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Camillo Pilotto

Camillo Pilotto Biography / Wiki

Name Camillo Pilotto
Also Know Камилло Пилотто
Gender Male
Known For Acting
Place of Birth Rome – Italy
Date of Birth 1888-01-06
Age(as in 2022) 75
Deathday 1963-05-27

Camillo Pilotto Acting Movies

Movie Name Character Release Date Overview
Scipio Africanus: The Defeat of Hannibal Hannibal 1937-08-04 A story of the Second Punic Wars, beginning with Scipio’s futile pleas to the Roman Senate to build an army to battle Hannibal, that climaxes with the…
Abuna Messias – Vendetta africana 1939-08-30 The film takes place at the end of the 19th century. The Cardinal Guglielmo Massaia has spent 20 years in Ethiopia to convert people to the Catholic C…
Il grande appello Giovanni Bertani 1936-01-02 An Italian proprietor of a squalid Djibouti bar collaborated in selling arms to Ethiopians fighting his own country’s invasion but after finding his l…
Le scarpe al sole 1935-01-02 Directed by Marco Elter….
L’anonima Roylott 1936-11-01
Traversata nera Captain Dixon 1939-08-12 “Black Crossing” – In an Oriental port a group of people embarks a trader designated for Europe. One of them, a shady individual, entrusts the captain…
Lorenzino de’ Medici Duca Alessandro de’ Medici 1935-11-29 Lorenzino de ‘Medici manipulates Alessandro ruler of Florence to save his beloved Bianca….
Cuori nella tormenta Dottor Fabbri 1940-05-27
Port Mastro Vanni 1934-01-01 Directed by Amleto Palermi…
Marco Polo Grand Khan 1962-04-13 Italian explorer rescues the daughter of the Mongol leader Kublai Khan, meets a hermit who has invented gunpowder and builds a cannon….
I pirati della Malesia 1941-10-18
Pietro Micca Il capitano Bovolino 1938-01-15
Retroscena Parsifal Bernocchio 1939-11-26 Called to perform at the Scala, a young baritone begins a transatlantic romance with a famous pianist. The singer, having been skewered by a critic af…
Rossini 1942-04-01 The famous composer’s life and his career. His love story with Isabella Colbran, the soprano who was to become his wife and the singer in all his oper…
Scorned Flesh 1943-04-14 A sailor, Paolo, falls in love with a girl named Luisa. The two decides to get married, but on the day of the marriage the woman is involved in a seri…
La figlia del corsaro verde Zampa di ferro 1940-12-23
The Gorgon Marcello Finquinaldo, padre di Lamberto 1942-10-12 1017 AD. The Republic of Pisa is organizing a fleet to drive out the Saracens who are infesting the Mediterranean. While the forces are away “The Gorg…
The chastity belt 1950-03-03 In a castle, some actors are guests of a duke. It happens that a precious chastity belt, family heritage, disappears by a thief….
Il principe dalla maschera rossa Ser Gaspare 1955-08-13
Full Speed Maggiordomo 1934-12-31 A meek professor is swept over his feet by a very vivacious girl….
Beyond Love Il duca Vanini 1940-01-10 Venice Film Festival 1940…
Gli ultimi giorni di Pompeo Il banchiere 1937-01-01
The Slave of Sin Il commissario Agnelli 1954-05-08 A former prostitute and a Polish infant are the only survivors of a train crash. Despite their mutual love, the woman’s past comes back to haunt her….
Guai ai vinti 1954-09-15 A young woman, her sister-in-law and her ten year old daughter are violently traumatised by invading Austrian soldiers. Later, in Verona, both woman d…
The Life of Giuseppe Verdi Antonio Barezzi 1938-08-01 The great Italian opera composer recalls his eventful life on his deathbed: his childhood in Busseto, his studies in Milan, his first opera “Oberto, c…
Abandonment Moran 1940-01-10 In 1830 Pierre Courier, a rich and elderly shipowner, awaits the return of his son Stefano, who has just returned from a long trip to Trinidad in the …
Paraninfo 1934-10-01
The Haller Case 1933-01-01 Based on the 1893 play Der Andere by Paul Lindau….
