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Domingo Sapelli

Domingo Sapelli Biography / Wiki

Name Domingo Sapelli
Also Know Доминго Сапелли
Gender Male
Known For Acting
Place of Birth Argentina
Date of Birth
Age(as in 2022) 0

Domingo Sapelli Acting Movies

Movie Name Character Release Date Overview
El escuadrón azul 1937-11-24 Young officer is tried for espionage when some documents turn up missing….
El linyera 1933-09-12 A homeless man returns to the countryside after traveling the world for years….
La carga de los valientes 1940-07-12
Juan Moreira 1936-09-17 The life of the gaucho Juan Moreira, his fall into crime, persecution and death….
Savage Pampas Juan Padrón 1945-10-09 In a fort in the middle of the Pampa, their commander Hilario Castro decides to bring women from Buenos Aires, for deserting soldiers….
Los caranchos de la Florida 1938-01-01 The film deals with the conflict between a father, master of a cattle ranch, and his son, who has returned after study….
Juan Moreira 1948-02-11
Sombras en la frontera Comandante 1951-08-28 Episodes of the action of the gendarmerie against smuggling….
Atorrante (La venganza de la tierra) 1939-09-13 A misogynistic teacher marries one of his students and then accidentally kills her….
Oro en la mano 1943-12-02 A doctor moves to the Argentine mountains to start a new life. Living like a hermit, he will become a gold seeker until he falls in love, for the misf…
La edad del amor Alberto Mendez Tejada’s grandfather 1954-01-09 Many years ago, a young aristocrat wanted to marry a famous singer, but his father destroyed the marriage before twediing, believing that singer is no…
Passport to Rio 1948-09-09 A thief commits a robbery and is seen by a showgirl who becomes a witness to the crime. The man finds her and forces her to help him take what he stol…
Monte Criollo 1935-05-22 Lucy is a woman of shady past who convinces Argüello and Carlos to install an illegal gambling hall on a cabaret that worked legally. When Argüello …
El alma del bandoneón Don Julián 1935-02-02 Two brilliant tango singers struggle to the top of their profession and cope with obstacles to their personal romance….
Marianela 1955-09-15 A young man regains his eyesight after a life of blindness and rejects his best friend Marianela for her ugliness….
El crack 1960-08-16 Osvaldo, a football player on the rise, begins to be targeted by private interests who want to elevate him to the status of a sports star….
El hombre que debía una muerte Roque Fontán 1955-03-24 A young woman welcomes a stranger into her home who pretends to have an accident. After a fleeting romance, the two marry and she immediately inherits…
Cornered Raúl Amenábar 1953-04-09 A female singer who killed her husband in Cuba, takes refuge in Argentina and is chased by a policeman….
María Rosa 1946-10-10
El último perro Don Facundo 1956-03-14 During the second half of the 19th century, a young survivor is saved in the Argentine pampas by a man she ends up marrying….
Descent Into Hell Inspector Nielsen 1954-08-20 For ambition a woman sacrifices her true love and marries a man of fortune….
La muerte flota en el río Comisario 1956-11-01 A policeman goes on the trail of a smuggling gang whose boss wants his girlfriend….
A Sangre Fría Dr. Morel 1947-06-06 A couple plans to poison a wealthy elderly to stay with his fortune. However, the plans of the villain and his accomplice stagger at the last minute….
Una ventana a la vida 1953-08-20 Passion for a woman leads a mature physician to his destruction…
Mujeres que bailan 1949-05-12 A woman dreams of being a great classical dancer and that the public cheers her on, which gives rise to the most absurd situations….
Morir en su ley El jefe 1949-09-29 A policeman infiltrates a gang of criminals….
Un tropezón cualquiera da en la vida 1949-01-20
Centauros del pasado 1944-09-13 Film about the life of Francisco Ramírez, leader of Entre Ríos….
Simiente humana 1959-12-22
Ellos nos hicieron así 1953-02-23
Mis cinco hijos 1948-12-16 After reaching retirement age and leaving his job, a fatrher devotes all his attention to helping his children transition smoothly into their adult li…
Bajo la Santa Federación 1935-03-21
Fangio, el demonio de las pistas 1950-11-15 Based on the career of Juan Manuel Fangio, an Argentine motorist who, in his first season in Formula 1, in 1950, achieved the runner-up; and that then…
El barro humano Presidente del tribunal 1955-05-02 A marital conflict reaches the courts and becomes public comment….
Rosa de América 1946-05-16 The life of Saint Rosa de Lima….
Torrente indiano 1954-01-28
Nativa 1939-01-01 The love triangle of a journalist, a political leader and his wife….
Don Fulgencio 1950-09-14 The adventures of the man who had no childhood, smart for business, but a lover of innocent jokes….
La bestia humana 1957-07-12 From Emile Zola’s novel “La Bete Humaine”, tells the story of a jealous husband, a provocative woman and a man with an uncontrollable desire to kill….
Surcos de sangre 1950-06-23 Melodrama that tells the tragedy of a peasant family….
La casa grande 1953-01-01 A man and his con man brother, who adores his mother, has a dream of seeing the family reunited….
Santos Vega 1936-09-17 A 1936 film….

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