenz 1937-04-11
Der Page vom Dalmasse-Hotel 1933-11-23 Dolly Haas is employed as a (supposedly male) servant at a Hotel….
Paul und Pauline Bellermann – ein Spekulant 1936-03-13 a movie by Heinz Paul…
Hahn im Korb Versicherungsdirektor 1937-12-21 a movie by Heinz Paul…
Gold Braun 1934-03-29 Using an atomic reactor, two scientists try to create gold….
Marriage with Limited Liability Richter 1931-12-31 Though “blessed” with a complex title, which translates as Marriage with Limited Liability, this German comedy was adapted from the more simply titled…
Her Majesty Love Hannemann 1933-02-06 Fred von Wellingen is a wealthy industrialist, part of a large family-owned corporation. Fred has fallen for Lia, a comely bartender in the Berlin Cab…
Der Gasmann Herr – der nicht erkannt sein möchte 1941-08-01 A man comes into money unexpectatly. That’s when the trouble starts….
The Blue of Heaven Generaldirektor O.F. Pieper 1932-12-20 Out of unlikely circumstances an underground ticket vending girl and a mail pilot fall in love….
Frau nach Maß 1940-03-23
Illusion 1941-12-30 Melodrama about an actress falling in love with a man who wants her to give up her job….
Der große Bluff Regisseur 1933-02-02
Der Traum vom Rhein Professor Dr. Holzheim 1933-09-07
Mother and Child Herr Hellinger 1934-01-04 Consul Petersen and his wife are desperate, because they lost their only child and can’t have another. At the same time, the maid Anna is expecting…
I Go Out and You Stay Here 1931-04-10 Weimar era screwball comedy about a floor model who is required to go out evenings to escort VIPs while her boyfriend has to wait at home….
The Great Longing Filmdirector 1930-08-24 During lunch break at the movie studio, the extras rush to the canteen Hans Adalbert Schlettow, Maria Paudler and Luis Trenker are chatting. Eva von L…
Trenck – Der Roman einer großen Liebe König Friedrich Wilhelm II. 1932-10-27
Hochzeit auf Bärenhof 1942-06-08
Nanon Mons. Louvois 1938-11-15 An operetta directed by Herbert Maisch….
Titanic 1943-11-10 This little-known German film retells the true story of the British ocean liner that met a tragic fate. Ernst Fritz Fürbringer plays the president of…
Ein steinreicher Mann 1932-02-13 A man swallows a diamond – and suddenly all people around him change their attitude towards him….
In the Employ of the Secret Service 1931-08-13 During WWI a German agent receives an order to find out when the Russian army will carry out its expected attack against the German lines….
Liebelei 1933-03-10 Vienna in the beginning of the twentieth century. Cavalry Lieutenant Fritz Lobheimer is about to end his affair with Baroness Eggerdorff when he meets…
Traumulus Major Kleinstüber 1936-01-23 This film is a fascinating showcase for Emil Janning’s theatrical play. He’s a gentle school teacher who believes in his boys and is easily fooled ab…

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