La locandiera 1944-12-01
Il conte di Bréchard Licurgo 1938-01-01
Allegri masnadieri 1939-12-02
Giuseppe Verdi Antonio Barezzi 1953-12-22 The life and loves of great composer Giuseppe Verdi are played against a background of the great operas of the 19th Century. A tender love story of hi…
Night of Love Don Eugenio – il parroco 1954-09-04 Brigitte Bardot stars in this romantic thriller about love and high treason in WWI-era Italy. Matinee idol-turned-filmmaker Mario Bonnard directs this…
Head of a Tyrant Belial 1959-02-26
Wonderful Adventures of Guerrin Meschino 1952-02-13 A young man is a servant in the court of a great king of Dalmatia.He was bought when he was still a child ,but he is a high-born gentleman….
The Song of Love Alberto Giordani, il padre 1930-10-08 A young woman takes care of the just-born child of her late mother. Sacrificing her engagement and studies along the way….
I mariti 1941-01-10 In Naples in the second half of the nineteenth century, a young noblewoman falls in love with a nobleman of ill repute….
Scandalo per bene Doge Foscari 1940-01-22
Pirate of the Half Moon Barone Alfonso di Camerlata 1958-12-31 Gianna Maria Canale as the Duchess who is offered a banquet and requests for a hard-boiled egg. The stingy Spanish lord, who used his last gunpowder t…
Alina Andrea 1950-06-07 A woman takes her ill husband’s place in a smuggling ring and steals the heart of his partner….
The Last Days of Pompeii Diomède 1950-03-02 In Pompeii in the year 79, Lycias and Helen fall in love. Helen’s guardian, the high priest of Isis, wants to separate them. To do so, he tries to mak…
Wanda the Sinner Avvocato Morelli 1952-08-16 Wrongly accused of his wife’s death, a marine officer is forced to resign and sees his life fall apart….
La segretaria per tutti 1932-10-16
La vecchia signora Il commissario 1932-02-26
Double Cross Industriale Soldani 1951-04-10 A businessman is wrongly accused and convicted for the murder of his associate….
The Affairs of Messalina Ottavio 1951-12-04 A story, set in Rome of 44 A.D., concerning the amorous and political intrigues of the evil Empress Messalina, the wife of the Roman Emperor Claudius,…
Il passatore Il conte Gigiazzo Ghilardi 1947-10-22 The story of the most infamous bandit in Romagna, who robbed from the rich to give to the poor….
I figli del marchese Lucera Ventura 1939-01-01
Goddess Of Love Polibio 1957-12-05 The god Zeus sends Venus, the goddess of love, to Earth to find her own true love….
Tempesta sul golfo Il presidente del tribunale militare 1943-03-13
Herod the Great 1959-01-01 The King of Judea drives himself mad fighting off invaders and his wife’s pursuers….
I Sing for You Alone le journaliste 1932-01-01 Marcello, a shy tenor, is afraid of singing in public. Two friends of his think of having an elegant youth on the stage pretending to be singing while…
I tre ladri Presidente del tribunale 1954-09-27 Tapioca, a small-time thief, hides out in an elegant apartment, where he is soon joined by Cascarilla, one of his apprentices who has become better th…
Il romanzo della mia vita chief of police 1952-12-18
I fratelli Castiglioni Mario Castiglioni 1937-10-31
Peppino e la vecchia signora Il commissario 1959-01-01
Pact with the Devil 1950-01-11 The title of this Italian melodrama translates to Pact with the Devil. However, His Satanic Majesty does not appear in the film. Rather, this expensiv…
Giudicatemi! 1948-01-01
Sette giorni all’altro mondo Prof. Anselmo Moschettoni 1940-04-15
Ha fatto 13 1951-01-01
Quarta pagina Un vinaio 1942-12-17
Casta diva Rettore del conservatorio 1954-12-27 As soon as he graduated from the Naples Conservatory, Vincenzo Bellini meets Maddalena Fumaroli and immediately falls in love with her….

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