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Luis Corradi Age, Biography, Birthday, Upcoming Movies, Net Worth, Wiki, Filmography

Luis Corradi

Luis Corradi Biography / Wiki

NameLuis Corradi
Also KnowLuis Eduardo Cuccaro Rolla, Luis Eduardo Corradi, Luis E. Corradi
Known ForActing
Place of Birth
Date of BirthNovember 02, 1912
Age(as in 2023 Feb)90

Luis Corradi Acting Movies

Movie NameCharacterRelease DateOverview
Catita is a ladyDon Fernando Verdeales1956-06-07Catita patterns are separated and, momentarily, decide to leave the house in charge of it, dismissing the rest of the household staff. Furthermore, Ca…
Mujeres casadas1954-09-10
Mujeres perdidasGustavo Saldívar1964-08-13In an art academy that serves as a screen for a strip club, a pimp falls in love with one of the prostitutes, but she sells herself to a rich man….
Accused Women1975-05-15Terrifying story, based on a fact occurred in Buenos Aires, early 1967, and reported in “La Nación” and all the other newspapers, after the death of …
Mi Mujer no es mi señora1978-07-23Juan Carlos, a businessman, falls in love with a woman much younger than him, and ends up marrying her. Juan Carlos’ mother-in-law, following an incid…
Un tropezón cualquiera da en la vida1949-01-20
Las locuras del profesor1979-02-15
Las de Barranco1938-06-29A drama that revolves around the speculations made by a widow woman taking advantage of the sympathies aroused by one of her three unmarried daughters…
Las locas1977-04-21Those interned in a psychiatric establishment are involved in a police issue….
La fin del mundo1963-06-26A con man who lives with his three aunts in a mansion takes refuge in a slum when he is wanted by the police….
Sálvese quien pueda1984-07-05The story of a bandoneon-loving musician who works as a detective in a hotel and the story of a chemist in love with a widowed woman….
Mingo y Aníbal en la mansión embrujada1986-07-17
Yo tengo feDiputado Bernárdez1974-07-18
Gran Valor en la Facultad de MedicinaDoctor1981-06-04Gran Valor works in a bar and has an extraordinary memory. After loosing in an entertainement TV show he decides to help his friends in the university…
El Diablo metió la pata1980-04-10A village doctor is involved in a shady business….
No hay que aflojarle a la vidaPresidente del club1975-07-24
Shared ApartmentEsteban Roca1980-09-18A recently separated man decides to go to his best friend’s apartment, where their different personalities cause crazy events, hilarious situations an…
What’s Autumn?1977-05-05An award-winning architect struggles to find work, love, and a purpose in life….
Te rompo el ratingJuez1981-04-16A television network infiltrates an inept employee (Porcel) in the competition and he begins to ruin all the programs but, instead of subtracting audi…
Los extraterrestres1983-07-14Alberto and Jorge are two friends who work as waiters and during a trip they meet an alien with extraordinary powers. It is sought by a Russian organi…
Los reyes del sablazo1984-02-16Luisa discovers in the briefcase of Alberto, her husband, a fiery love letter, in which he is portrayed as an impetuous lover….
La revolución1973-04-26
Extraña ternura1964-09-24The young and inexperienced godson of a millionaire falls for a singer who is married. The millionaire opposes the relationship because he feels a “st…
Donde duermen dos… duermen tres1979-08-12A young couple has established an unusual family role: she works and he does the housework. Until one day, the couple’s best friend intrudes on the tr…
¡Qué linda es mi familia!1980-07-17A rebel son decides not to follow his father steps to follow his dreams of fame and popularity….
FrutillaMédico1980-05-15A girl arrives in Buenos Aires from Catamarca and fulfills her dream of being an actress….
The Hippie Teacher1969-07-31Luis Sandrini plays a college professor who, because of his freethinking attitudes and concerns for moral questions over matters of business, has more…
Pimienta y Pimentón1970-04-24
La indeseableAlberto1951-05-18
¡Al diablo con este cura!1967-03-30Quirky but lovable priest is transferred to a new parish, and discovers that his flock all need stern talkings-to….
La Mary1974-08-08A sexually-repressed girl of the Buenos Aires slums slowly goes mad after marrying….
Las mujeres son cosa de guapos1981-06-18In 1930s Argentina, dim-witted Rufino and Jacinto are hired as tough guys (“guapos”) by political boss Malatesta to intimidate his opponents, rig elec…
Los drogadictos1979-09-13Two drug gangs clash in their quest to dominate the market….
Los evadidos1964-05-14Inmates in a prison plan a massive break. When they put their plan into action, however, they find that they may have underestimated the guards and pr…
Los guerrillerosChofer1965-08-05
Los fierecillos se divierten1983-02-24

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